Monday, 3 February 2014

Actor Phillip Hoffman found dead

Rest in Peace Phillip.

Washington Post
Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in NYC apartment

I have yet to watch 'The Master', somehow I think it may hit far too many nerves
with scenes like this...  

Unfortunately, the scientologists will see Phillip's death as a "win" because it will be considered that "he pulled it in" for starring in the controversial film in the first place.(scientology jargon for "you shouldn't have made this film". 

Strange thing, and I see it is not just me...Jim Meskimen did a tribute to Phillip Hoffman and at the end promoted Narconon, a scientology front group that supposedly gets people off of drugs. I wrote a comment on the video tribute on youtube. When I sign in the comment is there, when I sign out the comment is not there...what kind of shenanigans is this? 

here's the video:

Very odd, now the comment is there again, now it isn't, now it is...make up your mind youtube/Jim Meskimen...

I'm sorry you feel that way.  My purpose was not for publicity but to answer with my art the great disappointment I felt.  I realize that I did run the risk of being perceived as an opportunist, but I feel the need to say something useful outweighed the hit to my "reputation", if indeed I have any.  I'm sure you agree that his death was unnecessary and tragic, and if any others can possibly be avoided, it's worth a lot.
My reply to Mr. Meskimen...

Phillip Hoffman's death is tragic and very unnecessary and it's a very sad day especially for his family, which is why promoting Narconon at the end of your homage is at the least disrespectful and very unethical considering the amount of people who have died at the hands of this psuedo religious mumbo jumbo that calls itself a drug rehab. May I suggest you have a look at the link below and see just what it is you are supporting...I grew up with L. Ron Hubbard, I know people who have worked at Narconon and I also know their old old long time scientologist...I think I know what I am talking about...go on take a look. 

Narconon is not a bona fide drug rehab, it is a front group for recruiting scientologists.To find out more go here:

Reaching For the Tipping Point
Narconon drug rehab a Cult of fraud and negligence 

What the papers have to say about Phillip Seymour Hoffman...

Philip Seymour Hoffman: death of a master 

Philip Seymour Hoffman predicted his own fate weeks before heroin overdose 

A Master?s Passing, and the Show Going On 

The Monster: 

Private Eye 7/2/2014-20/2/2014


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