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Orthodox St. Tikhon University: Scientology & the CIA

Orthodox St. Tikhon University: Scientology & the CIA

CommunicatorIC at Ex Scientologist Message Board - 9 hours ago
*Orthodox St. Tikhon University: Scientology & the CIA.* I am cross-posting the following not because I agree with the thesis or analysis, but... more »

Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Ramblings of an Ex Commodore's Messenger.

Most people who have followed this blog will realise this is an exit from Scientology, I did not even talk about it till 10 years ago, almost 40 years after the event. However, every single time I think I am done now, something draws me back a friend pointed out to me tonight, it's almost like fate...don't you think there comes a time you should put it behind you...yes...but it has a knack of keeping rearing it's ugly head...

I was out shopping today, I hate shopping, I didn't want to be there but needs must...anyway I was walking up Queens Road in Hastings minding my own business,deep in my thoughts about something totally non Scientology and as I walked past a book shop, L. Ron Hubbard was staring at me, I stopped dead in my the very middle of this bookshop's window display was L. Ron Hubbard, I then saw the name Russel Miller and the title 'Bare - Faced Messiah' Whew! I was just about to go into the shop and give him a piece of my mind...the shop owner was great actually as he had had a copy of this book from from the 80's, this was the revised 2011 update and he knew all about it. He explained to me the original was actually a paperback and had far more value than this new revised hardback.The cost which is printed inside is £20, I bought it today at £4.95.

Sad for Russel Miller, but very lucky for me, when I have read it, I will give a review, I have only ever seen excerpts of this, so the whole book is a treasure trove for me. I know what he went through to get this book out there, and I am grateful. Thank You, Russel.

By the way, this bookshop has quite a few copies for sale, I suggest like minded people snap them up, before OSA does their usual shit. It is all good though, because Anonymous and myself have pretty much driven Scientology out of Hastings...Yay! But, they are now doing Narconon Scientology style in Heathfield...

Contact us - Narconon United Kingdom

Heathfield residents get your shit together just like Hastings and St. Leonards did, STOP THIS CULT! 


Thursday, 25 February 2016

From the McClaughry's added information on Dr. Hubbard

And, when I said "Simply the Best", I meant it.

DOX – In 1966 Ron Hubbard Ordered Staff to Stop Using His Sequoia University Ph.D.

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 2 hours ago
On February 14th, 1966, Hubbard concocted a shore story of why he wanted scientologists to stop putting PhD after his name. Another find today, is that Richard DeMille explains that the reason for the Sequoia 'degrees' and such was to impress "bureaucrats and other authoritarians."

Added: - a letter from Dr. Hubbard...

This FAKE doctor is the Source of chloral hydrate abuse by Scientologists:

Both of these images can be found in the thread below on ESMB, starting on page 33. This thread is 98 pages long and barring some derailment, it is well worth reading all the way through.It gives incredible insight into what happens when so called 'Dr's' are anything but, but tell the world', they are the authorities on mental health.This organization('orgs' for short), which claims to be 'Churches', when did you ever hear of a church being called an "ORG", only in Scientology. It is NOT a Church, its an ORG, just add a 'B' in front and what have you got, Science Fiction, masquerading as mental health. And what does that 'B' stand for? B1, Bureau 1: Information 

Scientology's Secret Service: 2. The Guardian Office

Here is that ESMB thread of 98 pages...

How many people went type III (ie. had a Psychotic Break) in yo

Dr. of Divinity...the state of being a GOD and there you have it folks, till next time... 





Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Simply the Best

From the McClaughry's blog...

Someone's been very busy...

DOX – Sequoia University and L. Ron Hubbard’s Philosophy “Degree”: The Real Story

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 1 hour ago
Dr Joseph Hough was a chiropractor who ran a successful practice from a house in Los Angeles and conferred ‘degrees’ on whoever he thought merited them. Dr. Hough was the owner and president of Sequoia University located at 915 South Grand View Street, Los Angeles 6, California.

