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Google news wire...Teflon Tom

This popped up today, very funny...

Tom Cruise blasted by Church of Scientology after naked shroud is ...


Exhibit featuring Cruise, Scientology symbol to go on display in St. Pete

It's called the “Shroud of Scientology” and it features a very nude Tom Cruise standing on his toes, clutching the church of Scientology cross in his ...
Scientology Movie Director "Disappointed" Jon Stewart Didn't Confront Tom Cruise (Guest Column)
Hollywood Reporter - 2 days ago
From Mark on the Underground Bunker...
 Mission TotallyPossible... ... more-24701 

Sky to show Scientology movie Going Clear

East Grinstead Online - ‎Aug 6, 2015‎
unnamed AFTER months of legal argument, Sky is to air Going Clear, the controversial Scientology film by Alex Gibney. The film, in which former members allege abusive practices within the new-age religion invented by science fiction writer L Ron ...

E! Online
'Pop-up Church of Scientology' by Cory Allen Salutes Tom Cruise's 25th Anniversary, Unveils Nude ...
The silver anniversary celebration reaffirming his commitment will take place at a "Pop-up Church of Scientology" near its Clearwater headquarters as ...
'Pop-up' Church of Scientology Salutes Tom Cruise on 25th Anniversary, Unveils Shroud of Actor

Daily Beast
Teflon Tom Cruise Dodges Scientology Controversy in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

The A-list star reprises his role as IMF superagent Ethan Hunt in the summer blockbuster—his first film in the wake of the damning Scientology doc ...

Never trust "religious leaders" "politicians" or "reporters" ever...they all talk bollocks...

Fort Worth Weekly (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog)
Crazy Capital, USA

As if Texas wasn't already considered bat-shit crazy for our gunplay, seedy politics, and overall redneckery, now the Church of Scientology has our ...

Not so funny, Scientology...

Critics Link Texas Governor to Church of Scientology

Newsweek-30 Jul 2015
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has caught flack from critics over his veto of a mental health bill opposed by the Church of Scientology.

Meet Scientology's favorite GOP governor: Why Greg Abbott is


Leak of 3gb of Scientology Austria emails?

Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Nora Crest talking about Sex in Scientology...From Cradle to Slave...

L. Ron Hubbards affirmations...

(c) That masturbation was no sin or crime and did not injure me. That
no sexual practice has ever dulled me.

Gerry Armstrong--Admissions of L. Ron Hubbard

From The Sea Check blog...

Minor Incidents on the Time Track collects Scientology completions and awards to benefit researchers and those who may be disconnected from family members or friends.

Alexander Mitrokhin has completed The Way to Happiness course at the Riga, Latvia Mission.

And to complete this segment on what you learn as children in Scientology here is Nick Lister...

Not much has changed in all these years....

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Drug Free World,Peter Dwan,East. Grinstead and Scientology's Front Groups

Earlier on this evening before I went out, I sent a message to the East. Grinstead Courier because of some username(patriciarasmu) saying Peter Dwan was nothing to do with Scientology.

User name Patricia Rasmu, would appear to be this lady...Patricia Headden-Rasmussen, who is a scientology internet troll on articles like this...

PAPERMAG: Danny Masterson Tells Us About His Life in ...

Scientologymyths regular poster namefagged | Why We Protest ..


I wrote roughly the following...

Google Peter Dwan. He has service completions on the Freewinds, Scientology's ship as late as 2011. Narconon/ Drug Free World are all front groups for Scientology, there are many more, but they choose to hide it.

So, I wrote something to that effect, my big mistake, because I was in a hurry, was, I did not do it via google chrome, I did it on google. The entire website jumped around due to all the adverts on there and I hit send before I realised I had totally the wrong topic. I could not delete it and now my user account is disabled, but I actually don't believe I am disabled from commenting there because of that, I am disabled from commenting there because Scientology does NOT like the truth...DO YOU? I think this may have something to do with The East. Grinstead Courier disabling my account on their website...

So, what do the Foo Fighters and Scientology have in ...

This one blog post brought over 135,700 people from Sweden to read this blog in two days and counting...

Peter Dwan...

(this is via google chrome, by the way...)

East Grinstead grandad starts nine-month walk around the ...


