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The Sea Org Structure

GRAHAM E. BERRY, State Bar No. 128503
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221 N. Figueroa Street, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, California 90012
Telephone: (213) 250-1800

Attorneys for Defendant


Date: APRIL 4, 1994
Courtroom: 7
[Filed and served
concurrently with Dr.
Geertz's Bill of Costs.]



I, Scott Mayer, declare as follows:

1. I am a resident of the County of Los Angeles,
California. I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein,
unless stated upon information and belief, and as to those
statements which are based on information and belief, I believe
them to be true. If called upon to testify as to these facts, I
could and would competently do so.

2. I am a designated expert witness in the case of Church
of Scientoloqy International v. Steven Fishman and Uwe Geertz,
U.S.D.C.C.D. CA Case No. CV 91-6426 HLH (Tx). The purpose of
this declaration is to rebut portions of the recent declarations
of Senior Scientology Officials that the Church of Scientology has
not instructed people to commit murder or engage in financial
fraud. 3. I have been previously designated and testified as
an expert in Scientology related litigation. After I left the
Church of Scientology, I became a personal assistant to Martin
Cohn, who in 1980 was senior counsel for the special cases
division in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). I became his
assistant when the IRS went to trial against the Church of
Scientology in what has become known as the Tax Court case. I sat
in the courtroom with him and whenever a Church of Scientology
witness would reference a policy that justified what they were
doing or showed how goodthey were, I would write a note giving
him a policy reference that allowed the Scientologist to bypass
that policy. In addition, I was designated and testified as an
expert in Scientology administration and operations including Sea

-- 2-


Organization ("S.O") operations. In addition, I testified against
Scientology at the 1981 Clearwater hearings in Clearwater,
Florida. I had been all over the world for Scientology. I had
been on perhaps 20 different S.O. missions for L. Ron Hubbard
("Hubbard"). I had operated directly under Hubbard's authority.

I ran his ships, trained his missionaires, and trained Sea
Organization ("Sea Org") members. In addition, I testified
against Scientology at the 1981 Clearwater hearings in Clearwater,
Florida. Attached hereto as Exhibit A is a photocopy of an
excerpt of pages 273 to 283 of the Book "A Piece of Blue Sky --
Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard Exposed" by John Atack. As the
Exhibit passage states, after I left Scientology in 1976, I went
into hiding at Laguna Beach. In approx. 1978, I was the engineer
at one of the Laguna Beach hotels. I ran into Scientology
executives (David and Sue Anderson) in the street. Sue Anderson
who was Hubbard personal PRO at the time and her husband David I
believe was the Flag Ethics officer. Shortly after that, my car
mysteriously caught on fire in front of a friend's house when I
was visiting one night a~d many of my Scientology papers in the
trunk burned. On another occasion, the remaining Scientology
papers I had disappeared from a storage site in the garage from an
apartment I had in Ladera Heights, California.

-- 3--

4. Prior to joining Scientology, I had been in service in
the United States Navy in Vietnam where I developed electronic
warfare talents, other electronic talents, navigational talents
and learned docking an aircraft carrier electronically in totally
inclement weather. I was also experienced with self-defense
weapons and martial arts. Even when I was in the United States
Navy, I had always wanted to captain a ship. In the late 1960s, I
was living in Corona del Mar, California and working as a
stationary corporation field representative. I was bored and had
just broken up with my wife. I still had my dreams of skippering
a ship and had no ties to any place or any person. I was
approached by a representative of the Scientology Sea Org go into
a ship training program as a ship's master. Scientology needed
people to run Hubbard's ships because he wanted to expand the
fleet. When I was a Scientology fleet captain in 1973 and 1974,
we had only two ships and another small boat in the U.S. Pacific
Flotilla, but we were getting ready to have additional ships in
Mexico and San Francisco and part of my assignment was to put a
fleet together and to coordinate activities in training programs,
staff analysis and establishment of the flotilla.
5. In the course of being part of Scientology's ship
master's program, I learned that the ships always had fraudulent
licenses and papers. Such phony papers included radio licenses,
ship's papers, records, crew certifications, seaman's certificates
and other such matters. For this purpose, Scientology used Pat

Hunter, a woman who lived in South America. She had an excellent


command of the Spanish language and customs and would go to the
Panamanian authorities and act as the intermediary between
Operation Transport Corporation (Hubbard's personal holding
company) and the Panamanian consulate. Her name was Pat Hunter.
As a result of various subterfuges, we did not even have to
provide proof that people had successfully completed various
training programs to get certificates. Pat would just go to the
consulate, give them some money, get the books made up and have
them officially stamped. When a new crew member was posted to a
ship, Pat would take the papers down to the consulate and have
them authorized: ship's papers, seaman's papers, etc. When
courses were established, certificates from basic seaman up
through captains, deputy captains, first mates and others were
awarded by course supervisors of Hubbard's courses and then
processed through the consulate as described above.