From the McClaughry's blog - a must read for all you scientology watchers

My Family Tree Addition – Ari Emanuel, Head of William Morris Endeavor

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 1 day ago
In this post, I'm going to be writing about a branch of my family tree, on my mother's side, that now includes the Emanuel family. In particular, I'll be talking about Ari and Rahm Emanuel.

Back to the children who grew up in Scientology

From the McClaughry's blog...

Bombshell DOX – Letter From L. Ron Hubbard – Founding Church of Man’s Religion Formed July 21,1955

mcclaughry at The McClaughry's Blog - 23 hours ago
Did you know that the Church of Scientology wasn't even named that at first? Yes, indeedy. It's first name, as incorporated on July 21, 1955 was the non-profit Founding Church of Man's Religion. It wasn't until two months later, in September, that an amendment changed the name to what we all know it as - the Founding Church of Scientology.

Monday, 22 February 2016

The time of my life...

Taking the piss...

You are taking the piss now, Tony Ortega..., therefore you must be David Miscavidge...

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Some crazy woman doing a crazy speech about Scientology

"I am a Class IV auditor and I have to say that it's a bit of a wonder to me. How the heck did that happen? I’m a teacher, a mentor, a coach an instructor, I’m Class IV auditor... Not totally sure how that came about.

"I can recall, though, 20 years ago looking at a piece of promo for the Academy Levels and saying to myself, HELL NO! That’s looks like way too much work. Later on I started to get auditing and I experienced how bizarre a case could be, and I became even more convinced that an auditor was a very special kind of person who was born that way. How in the world did one know to tame a case?

"But now that I think about it, I think I remember now how it all happened. My friend told me one time that she wanted to get her child audited but that they difficulty finding auditors to audit kids. And man that was a real button for me! I thought WHAT?? The poor kids can’t get auditing? Well then I’ll have to bloody well do it myself. You see I have a thing for kids. I’ll do just about anything for a kid. So I figured I’d confront this training and figure out how to audit.

"Shortly after that the Golden Age of Tech Phase II came out and I went into ASHO and told them that I wanted to be a Class VIII auditor. The registrar looked at me like I had just told him I have a million dollars to spend and did he have any good ideas about how I could do that? He took me through the new training brochure and then I went home, figured out the money and I arrived back a month later to get started.

"I am having the most fun time teaching that I have ever had and that is no small statement. I have taught some very huge and powerful kids (and many of these you can now find in the Sea Org).

Some crazy woman doing a crazy speech about Scientology

 I have highlighted the bits that make my blood boil, see previous two posts about kids who spent their childhoods in Scientology and in the Sea Org. There are hundreds more.

Derek Bloch - Escaping Scientology

Brian Tells Stories - My Interview with Brian

Here's some more...

Scientology insider's nightmare childhood - ABC News ...

Love, Sex, Fleas, God eBook: Bruce Clark: ...

Brit Scientology victim tells of anguish - The Sun

The Start - Becoming Free to Shine – My Story

A Childhood in Scientology

Judiciary Report - John Travolta's Deceased Son Found By ...

Ex-Scientology executive discusses treatment of children ...

Scientology Founder's Family Life Far From What He ...

Cover up of pedophile child sexual abuse by Scientology ...

Scientology's 'child labor' camp in Australia

Ex-Scientologist Tommy Gorman's Story -

Jenna Miscavige Hill: "How I escaped Scientology ...

Astra Woodcraft's terrifying ordeal at the hands of ...

Bizarre scientology teen and kids pop group...

The Church of Scientology Had Their Own Teen Pop Band ...

Evidence of disturbing neglect of Scientology children?

Cult Help and Information - Children in Scientology

Scientology Critics' Information - Karin Spaink

Father of Walking Dead stars Joe Reiache says Scientology ...

Small adults with no childhood:children in Scientology | Anti ...

Leah Remini opens up about Scientology in ABC interview ...