(we have just blocked 18 adds)


Peter Dwan in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

The following 6 individual completions for Peter Dwan appear in official Scientology publications:
Peter DwanROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 532004-06-01
Peter DwanABILITY CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 532004-06-01
Peter DwanSTATE OF MAN CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 532004-06-01
Peter DwanTHE COMMAND OF THETA COURSE Freewinds 852011-08-01


Peter Dwan - The Truth About Scientology

Pete Dwan in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

The following 20 individual completions for Pete Dwan appear in official Scientology publications:
Peter DwanROUTE TO INFINITY COURSE Freewinds 532004-06-01
Peter DwanABILITY CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 532004-06-01
Peter DwanSTATE OF MAN CONGRESS COURSE Freewinds 532004-06-01
Pete DwanSOLO PART I COURSE The Auditor UK 3442009-11-01
Pete DwanVM-BASICS OF ORGANIZING COURSE The Auditor UK 3462009-12-01
Pete DwanOT PREFARATIONS The Auditor UK 3482010-03-01
Pete DwanOT PREPARATIONS Advance UK 1972010-04-01
Pete DwanSOLO PART II COURSE The Auditor UK 3492010-05-01
Pete DwanOT II The Auditor UK 3492010-05-01
Pete DwanNEW OT I The Auditor UK 3492010-05-01
Pete DwanTHE WAY TO HAPPINESS BOOKCOURSE The Auditor UK 3492010-05-01
Pete DwanOT ELIGIBILITY The Auditor UK 3492010-05-01
Pete DwanTHE WAY TO HAPPINESS BOOK COURSE Advance UK 1982010-06-01
Pete DwanSOLO PART II COURSE Advance UK 1982010-06-01
Pete DwanOT ELIGIBILITY Advance UK 1982010-06-01
Pete DwanNEW OT I Advance UK 1982010-06-01
Pete DwanOT II Advance UK 1982010-06-01
Peter DwanTHE COMMAND OF THETA COURSE Freewinds 852011-08-01


Pete Dwan - The Truth About Scientology

Anti-drugs charity linked to Scientology gives talks to ...



Anyway...major footbullet coming right up...because now it won't just be the people of The East. Grinstead Courier that know about it, it will be WW, I can even hear L. Ron Hubbard saying that...WW...World Wide... 

In the last few days someone called Nicole has put this on ESMB (Ex Scientologist Message Board), regardless of what I feel about ESMB, I think Nicole is genuine...

German National TV Report about "Foundation for a Drug Free World"

Guardian World-Wide, based at Saint Hill Manor in Sussex, England. Was extradited from the UK in 1980 to stand trial with Mo Budlong (q.v.) for her substantial role in Operation Snow White. Convicted and jailed.

WW...World - Wide...and as of lunchtime today, this blog post is and has been read World Wide...


Cracking on with the East. Grinstead and Scientology's front groups, there are some quite interesting stories on their news websites and NOT once do they tell you they are scientologists and I believe they should. If their "religion" is so damned ethical, why all the secrecy?

Years ago, David Gaiman who headed the Guardians Office UK and then later Office of Special Affairs ran a program for the children of Chernobyl...see my post here...

Scientology -The Apollo series: The Children of Chernobyl.

On East. Grinstead online this article below appeared a couple of days ago and got my hackles up straight it intuition, call it what you will, but I knew I would find a connection to scientology and sure enough here it is...






Jas Sandhu

You will have to scroll right down near the bottom to find it...


Chernobyl children treated by East Grinstead dentist Jas

CCLL - The main page

Belarus: The angel of Chernobyl - The Independent


The CCLL website appears legit, but I personally find it very worrying that a dentist who is a scientologist is treating these children. It is my firm opinion that children should not be anywhere near scientologists or their quackery.

Alexander Chaussov: Scientology and the “Democratic ...
7 Jun 2011 - In the 1990s, Russia became a “field of experimentation” for Scientologists. They conducted experiments on children affected by the Chernobyl ...

Whilst on the subject of front groups for Scientology, I happened to be told about courses being run by Scientology on nutrition, here in the UK. The person thought the 3 years course would give them a diploma, turns out to be bogus. They have completed one year, thinks it is a complete load of bunkham and want their money back. Someone,flew all the way from Los Angeles to shout at them for asking for their money back. The sheer audacity, fancy wanting your money back when you are not happy...hopefully much more on this soon. In the meantime, I'll leave you with a little bit of food for thought...

Patrick Holford and Scientology: the Church of Optimum ...

