The Scientology Intelligence Service
by the Hamburg Constitutional Security Agency 1998
Unofficial English translation by Lermanet

" the organization is using every method of attack which offers itself, even in Germany, to "handle" important "key personnel." Even though the organization is considerably distant from its goal, a "liberated" planet under the control of Scientology, in view of its fanatical salvation ideology, its elitist sense of mission and, not least of all, because of the success achieved by its intelligence service, there is no reason to underestimate Scientology."

I. Introduction 2

II. The precursor intelligence organization (1959 - 1966) 8
1. The "Manual of Justice" 8
2. The "Special Zone Plan" 11
3. "Department of Government Affairs" 12
4. "Department of Official Affairs" 15
5. "Public Investigation Section" 16
6. The "Fair Game" Law 18

III. The "Guardian Office" (GO) (1966 - 1983) 21
1. Establishment and Structure 21
2. Departments and mission areas of the GO 22
3. Strategies and Programs of the GO and their background 27
4. Tactics and Methods of the GO 35
5. The Collapse of the GO 42

IV. The "Office of Special Affairs" (OSA) (1983 - 1997) 44
1. Old Intelligence Service in new Garb Structure of the OSA 44
2. "Department of Special Affairs" (DSA) the divisions of OSA in Germany 49
3. Strategies and Programs of the OSA and the Defamation Campaign against Germany 52
4. Tactics and Methods of the OSA 60

V. Assessment 71

Appendix: Abbreviations used 76