6. I came to develop an understanding and belief that all
of these illegal things were done on the basis that WOGS (non-
Scientologists) were fouling up the planet and were basically
criminals who were running an insane world. Scientology professed
to be trying to straighten out the planet, trying to get rid of
the insanity and make things right again. So, my understanding
and belief was that this illegality was acceptable as part of a
Jihad or holy war. We were doing things to keep Scientology
working and the things that we were doing were just fine because
Scientology convinced us it was trying to make a better world. It
was similar to rioting for peace. You know it really doesn't work
but it is a way of getting mass agreement of Scientology's
movement towards Hubbard's goals for a clear planet.

-- 5--

7. The illegal conduct involved in Hubbard's ships included
receiving a percentage of money from all of the S.O. organizations
in Los Angeles and elsewhere in the world.~ In exchange for this
money, people would come on board the ship from all over the world
and be trained on various basic Sea Org procedures, basic staff
hatting procedures and then be sent back to their home
organizations to assume Scientology posts. At this time, I
floated back and forth between the ships in various executive
positions and other posts concerning the Los Angeles Flag
Operations Liaison office activities. At various times I was
responsible for preparing mission orders and briefing couriers
that would smuggle money out of the United States. I was also
responsible for sending various other missionaires to various
parts of the country to go into Scientology organizations and
force them to make more and more money. This was basically a form
of "Regging."

8. The purpose of the registrar is to make more money all
the time for Scientology. At the time, Scientology had various
sales courses that taught registrars to strip resistance from
people they were 'regging.' Registrars were taught how to push
various buttons with regard to their mortality and their
spirituality and their ability to be at peace as a being. Every
button that could possibly pushed was pushed in order to get a
person to make large advance payments. We got so good at it that
we were sending $250,000 to $500,000 a week out of the Los Angeles
area alone. The money would be sent out of the country to various

1 Wherein the S.O. billed for services provided to
Scientology organizations.

-- 6-

places in the world including accounts in St. Hill, England.

Five, six and seven couriers a week would go out from Los Angeles
with their little bundles of documents and their bundles of money
hooked into it. We had a communication center that we delivered
the missionaire to. The missionaires were fully briefed on how to
get through customs and we would take them to the airport and send
them where they were supposed to go which we learned from the
Director of Communications. I was told by the Director, Bill
Price, that there were five phony Scientology companies that
existed at that time and were recognized by customs. As far as
customs was concerned, these companies regularly sent businessmen
all around the world. Internal operations were never allowed to
know what was being sent to where. The only communications were
from the Flag communicator, through coded telexes, saying exactly
where anything was to go to Bill Price at any given time and how
it was to go. We had the money couriers so well briefed as how to
get through customs that they would not be sweating and would be
totally calm and cool. They would overwhelm customs with pieces
of paper if customs wanted to see them.



9. I understand and believe that sometime in 1973 and 1974,
Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, had had enough of being
constantly out at sea. She embarked on a campaign to convince
Hubbard that the Sea Org ships were just a white elephant and that
Scientology was paying too much money for what it got back and
that the fleet should be disbanded and Hubbard's operation brought
on shore.

10. Subsequently, it was decided to establish the Flag Land
base at Clearwater in Florida.

11. Prior to the establishment of the Flag Land base in
Clearwater, I actually saw the area on the Apollo where the
Guardian's office financial people were engaged in a massive
invoice altering project.2 My belief and understanding of the
reason for the project was that discrepancies that could have been
discovered between money `regged' or obtained from Scientology
organizations in the United States and when it arrived on the
Apollo, having previously been diverted in part to various
accounts in Luxembourg,,Switzerland or other countries. When my
wife and I came back from a Scientology mission to South Africa,
we brought back $5,000 each (Rand). Although that was not a lot
of money, it was money that was not supposed to go out of South
Africa into the United States.