 Scientology trying to recruit children...

Scientology recruitment technique targeted at school children?

Beware. This hotel is pumping Scientology to children ...


Educational Apps' Advertising Introduce Kids to Scientology ...














Derek Bloch - Escaping Scientology

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What has Tom Cruise done to his face?

A couple of nights ago, we had the Bafta's in Britain, this is a celebration of the British Film Industry, but who have we got awarding Leo DiCaprio, none other than the hollywood super star Tom Cruise. Yes, Tom chubby cheeks Cruise, super star, Homo novis, body thetan extraodinaire.I wonder where all the British  top actors are that could have given Leo his award?

Strange that Tom should give out awards for The Revenant, meaning someone who reurns from the dead, the notion was not lost on me.Tom Cruise is a scientologist and they fervantly believe they come back lifetime, after lifetime.Only one problem with that theory, where is L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, he died in 1986 and as far as I know we are all still awaiting his return.

Tom chubby cheeks Cruise could have given out awards for the film, Bridge of Spies, a far more fitting title for the scientologists, but alas, that might have been too provocative of the scientology Intelligence agency, or what about the film The Martians? You can just imagine the uproar on Twitter, Xenu would have had a fresh revival of jokes about volcanoes and body thetans...

But, good old Tom chubby cheeks Cruise managed to get the twitterers twittering anyway, never mind body thetans, what about botox? Try and audit that out!

'Stung by a million bees' Fans slam Tom Cruise for 'scary' plastic ...

Story image for tom cruise from The Sun

'What has Tom Cruise done to his face?' actor sparks plastic surgery ...

The Sun-13 hours ago
ACTOR Tom Cruise made a surprise appearance at the BAFTAs last night to present an award, but it was his face rather than his presenting ...

Tom Cruise Is The Fat Faced COB Gobbler… Scientology Bellend Being A Bellend Again

Tom Cruise Is The Fat Faced COB Gobbler… Scientology Bellend Being A Bellend Again

Love the mask...

Waiting game: Tom waiting backstage with the BAFTA before Best Film before going on stage to announce the winner

Nobody has ever bothered to comment, but who is the heavily tanned guy behind Cruise, on his right shoulder? The Bridge of Spies! You don't get Total Freedom with these guys...

Disinformation Part 3: COINTELPRO Up Close and Personal

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Church of Scientology dis-invites activists opposed to dictator of Gambia, Yaya Jammeh

Church of Scientology dis-invites activists opposed to dictator of Gambia, Yaya Jammeh

Gambia News Online: Scientologically speaking

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

The purpose of this blog is not to cast aspersions on a religion that most people know every little about. Our purpose is to raise concern about the regime of Yaya Jammeh’s fray into the unknown, led by a band of inexperienced group of individuals who use Gambian Embassies abroad in the guise of courting foreign investors.

But before we do so, we’d like to say a word or two about the Church of Scientology that has recently co-sponsored a gathering in Washington DC in conjunction with Black History Month. Gambian citizens resident in Washington who were RSVPed to attend but later dis-invited when it was discovered that they belonged to a group of activists opposed to the tyrannical regime of Yaya Jammeh, the dictator who’d recently changed the name of his country to the Islamic Republic of The Gambia.

Scientology was recently ruled a religion in U.K. courts but in some parts of Germany, Scientology is banned. In the U.S., its status is unclear but it has gained a significant foothold among the Hollywood class with many big name stars like Tom Cruise, Issac Hayes and John Trivolta are claimed to be members of the Church of Scientology.

According to the Church’s literature, “Scientology is a religion that offers a precise path to a complete and certain understanding of one’s true spiritual nature…” It also teaches that “man is an immortal spiritual being” whose “experience extends well beyond a single lifetime.”