Store selling Scientology vitamin regimen raises concerns

SAFE HARBOR--- not so safe.. -


To be continued...



But, It won't get this picture off the front page...


I want to know who these evil little bastards are, you spy on people for Tom Cruise? He might have the money, but he sure as hell, ain't got NO ethics!No morals...all he's got is a false religion...

You stepped way out of line, and we will never forgive it...



Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Is Tom Cruise on a Mission to Self Destruct?

Tom Cruise kicks his 14-year old niece out the family...

 Nick Lister, son of Sarah Goldburg talks about a friend of his, Jamie Lesavoy, who happens to be Tom Cruise's niece. Sarah Goldburg tells her story in HBO's "Going Clear" documentary about choosing between her son, Nick Lister and her daughter and the "church".

and finally the media in England picks this up...

Former Scientologist claims that Tom Cruise 'banished 14-year-old ...

Metro-3 hours ago
The video shows an interview with a former Scientologist Nick Lister, who relates a story about a friend of his, Jamie Lesavoy, who is also ...
Tom Cruise Kicked His Own Niece Out of the Family for Not Meeting ...
Softpedia News-1 hour ago

Scientology service completions, poor kid, never stood a chance...

Jamie Lesavoy - The Truth About Scientology

Weird, not sure what this represents...Jamie Lesavoy, Alex Wisner and Taylor Meskimen all grew up in Scientology...

Taylor Meskimen - The Truth About Scientology

Alex Wisner - The Truth About Scientology

April | 2014 | Scientology Celebrities and Human Rights


 Puff pieces like this:

New Scientology headquarters opens in Sussex - The Argus

are supposed to distract you from the top stories. The real stories here are about how an organisation can manipulate and control to the point of total control over its adherants.Like this story here...

Read more: 

The Jive Aces are Sea Org recruitment tools and they appear to have recruited the town mayor...more on this later.

  Parlez-vous Scientologist?

  1. Article 18 doesn't mean taxpayers should fund someone's religion

    The Australian-8 hours ago
    Let's say hypothetically that 70 per cent of Victorian MPs sent their children to a Scientology school or an Exclusive Brethren school and then ...
No wonder Katie Holmes wanted to get Suri away from Scientology...

How To Audit A Zebra | Sec Check -

The Connection Between Synanon and Scientology – Part 1: Laying The Groundwork

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 1 day ago
Congressional hearings in 1974 exposed that Seed Inc. was a Synanon based behavior modification group using brainwashing techniques similar to North Korean prisoner camps. One of the ways it was funded was under CIA program MKSEARCH - U.S. government funding. Narconon enjoys the same government protection that Synanon and it's multiple later front groups did - including the original licensing of Narconon's biggest center in Oklahoma.


From The Sunday Times magazine...July 12th having a few problems with my printer at the minute so I won't be scanninig it, at present, however intend to do so in the the mean time, here is a fair use of Tom Cruise's life in Scientology...when the powers that be, decide I can't do something...I become all the more determined...

Tom Cruise

The image sums it up perfectly: Tom Cruise, in a grey suit and tie, the hair swept back, clinging to the side of a military plane as it climbs to 5,000ft above RAF Wittering in Cambrideshire.

( This picture is not in the article, it is added by me)

Issued by the PR department of Paramount Pictures as part of an Industrial-scale hype campaign for the latest Mission:Impossible film, Rogue Nation, the photo was accompanied by the revelation that the 52 year old actor had insisted on being strapped to the fuselage of the airbus A400M himself, without the aid of body doubles or any computer-generated special effects.

Cruise, went the subtext, is no mere actor. He is the master of all that's put before him. An ultra-being. A one-man-demonstration,, as the late science-fiction author and Church of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard might have put it, of what's possible when you unleash your inner "thetan".

The sight of Cruise, teeth gritted, knuckles white, one wrong move away from a sickening fall to Earth, also serves as an apt visual metaphor. Because after the US broadcast of Going Clear, a profoundly unsettling documentary about Scientology-and Cruise's role within it-the actor isn't simply trying to have a hit film this summer. He is trying to hold on to one of the most enduring and lucrative careers in the history of Hollywood.

The Sunday Times Magazine, needless to say, was not guaranteed an audience with Cruise for this article, and it remains doubtful that he will at any point address many of the skin-crawling accusations-on which more in a minute-made by former high-ranking Scientologists in the HBO documentary, which required the services of 160 lawyers to make, and is based on the book of the same name by the Pulitzer prizewinner Lawrence Wright.

