Thursday, 30 July 2015

Google news wire...Teflon Tom

This popped up today, very funny...

Tom Cruise blasted by Church of Scientology after naked shroud is ...


Exhibit featuring Cruise, Scientology symbol to go on display in St. Pete

It's called the “Shroud of Scientology” and it features a very nude Tom Cruise standing on his toes, clutching the church of Scientology cross in his ...
Scientology Movie Director "Disappointed" Jon Stewart Didn't Confront Tom Cruise (Guest Column)
Hollywood Reporter - 2 days ago
From Mark on the Underground Bunker...
 Mission TotallyPossible... ... more-24701 

Sky to show Scientology movie Going Clear

East Grinstead Online - ‎Aug 6, 2015‎
unnamed AFTER months of legal argument, Sky is to air Going Clear, the controversial Scientology film by Alex Gibney. The film, in which former members allege abusive practices within the new-age religion invented by science fiction writer L Ron ...

E! Online
'Pop-up Church of Scientology' by Cory Allen Salutes Tom Cruise's 25th Anniversary, Unveils Nude ...
The silver anniversary celebration reaffirming his commitment will take place at a "Pop-up Church of Scientology" near its Clearwater headquarters as ...
'Pop-up' Church of Scientology Salutes Tom Cruise on 25th Anniversary, Unveils Shroud of Actor

Daily Beast
Teflon Tom Cruise Dodges Scientology Controversy in Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

The A-list star reprises his role as IMF superagent Ethan Hunt in the summer blockbuster—his first film in the wake of the damning Scientology doc ...

Never trust "religious leaders" "politicians" or "reporters" ever...they all talk bollocks...

Fort Worth Weekly (satire) (press release) (registration) (blog)
Crazy Capital, USA

As if Texas wasn't already considered bat-shit crazy for our gunplay, seedy politics, and overall redneckery, now the Church of Scientology has our ...

Not so funny, Scientology...

Critics Link Texas Governor to Church of Scientology

Newsweek-30 Jul 2015
Texas Governor Greg Abbott has caught flack from critics over his veto of a mental health bill opposed by the Church of Scientology.

Meet Scientology's favorite GOP governor: Why Greg Abbott is


Leak of 3gb of Scientology Austria emails?

Co$ Bad Press Collection - 2015


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