2 Wendall Reynolds, the Guardian's Office Flag Banking
Office, took quite a deal of pride in showing me the project.




12. With regard to other scams, my understanding and belief
is that U.S. registrars were taking in checks in the various
Scientology organizations for huge amounts of money. The people
who gave the checks could not possibly have covered those checks
and yet the registrars were holding those checks and reporting
them as gross income. This would increase the weekly statistics
as Scientology requires. Later the registrars would try and
coerce the parishioners into making good on the check. The
registrars were not interested in whether the bank could cover the
check or not. Here was a person who had knowingly written
Scientology a bad check in the sum of $35,000-$40,000 and the
registrars were now going back and convincing them to pay.
Indeed, I personally pressured people to take out mortgages on
their homes in order to pay for Scientology services. Moreover,
at one point I put together a group of 8 or l0 registrars on the
Excalibur, trained them up under Jim Douglas and forced collection
of back monies from people who owed the Sea Org or Scientology
money. In essence, I just put together a credit collection team
and then started hitting the movie studios and others connected
with the record companies to rent out use of the U.S. ships. At
this time I was captain of the Excalibur which was an old navy
ship. I had it rented out to a few movie studios and had money
coming in. Indeed, we were making so much money that Scientology
could not prove the ship was not financially viable because we
were getting all this collection money. It was sometime after
that Mary Sue Hubbard caused me to be subsequently transferred to
the Apollo.

DATA~: 839~l-9-




Scientology regardless of corporate "structure" Hubbard had a

himself and the Sea Org (Flag). He would dream up a new course,
initially taught only on Flag, such as the "Flag Executive

Briefing Course" "Establishment Officers Course," "Ethics Officer

Courts", etc. Flag would put together a course book and check

sheet, Hubbard would write a few new policies and alreadyexisting
course." PR's dissemination would put together the "Ron's New

" "promotion. It would be issued as a Broad Public Issue

and then Flag would "order" all Scientology units to send people
to Flag to be trained. There was no choice about it. Orgs and/or
missions had to comply. They were, of course, billed heavily by
Flag. Eventually Ron would release the courses to S.O. Orgs to
teach locally, but there again, Flag billed heavily for providing
the course, course supervisor and materials. In most cases there
was very little new material, mostly re-packaged already issued

Where certain Class IV orgs or missions (Franchises)
protected S.O. missions were sent in to remove the Executive
Director and send them to Flag for Ethics Handling and
rehabilitation. I was part of a mission to Austin, Texas Org to
carry out that activity.

14. It was after I physically saw the Flagship's project of
altering invoices that I decided to leave the ship. I was newly
married and something told me that if I was on the ship with my

--1 h--

wife and the IRS made a raid and discovered that these invoices
were changed I may be in deep trouble myself. Accordingly, I went
to Kerry Gleason who was in charge of Operations for Flag at the
time and requested that he send me and my wife off on what turned
out to be a 14-18 month mission around the world to help make
money for Hubbard and his various organizations.


15. The Sea Organization was/is the most elite organization
in Scientology. Sea Organization members owed their loyalty
directly to Hubbard. I became a Sea Org member and signed the
standard billion year contract. If Hubbard sent a Sea Org member
on a mission to any Scientology organization, that Sea Org member
had complete power. Indeed, that Sea Organization member could
walk into any Scientology organization, remove the head of that
organization and send him back to Flag or to the Rehabilitation
Project Force ("RFP"). I personally observed the RPF when I was
captain of the Excalibur. At times, I would have "up to" 34
RPF'ers on board. From time to time 'Flag' would send missions
into various Scientology organizations in the Los Angeles area and
then call me up and ask if I could use various gangs of RPF'ers to
do certain projects. In fact, they used my RPF to move into the
Chateau Elyses on Franklin Avenue. Moreover, when other
organizations had too many RPF members they would just send the
extras down to the ship. There, we could use them for painting,
clearing the bilges and scrapping rust, etc. I never did any
"over boarding", but I heard about the practice when I first came
to the Sea Org.

16. AlthoughthereweremanydifferentScientology

-- 1 1--

corporations, they were really just shams. Scientology was a
hierarchial ecclesiastical organization run from top to bottom by
its ecclesiastical head, Hubbard. He maintained control through
the Sea Org which permeated all corporations.

17. When I was on the Apollo, I witnessed them making a new
Board of Directors for Operation Transport Corporation out of a
couple of galley hands and some musicians. Mary Sue Hubbard
picked them out and they signed the corporate papers where and
when she told them.