Indeed, the only "news" to emerge about Cruise since Going Clear's first airing has had all the hallmarks of a classic changing-the-subject political campaign. There have been papparazzi shots of Cruise on the set of another film, Mena-about a drug running CIA operative-that appear to show him mid-flirt wth his 22 year old assistant, Emily. There has been speculation that he may get married- for a fourth time!-to his Mena co-star, Lola Kirke, who is Emily's senior by only two years. And there have been carefully managed interviews with the starstruck residents of Ball Ground. Georgia, a town of 1,900 that is serving as Mena's primary location.

"[Cruise] was especially nice to the children," remarked one helpfully on-message resident.

"I'm more of a fan than I was before."

Back in Hollywood, meanwhile, where HBO is watched by pretty much every studio executive, agent, writer, producer and assistant - in contrast to the rest of America, where the channel's steep monthly subscription price makes it an upper-middle-class-luxury - such distraction tactics are futile. For weeks after Going Clear's release, the documentary was all anyone wanted to talk about. It still rarely fails to get a conversation going.

When Cruis walks onto a studio lot these days, executives are on high alert to make sure the subject of Going Clear doesn't accidently come up in his presense. This is a more daunting task than you might imagine, given the tendancy of the documentary to appear in web-page banner ads during unrelated searches, and how easy is it to absent-mindedly name-drop a film made by a prominant ex-scientologist, such as Paul Haggis. The latter is now the Church's public enemy No 1, along with America's Internal Revenue Service, journalists, "suppressive people", "squirrels", the French Courts and much of Germany(again, more on this later).

What's more, memories are still fresh in Hollywood of what happened to the actor almost 10 years ago, the last time a Scientology controvery broke just before the release of a Mission Impossible film. Back then, it was a disastrous combination of Cruise's supercilious lecturing of the actress Brooke Sheilds over her use of antidepressants,

along with his reported attempts to squash a Scientology-baiting episode of South Park -

 not to mention that infamous leap onto Oprah Winfrey's sofa - that sabotaged his efforts.

Indeed the backlash was so severe, It Is almost certainly a case study at Harvard Business School.

The film, known as MI-3, missed it's mark badly at the box office and Cruise's career seemed to enter a five-year  stall until he made the next Mission:Impossible film, Ghost Protocol, which earned $700m worldwide, much of it from outside the US, in particular China.

The question now is whether Going Clear will prompt a repeat of this debacle. But until Rogue Nation reaches UK cinemas on July 30th, it's hard to say how much the cinema-going public will care, if at all, about the latest round of revellations about the church.

Cruise has been famous for so long now, for both his films, and his adherence to unconventional beliefs, that it is easy to forget how he ended up in this position.

A middle-aged cinema-goer today will have seen the actor promoting a high-profile film - starting with his dancing in his underpants lead in Risky Business - every other year since they were in Primary School. That's no small achievement, especially when you consider the quality of the output:

The color of money,

Top Gun,

Rain Man,

Why would I pay to see this, when I have already watched this in my own life FATHER COMES TO MIND...

A few good men,

Born on the 4th of July,

Jerry Maguire,

Minority report,

...even Eyes wide Shut...

It's wild and woolly and It's a blast! KSW!

  If you look at other actors who emerged in the eighties - Nic Cage, Sean Penn - there's just no comparison, "says Amy Nicholson, chief film critic at LA Weekly and one of Cruise's unofficialbiographers. "He has always believed that he can improve, he has always thrown himself into his roles headlong - and he has taken big risks. This is an actor who does Top Gun, only his third starring role, and they offer him quintupple his salary to do Top Gun 2, but he turns it down to take second-billing in a Scoresese movie[The Color of Money]." 


Cruise's success, it should be noted, came before his full immersion in the church of Scientology, whose teachings are confidential and copyrighted. But the intense, controlling, determined-to-prove-everyone-wrong traits that made him such a good actor also made him uniquely suited, some might say vulnerable, to the church's offer to help him superhumanise himself through a process of paid-for "auditing" that involves a device invented by Hubbard known as an E-meter. According to publicly available materials, the goal of Scientologists is to banish "engrams" - painful trace memories - and thus become "clear" (hence the title of HBO's documentary), and eventually ascend to the rank of Operating Thetan, a "thetan" being a pure, God-like form of the human soul. The broader sci-fi underpinnings are too convoluted to explain here - there are tales involving dead aliens and volcanos and H-bombs and an evil galactic overlord named Xenu - but it is essentially a form of alternative therapy, aggressively marketed by a frighteningly wealthy, not to mention deeply paranoid, central organisation.


