Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible...

Suri Cruise's Bodyguard Saves the Day - Video Dailymotion

Scientology -The Apollo series: Sea Org Children Past and ...

The children who were locked up on the Apollo had to huddle together to preserve body heat, because they were cold...Tom Cruise! NO blankets!


Derek Green, the son of Felice and Bernie Green was locked up in the ship's chain locker at 4 and a half years old,

Hana Eltringham Whitfield talk | Scientology 101

and here is something that Mike McClaughry has put on the internet... 

59. Felice Green suing Bernie Green for child support.
60. In a recent hearing, Seffern and Green accused Felice Green of
conspiracy with the Church to get him; the Judge laughed Green and
Seffern out of court.
61. In the Feldhammer refund case, (an attack via refund by Green
and Seffern), the attack is being turned back against Green by naming
him as co-defendant.


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