18. The organization board (Org Board) is one way Hubbard
maintained unity of control. Every Scientology corporation had
the same Org Board and so duties were assigned in such a way that
they were mirrored in every single Scientology or Dianetic Center
in the world. Accordingly, there wasn't one post in `lag' that
did not have somebody in each and every Scientology organization
around the world as an opposite number. So orders were passed
down into different people irrespective of whether they were in
different corporations. Every corporation had a Hubbard
Communications Office (HCO") ethics officer. They all had a
publications officers, dissemination officers, treasure/finance
personnel, etc. So orders were passed down into different people
irrespective of whether they were in different corporations. For
example, when I was running operations in Los Angeles, Flag would
send me a set of mission orders. I would be instructed to put
together a mission to do this or that. Then I would have to find
a couple of people that were capable of doing it. Then I would
write the mission orders for them to do it step by step, telling
them exactly what they had to do. Then I would bring them in and

-- 12 -

brief them. I would get them to the point where I felt they were
ready to go and do the mission. Then I would deliver the
missionaires to the Communications Department which would get them
onto a flight for wherever they were supposed to go and then get
them back. The mission orders would also include getting the
monies from the org to bring back with them. I would put in a
request for monies for the missionaires, basically a budget
estimate, what they would be spending and why, and that had to be
accounted for when they came back. If the mission was successful
or even unsuccessful, they would go into a briefing room and I
would debrief them on every point in their mission orders. Any
monies returned from the mission or the Org would go into the
treasury division. From there an ACl or AC2 form would be
completed by the Director of Income or the Treasury Director and
funds could then be allocated to various activities set forth
within that form and then sent to the Guardian's office for
approval. It was really one big financial operation and Corporate
Form had nothing to do with approved allocations.

To read more go here:

Beyond the fact that Hubbard has always had a yen for the nautical life - he was an expert yachtsman long before the idea of Scientology entered his head and served as an officer in the U.S. Marines in the Pacific theatre during World War Two - the purpose of the Sea Org. is ostensibly "to get Ethics in on the planet". It has also been suggested that the Sea Org. is a private navy that could intimidate small local opposition - many Sea Org. staff members are trained in Karate and unarmed combat - but whether the craft are openly equipped with fire power is not known.

Even amongst Scientologists there is a deal of mystery and speculation as to details of the Sea Org. It is spoken of with reverence. It is the mecca of all Scientologists. This is where the real future of the world is being shaped. This is the pure environment where Clears can be clear and OT's can extend their true god-like powers. It is also where Hubbard lives.

The major part of the Sea Org. - the "Royal Scotman", approximately 4,000 tons and renamed in 1969 "Apollo"; "Avon River", approx. 1,000 tons and renamed "Athene"; and "The Enchantress", approx. 40 tons and a sea-going luxury yacht - chugs around the Mediterranean. Another base for the Sea Org. is on the West Coast of America. The Mediterranean fleet has been asked to leave a Spanish port and an island in the Aegean and it was rumoured that Hubbard and his Sea Org. were in league with the junta of the Greek Colonels, but this seems unlikely.

Hubbard has repeatedly professed since 1969 that he has finished his work with Scientology and is using his ships to investigate ancient civilisations. This is nonsense since he still issues Policy Letters, HCO Technical Bulletins and is still very much in control of all Scientology activities. And, unless he has made one of his remarkable breakthroughs, there cannot be many remains of ancient civilisations in the San Pedro area of the U.S. West Coast!

Scientology Ethics on the Sea Org. is really something, by all accounts. An early student of the OT Courses who took her training when the "Royal Scotman" was based off-shore from a Spanish port told me that staff and students were often assigned Conditions of Enemy or Treason and in order to get them out of the company of others, they were locked in the anchor-chain compartment or lowered into the bilges to cool off.

An early Captain of the "Royal Scotman" rammed his ship against a quay and totally wrecked a brand new £2,500 Sea Org. launch in the process. He was assigned a Condition of Treason by the Commodore, there and then evicted from the ship with nothing but the clothes he was wearing, less any badges, and was told to repay £17,000 before being allowed back into Scientology. He has not been heard of again to this day.