As to why Cruise was so drawn to Hubbard's unearthly brand of pseudo-science, you need only to consider his rootless childhood and tyrannical father.


Born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV (Mapother is pronounced "May-pah-ther"), the actor spent his upbringing in Syracuse, New York, followed by Canada, then Kentucky, then a Franciscan seminary in Ohio - and finally the leafy upper-middle-class suburb of Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Cruise was a runt-ish boy of Welsh and Irish ancestry who was raised a Catholic and had three sisters -  Lee Anne and Marion, both older and Catherine (known as Cass), a year younger. His mother, Mary was a teacher; his father Thomas Cruise Mapother III. an electrical engineer who was obssessed with lasers. Of all the stories dredged up by Andrew Morton, who wrote an exhaustive tome about Cruise in 2008, one of the darkest involves Cruise Sr hurling a baseball bat at his nine-year-old son's face to toughen him up and test his reflexes. When Cruise got a bloody nose, sympathy was limited. "He was a bully and a coward," Cruise has since said of his father. " He was the kind of person where, if something goes wrong, they kick you. It was a great lesson in my life - how he'd lull you in, make you safe and then, bang!"


When Cruise was 11 years old, living in Canada, his mother decided she'd had enough. At 4.30 one morning, she bundled the kids into her car and drove 800 miles south to Kentucky, where Cruise's grandmother lived. As for Cruise's father, he later remarried, became a drifter, and died young of metastatic rectal cancer. He saw his son only a few more times after the family split - and, by one account, never made the effort to see any of his films. Cruise became the father figure of his family until Mary got married again.


He left for the seminary after his mother married, but relocatedyet again - this time to join his family in New Jersey - after just two years of training for the priesthood. He was by no means popular at Glen Ridge High School where he ended up, in spite of his many girlfriends (his older sister would loan him out to friends for kissing practise). He couldn't get into the football team, so instead took up wrestling. Then he got injured, which is how he ended up in a Guys and Dolls production, where he found his talent.


Cruise has said that he was severly dyslexic at school, only to be later cured by Hubbard's system of learning, known to Scientologists as "Study Tech". Some former school friends have said they knew nothing of his disability. Then again, if anyone could hide something that big, it was Cruise - and he was certainly no academic. In Morton's book, one ex-classmate said he had a great smile but a"confused and empty mind".


You get the sense that Scientologists saw him coming, quite literally, from several thousand miles away.


Starting out as an actor in New York with an $850 loan from his stepfather, Jack. Cruise got an agent, swapped his middle name with his last, worked as a bus boy and booked some roles, most notably in Taps, a 1981 military drama with Sean Penn. By the time he moved  out to LA, the Scientologists were on a recruitment drive, organised from a Norman-revival castle on Franklin Avenue known as the Celebrity Centre. (The church's holdings now include some $300m worth of Hollywood property.)

Signing up hot young actors to it's infamous billion year contract was the church's priority - indeed, this was considered the only way the organisation could salvage its then badly damaged brand. A few years earlier, a sries of FBI raids had revealed that the church had infiltrated and wiretapped the Internal Revenue Service and other US government agencies. Several prominent Scientologists, including Hubbard's own wife, Mary, had been sent to jail. Critics had been declared "suppressive people" and subjected to silencing campaigns under a policy known as "fair game".

Hubbard, meanwhile, was spending much of his time at sea, beyond US jurisdiction, hence Scientology's so-called Sea Organization, now headquartered at Gold Base, a remote, blade-fenced, 520-acre compound in the southern California desert. He died in 1986, the year Cruise joined the church. It isn't known if the two ever met.


The church used Mimi Rogers, a bit-part TV actress six years his senior, to help reel Cruise in. Rogers, a hot-tempered yet maternal presence, also happened to be the daughter of Phil Spickler, an early convert to Scientology and a friend of Hubbard's. Cruise and Rogers ended up marrying in a simple barefoot ceremony in upstate New York.

