Sunday, 9 February 2014

Keep your faith John Travolta, you are a real live Bond villain

I read this today with some amusement. John's candour leaves a giant gaping hole in why scientologists were with him continually for two years after his son's death, even when he wanted to get away from it all. In scientology, this is the definitive celebrity "baby watching".

John Travolta, interview: 'I would love to play a Bond villain'

You can't lock up a big celebrity like John Travolta, after all, he might just get a clue...but you can make sure he is never out of his minders sight, for two years?

The Prisoners of Saint Hill: The Scientologists call it 'baby-watching ...

Wake up Mr. Travolta! Nap time is over.

Here is what happened to the person who set up Scientology's "Celebrity Center"...and also how her children were dealt with...

Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch - Scientolipedia

What the papers say...

Daily Mail
John Travolta was supervised every day for two years after son died 

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Back up a bit...
I am not going to direct you, but who was it that missed John Travolta flew Marty Rathbun to bring Annie Broeker back into the fold, as in he took Marty Ratbun on his plane to bring Annie back. Come on people, wake the f*ck up! Truly I find this so incomprehensible!



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