The Gambia’s 21-year dictatorial rule under one of Africa’s most brutal and corrupt has managed to sullied the image of a once respected democratic enclave in a sea of strong-man rule that prevailed in earlier years. As a result of the horrendous human rights record of Yaya Jammeh, development assistance from the European Union has been frozen and funds held in escrow until certain demands are met – demands relating to the continued tortures, forced exiles, disappearances and false imprisonments of dissidents and opponents, real and perceived.

The regime is essentially financially insolvent and thus schemes are being concocted, on the fly, in desperate attempts at looking for “prospective investors” to invest in a country that is at the bottom of the table of The World Bank’s “Doing Business” in Africa and around the world. In a country where the investment climate is not bad but hostile to foreign investors.

As we speak, there are two arbitration cases pending before the World Bank’s International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and one judgement against the regime involving a mining concession which they’ve asked the ICSID to review. Some of these unsavory characters who pose as government investment promoters have gone to the extent of adopting fictitious royal titles (like Prince Ebrahim) using the Embassy of The Gambia in Washington as cover with the intention of targeting the unsuspecting and gullible investors in the United States. Buyers beware.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

Same article:

Scientologically speaking


Some background:

President Yahya Jammeh: The Worst Dictator You've Never Heard Of


Gambia now an Islamic republic, says President Yahya Jammeh

Church of Scientology dis-invites activists opposed to dictator of Gambia, Yaya Jammeh

Stella King

 The woman with her back to you in the white shirt, leaning on the rail of Athena with Nkambi in front of her is Stella King. An old sea org veteran, long ago deceased, I think from a heat attack. She was very big.

I found this in OCMB by Ladayla

by ladayla » Fri Mar 03, 2006 7:49 pm Antique Hoax wrote:
I saw something funny. Somewhere it was saying when a Sea Org drops this meat body, there is a time lag. It was substantial too. Like 20 years maybe? Surely not 20 days?

Here's a little story for you. When I was on the Flagship in 1971 for FEBC training,I was one of the few OT111X's aboard. For that reason, I acted as Examiner for others aboard who were OT111X. Those few included Quentin and Stella King. Stella King was the Ship's Captain. She was more than 50 yrs old, and was heavy, and sort of florid, but I had known her before ( Phoenix or D.C.) and I knew that she was a real person and had a great sense of humor. Anyways, Stella died. lrh was furious that Stella had died without replacing herself and without his permission to leave her post. lrh assigned the deceased Stella the condition of Doubt, and consigned her to 16 years before she could rejoin the group. Howszat for love and compassion?


Operation Clambake Message Board • View topic - Rawl, I'm ...

Below a side profile of Stella King...

Printed and Comiled by POLO EU
9 May 1982 - Lt. Stella King, C/O Static-nahip I'L'Ufiii' ... fl'tafi' of the DK Org and Exec Council and Staff of the Copenhagen Org .... Member and Sea.
page 7

Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard

1 April 1970.

To: CO EC and Staff DK Org
EC and Staff Copenhagen Org

From: Ron
Reference: Rising statistics at DK and COP
Subject: Commendation

Lt. Stella King, C/O Stationship EU/Africa, C/O and Exec Council and Staff of the DK Org and Exec Council of the Copenhagen Org are commended for maintaining a rising trend of gross income for the last eight weeks. Keep up the good work.

You are appreciated.


Travers Harris - The Athena and Other Sea Org Adventures ...

Journal of Scientology Issue 5-G.pdf 1071KB May 10 2014 .

My Scientology story by Rolfe K in the IVY magazine aboard the Athena, there is also a picture of Stella king, along with John McMaster and Amos Jessop. At the end of the line up is Goran Anderson/Joran Robertson ? there is also another picture of Barry Watson, Cathy Cariotaki, Jon McMaster and Brian Livingstone.

pages 27 - 33.worth looking at.

IVy Articles

HCO - Financial Irregularities

Hubbard's Communication Office
St.Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex

HCO Policy Letter of 14 March 1982

FP Pack
Finance Terminals

Financial Irregularities

Anyone who permits, neglects or forwards financial irregularities with org finances is, to put it very mildly tampering with his own future.