Cruise's real soulmate, however turned out to be David Miscavige, once the youngest auditor in Scientology's history (he conducted his first E-meter session at 12), who had moved quickly and ruthlessly to take control of the church after Hubbard's death. Like Cruise, Miscavige had been a weakling at school, plagued by asthma and allergies. He'd never had the final growth spurt of his friends(Cruise is 5ft 7ins, Miscavige 2in shorter). And, like Cruise, he'd found himself in a position of great influence and wealth while still in his twenties.These two hyper-focused, often humourless, all-conquering Napoleons of Hollywood were made for each other.


By most accounts, Miscavige grew leery of Rogers when her father fell out with the church. Thus she was sidelined when Cruise fell for Nicole Kidman, an Intimidatingly talented and cooly aloof Australian redhead, on the set of Days of Thunder, Cruise divorced Rogers with a non-disclosure settlement reported to be worth $10m - but not before she posed nude in Playboy and accused him of not being interested in sex. "Tom was seriously thinking of becoming a monk," she told the magazine. "He thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument. My instrument needed tuning."


Cruise and Kidman seemed like a genuine match. But, after a brief period of seduction by the church - according to Going Clear, Miscavige planted an entire wildflower meadow at Gold Base for the couple, only to tear it up again when they didn't like it - paranoia began to set in.

There were concerns that Cruise and Kidman - who were married on Christmas Eve, 1990, in Colarado - would become "squirrels", a term for those who practise Scientology outside the church. Phones were allegedly tapped - although the church has categorically denied this claim. Much suspicion was directed at Kidman's father, Anthony, a clinical psychologist - a branch of medicine abhorred by the church.

The emotionally gruelling experience of making Eyes Wide Shut as a couple can't have helped matters. Kidman has since said that the director, Stanley Kubrick, intentionally based the script on her real-life marriage with Cruise. When they finally split up in 2001, Cruise was given custody of their adopted children, Connor and Isabella, who remain Scientologists, with little contact with their mother. Kidman, alledgedly, is now considered a suppressive person, although both her children have publically said they love her.

Free of Kidman, Cruise doubled down on his religion. He paid for a Hubbard-certified detoxification-programme for firefighters injured on 9/11. He lobbied world leaders, including Tony Blair, with the help of an old ally, Bill Clinton. (It was under Clinton's administration that the church was given its US tax-free status in 1993, thus settling decades of lawsuits.) And the church awarded Cruise the Freedom Medal of Valour at a ceremony of Third Reich-esque pomp, hosted by a bow-tied Miscavige. In Cruise's videotaped speech for the event, set to the theme tune of Mission Impossible, he told his fellow believers that a Scientologist can't drive past an accident, because "as a Scientologist you're the only one that can help". It was leaked onto youtube in 2008. Few appreciated the actors self righteous tone.


The church, thought to have amassed a $1.2bn fortune thanks to canny investments, cheap labour and no taxes, has become more contraversial since.


Going Clear has brought particular attention to Sea Org, it's most hardline and militaristic-division - in particular, the alleged 100-hour working weeks for $50 in wages, the seperation of families when a member turns against the church, the monitered phone calls, the women who arn't allowed to have children. Leaving the Sea Org is said to be extremely difficult. often, its members have grown up as Scientologists and have no where else to go. Some who leave the church say they are also ordered to repay "freeloaders debt", the cost of all the auditing they recieved. And then, of course, there's the notorious Rehabilitation Project Force, a "voluntary" punishment camp for those who break church rules. Attempts to sue the church over such matters have failed in the US, due to freedom of religion protections, along with the "ministerial exemptions" to employment law.


One woman, Nazanin Boniadi, an Iranian born actress who has appeared in the TV espionage thriller Homeland, alleged in Going Clear that she had to dig ditches and scrub toilets with a toothbrush, all because she told a friend that she was dating Cruise. The actor instead ended up with Katie Holmes - who was all of four years old when Risky Business came out - with results that are now so well known, they don't require much examination here. Suffice to say the couple are now divorced, and Holmes has left the church. She has custody of their nine-year-old daughter, Suri. Holmes, it is said, did not want Suri growing up in Sea Org.