Probably the most idiotic event happened when the "Royal Scotman", the entire ship, earned the Commodore's displeasure. He assigned every living thing aboard a Condition of Liability. It meant the ship's mascot, a Corgi dog, went about with a dirty grey rag tied round its neck, as well as every human with a rag on his or her left arm. Incredibly the poor ship, which one must assume had not actually done anything of its own malicious free will, had a huge dirty grey tarpaulin tied round its funnel. The poor brainless thing had to sail around the Mediterranean, laughed and jeered at by all the other ships and even rowing boats, for over a week like this. How the poor simple thing applied the formula in order to get upgraded will always remain one of those sea mysteries comparable to the Marie Celeste and the Flying Dutchman.

The Sea Org. does not train anyone but its own staff. These are fabled to be the most highly proficient operators in the entire range of Scientology expertise. After a staff member has been on the Sea Org. for three months and has not had himself thrown overboard too often or otherwise put himself on the unhealthy side of the numerous Ethics Officers, he is expected to sign a 1,000,000,000 year contract. That's an American BILLION! A Billion-Year Contract. In a billion years from now, astronomers reckon the Sun will be a little cooler than now in the twentieth century. The Solar System will also be on the other side of the Milky Way and all manner of other interesting changes will have occurred. Of course, Thetans, and especially Scientology Thetans, will be struggling manfully (or is it Thetanfully) to conquer the forces of evil and destruction that are rife throughout the cosmos. Scientologists with a BILLION YEARS of experience will be of remarkable value, no doubt, even though well out of their minds when they first embarked on this unbelievable contract.

The Sea Org. make a great deal of money. Hubbard has devised the perfect money-making scheme - infallible, unlimited and the people who pay it, love it!

Ethics Missions, Efficiency Missions, Public Relations Missions and many other types of missions are sent out from the Sea Org. These, travelling by first-class jet, driving around in chauffeured limousines, staying at the Ritziest hotels, suddenly arrive at the front door of an outer Org., such as London, Saint Hill, Sydney, Paris or whichever Org. needs a bit of wisdom, and go to work to straighten the poor natives out.

The experts from the Sea Org., anything from two to six of them, are dressed in the navy blue full-dress uniform of the Sea Org. which makes them look like admirals from the Pomeranian Navy. They have an On-Policy, tight-lipped, no-nonsense, amongst everything else we are efficient approach. Whilst they are at the Org. they are in charge. They are empowered to do anything, inside or outside of policy, to get the Org. straightened out. They are like management consultants with the supreme powers of almost life and death that standard management consultants must dream of having. They stay at the Org. for as long as it takes to "get the show on the road".

The Sea Org. bills the victim org. at the rate of £250 per day per person PLUS all expenses.

Hubbard graciously explained the hefty charges (though no one would ever have the temerity to ask him to explain himself) in this wise. "If an Outer Org. is so bone-headed as to allow its stats. to fall in spite of the fact that I have given it ample policy whereby it can be totally successful all the time, and since this means that I have to concern myself with its paltry affairs by sending one of my extremely valuable missions to straighten it out, then, by all their cotton-pickin' fingers, they will pay for it and pay handsomely."
To add a piquant touch of additional lunacy, nearly every mission I ever saw at Saint Hill and London made a bloody nuisance of itself and failed to get the stats. up for more than a week or two. Nevertheless, the Orgs. paid at the rate of £250 per day per person PLUS all expenses!

At one point, Saint Hill owed £65,000 to the Sea Org.

There are various projects set up under the aegis of the Sea Org. Commander Yvonne Gillham is the Sea Org. Director of the Celebrity Centre in Los Angeles, Calif. The Centre's purposes are: "1. To provide a safe environment for all artists to expand in. 2. To enable the public to enjoy, appreciate and understand the Arts. 3. To co-ordinate the able people in the Arts so that each can expand without compromising his own reality." (Commander Yvonne Gillham, The Auditor, Number 52.) Concert pianist Mario Feninger, a Class VIII auditor, pop groups - "The People", "Orange Coloured Sky" and "Sound Foundation" - Hollywood film star in the grand manner Stephen Boyd, a Clear, and most surprising of all, poet, pop-folk singer and composer Leonard Cohen. Another Celebrity Centre has been set up in New York City. Sweet but corny though the stated purposes may be, they are not altruistic. The Celebrity Centres and every other activity of Scientology are designed to get people into Scientology.

