Friday, 3 July 2015


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Still recovering from the damning HBO documentary Going Clear, the Church of Scientology ...

Edit...Also, any information regarding Peter Hodkin, scientology's Solicitor, and also any information regarding Derek Field, Scientology's accountant in the UK. These people can blind side you but they will not throw me off track. I aim to see both of them in a court of law. All information will remain strictly confidential. Just make sure you are anonymous! These Little Flunkies would have been dropped in the ocean a long time ago, if LRH and MSH were still alive. I am NOT joking!
You have NO idea how this has affected my whole life...

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Director of the damning Scientology documentary Going Clear: Scientology And The Prison ...

English judicial statements on the advancement of religion ... by Mr. Peter Hodkin, Solicitor for the Church of Scientology

So, who is this man on the far right, who speaks with a scottish accent? Someone must know!

Who is the man who speaks with a scottish accent in the far right of this picture, does anybody know?

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