And what of Cruise and Miscavige? For all anyone knows, they remain close, although more about their relationship may emerge when the Scientology leader's father, Ronald completes his "tell all" memoir about the religion. (The publisher, St Martin's Press has yet to anounce a release date. The title - If He Dies, He Dies - refers to an alleged instruction by Miscavige to an underling when the latter asked if he should intervene to save Ronald's life during an apparent heart attack. The church says the story is "bullshit".)

"Miscavige convinced Cruise that he and Tom were two of only a handful of truly "big beings" on the planet, one former Sea Org member told Lawrence Wright, the author of Going Clear. "He instructed Cruise that LRH [L. Ron Hubbard] was relying on them to unite with others of their ilk on Earth to make it onto "Target Two" - some unspecified galactic locale where they would meet up with Hubbard in the afterlife". Both the book and the documentary make the point that, having audited Cruise for decades - a process that is often videotaped and involves discussing the most intimate details about a person - the church holds immense power over him, as it does over other members, including John Travolta.

The church itself has dismissed Going Clear as a film that glorifies the testimony of "bitter vengeful apostates", whom it describes as "proffessional anti-Scientologists whose living depends on the filing of false claims".

No matter how weak minded Cruise might be, he will be hard-pressed to claim ignorance of the fundamental modus operandi of an organisation of which he has been a senior member for 20 years. The Scientologists themselves, meanwhile won't be of much use to Cruise during the Mission:Impossible opening weekend. Some estimates put the church's real global membership at just 50,000. In many countries, including France and Chile, the church is officially considered a cult. German courts have declared it to be "inhuman" and "totalitarian".


Jeetendr Sehdev, a British professor at the University of California who specialises in how celebrities brand themselves, thinks the way forward for Cruise is to come clean. "The relationship between celebrities and fans has changed entirely over the last decade," he explains "We would need to see him to talk candidly, God forbid, about his belief system and his entire life, and these questions people have, instead of just pretending they don't exist. When you underestimate the intelligence of your audience, you're going to have problems."


Sehdev adds that "Millennials need their celebrities to have no filter, to be authentic - they also need to feel as though they make their celebrities and own them. So when you take someone like Tom Cruise, a traditional, mid-Eighties star who operates from this very contrived, manufactured position - his performance on Operah's show will go down as one of the most inauthentic events in TV history - they're just not buying it any more."


Others beg to differ. Daniel Loria, a business analyst at, is predicting that Roque Nation will make between $197m and $210m during its opening weekend in the US, which he says "is pretty up there". He adds that he based his forecast in part on seeing Cruise at a Las Vegas event, CinemaCon, two weeks after Going Clear aired. When he went to introduce the trailer, there was only muted applause," he recalls. Some people weren't clapping at all. They had questions. But after he was up there awhile, he won over the crowd. Cruise can promote the hell out of a movie. I've never seen anyone do a better job. His charisma has that quality that he can just dodge some of these issues. And how many people have access to HBO? Certainly not in China."


As for the film critic and Cruise biographer Amy Nicholson, she wonders if he isn't already distancing himself from Scientology and Miscavige, who is now facing questions about the whereabouts of his wife, Shelly, who hasn't been seen in public for eight years. (The police, apparently, have met and interviewed her, and an FBI investigation into Sea Org human trafficking has been dropped.)


"He hasn't said a peep about it in so long - 10 years since last summer - that you have to wonder," says Nicholson, who shares the analyst' opinion that Going Clear will do him no real harm. "The real disappointment for me isn't Scientology. It's that he's not doing the kind of films he so obviously loved doing, like Magnolia." Instead, she says, the actor has opted for a summer blockbuster because "He seems to need to prove the world still loves him".


It would take a brave soul indeed to bet that he is wrong


Mission:Impossible - Rogue Nation is released in UK cinemas on July 30.

Confessions of a Top Gun

See Tom Cruise's weirdest and most contravercial real-life moments, including his infamous declaration on Oprah's couch, at

There are a few pictures of a younger Tom Cruise, and one with Katie Holmes and Suri. There is also a sort of chart with of "who's blowing hot and cold  in Tom's Scientology circle. Lawrence Wright, Alex Gibney, Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, Nazanin Boniadi, Mimi Rogers, John Travolta, David Miscavige and L. Ron hubbard.

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All videos and pictures( except magazine cover) are ad lib by me, the rest of the commentary is from The Sunday Times on the 12th of July 2015...