Next in seniority after the Sea Organisation come the Advanced Organisations (AO's). At Edinburgh, Scotland (AOUK); Los Angeles, California (AOLA); and Sjaeland, Denmark (AODK), the very highest levels of training and processing are administered - Class VIII Auditor, Clearing and OT Courses.
Prior to the ban on entry into the United Kingdom of British Commonwealth and alien citizens for the purpose of Scientology studies, Saint Hill Manor had been the centre for the Clearing Course. The British Labour Government's action in July 1968 - just before the House of Commons went into Summer Recess and without one item of evidence being put forward as justification - looked very like a panic move. It was as if the Right Honourable James Callaghan, the Home Secretary, had suddenly realised there were thousands of Scientologists arriving from all parts of the globe and they presented a very real threat to the peace and tranquillity of the United Kingdom. This unconstitutional action in selecting Scientologists out of all the other threats to the peace and prosperity of the U.K. that fly in and out of London Airport every day gained a great deal of valuable publicity and sympathy for Scientology.

The Right Honourable Iain Macleod wrote a stinging article in the Daily Telegraph; the Rt. Hon. Quintin Hogg, QC, became their legal advocate, and the editor of the Daily Telegraph wrote a leader regretting the final demise of democracy in the British nation after 600 years. These worthy gentlemen were careful to point out that they held no brief for the principles of the movement and were solely concerned that justice be done and be seen to be done. This self-righteous ploy was not so much inspired by a genuine concern for the U.K. constitution as the fact that these Conservatives were able to take a swing at the Labour Government.
Scientology gained the doubtful prestige of being a political issue.

Plans had been made to charter Boeing 707's to bring hordes of Scientologists from America and Australia. TWA, with a nice eye to commercial exploitation, found that Scientologists were the second largest users of their flights across the Atlantic and set up special Scientologists' Information Booths at U.S. international airports. East Grinstead businesses boomed, especially taxi services; rents for accommodation soared; the East Grinstead police force were equipped with high-speed sports cars; the Urban District Council had long meetings to try to find out what was happening to their sleepy little town, and the ordinary natives felt besieged.

Jim Callaghan finished all that. Within a few weeks of his ban, Scientology had opened an Advanced Org. in Los Angeles to serve North and South America and the Commonwealth. Shortly afterwards the AO at Edinburgh opened for U.K. residents and those aliens who managed to squeeze through the immigration controls at British air and sea ports. AODK opened a few months later to serve continental European Scientologists. The British ban probably helped the expansion of worldwide Scientology in more ways than any other single action. It did not even affect British recruitment.

At the same time as the AO's were spreading, so it became necessary to follow up with the Saint Hill Organisations, in order to complete the training and processing services. Thus there is now an American Saint Hill Organisation in modern glass and concrete luxury premises at Los Angeles; another in the business centre of Copenhagen, Denmark, and near to the SAS skyscraper; and the original Saint Hill at East Grinstead. the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course is run at these three centres to produce Class VI auditors and is regarded by Hubbard as the course which sorts the men from the boys, and, presumably, the women from the girls. The price in sterling is £275 or U.S. $775.00, which is a rate of exchange of approximately $2.804 to the £ Stg., which is original.

World Wide (WW) is the senior administration centre of international Scientology and operates from Saint Hill, East Grinstead. Here there are the nine divisions of the Org Board manned by experienced executives who receive reports from their equivalent opposite numbers in the Outer Orgs. Copies of all weekly statistics for all major posts in every Org. in the world go to make up the WW statistics. It is therefore very much in the interests of WW staff that they should get their Outer Orgs. to be successful. If, for instance, the Public Exec. Sec. of Miami, Florida, should find that by advertising Scientology books in the baseball programmes locally, the response is good, the Pub. Exec. Sec. WW (sometimes abbreviated even further to PES WW) would order all other PES's to advertise in programmes of local sports events.
If the findings of a Market Research survey conducted in Bloemfontein, South Africa suggest that people would more readily go to a free lecture on Scientology if coffee and biscuits were available, then this information will be distributed to all orgs.

The Publications Organisation World Wide is the Department 5 of HCO Dissemination Division 2 of WW. Pubs Org. as it is fondly called is a totally separate entity of WW situated in Copenhagen, Denmark. It produces books in many languages, promotional material such as bookstore display stands and leaflets and acts in much the same way as its parent Org. WW, by unifying and standardising all promotional activities.
For instance, should it be found that a particular symbol is highly effective in selling Scientology: A New Slant on Life, perfect, camera-ready artwork will be supplied from Pubs Org. to every Outer Org. so that photo-litho printing of the book symbol can occur locally. Pubs Org. charges for these services but the expense to an Outer Org. is much lower than if it had to employ its own layout and typographical artists.
Most of its money comes from the sales of books throughout the world. Some of Hubbard's titles must be amongst the most consistent best sellers. A policy which ensures this and makes a stable income for Pubs Org. is that every Outer Org. must take a hefty minimum quantity of books each year. In the summer of 1968, there were over 500,000 copies of various Scientology books in store in the basement of the Castle at Saint Hill. Maybe they are still there!