Aerial views of Tom Cruise's $50m Scientology TV studios: Bigger than all major Hollywood sets and 'built by 50-cent an hour Sea Org recruits' the Church boasts its network will 'reach everyone on earth'  

Tom Cruise's 'Scientology CNN' TV network's $50m set
Scientology boasts its new network will 'reach everyone on Earth.' The five-acre studio lot has two sound stages and 150,000 square feet of production facilities and is costing millions. Though it was rumored Tom Cruise was leaving the church, he and Scientology plan to take on the major movie studios and the TV networks and cable stations with the creation of Scientology Media Productions on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood.

  Tom, Tom, you're being glib, you don't know the history of Scientology, I do, I do!


Church of Scientology Lobbied Hillary's State Department

Daily Caller-21 Jun 2015
The Church of Scientology started a big-money lobbying relationship with the U.S. State Department during Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary ...Story image for scientology in the news from Daily Caller


Tom Cruise: Wants Scientology Global Domination; New Church Studios For Brainwashing And Recruitment?

By | Jul 16, 2015 07:35 AM EDT
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CinemaCon 2015 - The State Of The Industry: Past, Present And Future And Paramount Pictures Presentation

Scientology advertises on Channel 4



Scientology-Backed Group Led Fight Against Vetoed Behavioral ...

D Healthcare Daily-15 Jul 2015
The Texas Tribune got a hold of emails that show Abbott in strange company: a Church of Scientology-backed group led an attack against the ...



Talking to ashtrays with Tom Cruise and the Scientologists ...
4 Nov 2009 - Talking to ashtrays with Tom Cruise and the Scientologists ... interview with former Scientology employee Marc Headley in New York magazine Village Voice. ... "You do a lot of things with a book and a bottle," Headley says.

David Cameron has called for action to be taken against seagulls following a series of violent incidents involving “aggressive” birds.

David Cameron has called for action to be taken against seagulls following a series of violent incidents involving “aggressive” birds.

This is your meme, Mr. Cameron, what are YOU going to do about it?


On the far right? I know who three of the men who are in this picture are, I want to know who the other two are??And, I will not stop till I find out! Allegedly, painters and decorators, would you want them coming to your house? Not likely!

Karen De La Carriere today...






Nicole Kidman Rejects Talking About Church Of Scientology, The ...

Nicole Kidman Refuses To Talk About Scientology In Vogue Interview

Headlines & Global News-21 Jul 2015
Nicole Kidman refuses to talk about Scientology because her children with Tom Cruise are still in the Church. (Photo : Getty Images).
Its Magic...isn't it...?

Laura Prepon credits Scientology for her Orange Is The New

Black magic...have fun guys...I aim to...when you have creeps like Tom Cruise going around this world fawning over world know your time is of the worlds most corrupt new so called religions...and the kids actually believe it...and here is one of them...

Re: Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch's life story...I try so hard to have compassion for these people and I find, I can not...

Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch's life story

Had to add this from the Underground Bunker today...from someone called Baby...

Yes Tom You Are So Fucked..(F5) And had to add this from CatDaddy... 

I have a solution, Tom, send all your scientologists and Isil here, you can fight it out amongst yourselves, and meet LRH, on Target Two...

Meet Earth 2.0: Kepler 452b revealed as most similar planet to our own ever found with a 'substantial opportunity' for life

'Earth 2.0' Kepler 452b is most similar planet to ours, Nasa says
The newly discovered Kepler-452b is the smallest planet to date discovered orbiting in the habitable zone of a G2-type star, like our sun. Nasa said the discovery - and the introduction of 12 new small habitable zone candidate planets - marks another milestone in the journey to finding another 'Earth.' Kepler-452b is 60 per cent larger in diameter than Earth and is considered a super-Earth-size planet. It is located about 1,400 light years away in the constellation Cygnus. Bottom is an artist's impression of exoplanet Kepler-452b, which Nasa say is likely to be rocky, just like Earth.

Unfortunately, I doubt there will be any life, just brainwashing...

This is a message for Bill(William Deitsch), If you are still out there and I don't believe you are and haven't been for a long from Corfu...please contact me if you are still alive...please!

I don't think he will ever answer, and I will tell you why...

The Commodores and the Colonels - Hubbard and the ...

Cult Killer: John has achieved so much in his 97 years but I rank highest his seeing off that vicious cult of Scientology.




Scientology -The Apollo series: Bill Deitsch ...

The Commodore & The Colonels - IV. The Other Side