The bread and butter source of new people for Scientology comes from the Hubbard Scientology organisations which are dotted across the free world. HSO's are local organisations and provide services up to Grade IV processing, Class IV Auditor training, they sell books, run local congresses, dish out leaflets, Freedom magazine and invitations to "GET YOUR IQ TESTED FREE", and generally manage to keep Scientology alive on a grass-roots level. HSO's are the most commonly visited by Sea Org. Missions. They are ordered about mercilessly by WW. They have to run the advertising projects that Pubs Org. dishes out to them. They keep smiling though, even when their units are so low it does not even pay their fares to and from work.

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«Scientology placed me in the Cadet Organization, and my parents in the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO).  The Cadet Organization, headed by Dorothy Jefferson, at 811 Beacon Street, Los Angeles, California, consisted of two three-story buildings that housed approximately 400 children.  The Cadet Organization was designed to teach children about Scientology.  My duties were to care, clean and feed the children.  Myself and another girl my age were the two oldest children at the Cadet Organization.  The living conditions were squalid. Glass from broken windows lay strewn over the floors.  Live electrical wires were exposed in areas where young children played.  We received little food.  On several occasions spoiled milk with maggots was served to children.  The maggots were removed by hand before the milk was served.  In addition to caring for the children, I cleaned toilets daily.  I wrote to L. Ron Hubbard explaining the conditions, but nothing improved.»

«On rainy days I ironed the clothes dry.  This required ironing during the evening hours and into the morning hours.  On many occasions I ironed through the night, finishing at 6:00 am.  I then started washing the next morning's clothing.  On occasion I worked three or four days without sleep.  I fell asleep at the ironing board with a hot iron in my hand.  My senior, 'Doreen' Gilliam, 'caught' me sleeping and yanked my head off the board.  She ordered me to run laps and assigned me a condition of 'Doubt.'  A condition of 'Doubt' required 15 hours of 'amends work'.  This additional work had to be performed during my sleep and meal time.  Until I completed my amends work, I was ordered not to communicate with anyone.  I ate lunch alone.  Finally, I spoke up, telling them I had enough.  I was sent to the Commanding messenger, and she assigned me one month in the galley, washing pots and pans.  I washed pots and pans for one month and went back into the EPF.»

«While on the Apollo, I observed numerous punishments meted out for many minor infractions or mistakes made in connection with Hubbard's very strict and bizarre policies.  On a number of occasions, I saw people placed in the 'chain lockers' of the boat on direct orders of Hubbard.  These lockers were small, smelly holes, covered by grates where the chain for the anchor was stored.  I saw one boy held in there for 30 nights, crying and begging to be released.  He was only allowed out to clean the bilges where the sewer and refuse of the ship collected.  I believe his 'crimes' were taking or using a musical instrument, I believe a flute, of someone else without permission.  I also saw a young boy and a young girl thrown in the chain lockers at separate times because of romantic involvements they had with other people.  Hubbard fanatically prohibited involvement between the sexes, or out-2D, as it is called in Scientology.  Married persons were allowed to see each other but it was strictly controlled.»

«Approximately two weeks after I returned to Las Vegas, two of Hubbards's agents came to my house and told me that Hubbard wanted to see me.  I told them I would never return.  They then asked if I would go for a cup of coffee with them.  After a short while I agreed to have coffee.  I got in the car, in the front seat, and sat between the two agents.  After driving a few minutes, I noticed we were driving to the highway, and I asked where we were going.  They told me I was being taken to Los Angeles to see Hubbard.

     In Los Angeles I was locked in a room and forced to undergo a 'security check' on the E-meter.  I was very scared and crying, and told them I had a family reunion to go to during the Holidays.  I told them I had relatives on the police department in Las Vegas, and that I would come back after the Holidays.  I convinced them to release me, and I returned home by bus.  For weeks after I arrived home, they constantly called me to find out when I would return.  I said Never!»

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