It is not a matter of !Oh, that's just the org" and "The company is a bottomless pit." It is not the same with Scn orgs as it is out there in business.

The waste and financial laxity which characterizes the work-a-day world may be the fashion out there but it is not the way scn orgs may go.

The business of Scientology involves the future of this population and planet and only the very insane would tamper with that,

I have been researching upper OT levels and I can tell you this very plainly: If  scn doesn't make it world wide you've had it - yes, I mean you.

One is not working for just this life. He is working for any future life at all.

When one uses an org for personal rip of, he is cutting his own throat.

Oh yes, I know the insane commit suicide. Yes, I know the psychs believe they are just brains and thus souless zombies. Yes, I know they hope they live only one life.

Only the insane or a zombie would imperil his own future.

So leave the insane conduct, the zombie ranting about one life to the psychs and the Justice Department and other trash. Don't forward their avowed intent of bankrupting Scientology financially. They have not made it, will not make it. But why help them?

Are you such a good friend of the raving psychiatrist or the terrorist FBI that you would imperil an scn orgby condoning financial irregularities?

The money donated to the Church belongs to expansion and salvage of the world population.

I set you a good example. Money that I make as an author is dedicated to this planet's future. And whatever I make- and I happen to be one of the best paid writers on the planet-will go into salvaging people-and has gone into it for over half a century. What do think paid for, pays for, the research you use?

HCO PL14 3 82                                 -2-

Many people sacrifice a very great deal - and thousands even forgoe high pay - for orgs to have enough money to get the job done. Don't waste it, worse, engage in personal games with it.

It isn't a matter of  "What can I make on the first dynamic.? It's "What can I make on for the Third and Fourth?"

The lifeblood of Western nations is money. When an org is dealing with this society it can go as far as it has financial resources.

The money that one makes for an org is intended to save more people.

Alright,alright, if one has a penchant for being a soulless idiot, and believes he has no future, then he is in for a dreadful surprise once he kicks the bucket. The worseoff he is, the nastier the surpise.

So don't let people play around with this.

One has no right at all to be an idiot about org funds, much less to waste or misuse them. Ignorance is no excuse atg all. The data is all in Finance packs. Good sense itself should make one prudent.

Let those who engage in financial irregularities go join the walking dead. They sure are no part of this team. They are buying no future. In fact they are burying themselves. If they knew what they were burying themselves in, they'd faint.

This is not a plea. I am just pointing out that org monies misdirected in this life could very well guarantee a very nasty next.

Millions of criminals suffering in prisons share this in common with those who engage in org financial irregularities - they too thought there were no consequences. But those criminals have it easy. They are only suffering this life.

Anyone who has misdirected Scientology org monies will, of course, try to brush it off in various ways-black PR, belittlement, seeking to make nothing of the crime. But it won't brush off,brother, it won't brush off. THAT crime stood in the way of freedom. You better believe it.

Whether one has any reality on Scientology or not-he will, once dead, oh yes, he will.

This is not a threat or curse. This is about the most friendly advice anyone ever gave.

L. Ron Hubbard

Adopted as Official Church Policy
by the 
Church of Scientology 

Pages 55 and 56.

[PDF]Printed and Comiled by POLO EU

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Marty Rathbun's Reckoning...

John McGhee warned by Judge to stay away from Scientologists.

When you read this, You will remember that conversation we had on skype..."boy meets girl", remember?


I am going to reverse it, I have seen it up close and personal, and I have been keeping an eye open and I say "girl meets boy" and sets out to destroy you. You are better than that, don't let it happen. Sadley, I think it may be too late.

Marty Rathbun commandeered every single bit of media he could, and here we have an expert on control, and control he did, and continues to do, repeatedly and you ALL fucking fall for it, repeatedley! What is wrong with YOU?

Marty Rathbun was number 2 in Scientology, number 2, here's looking at you...

Thursday, 11 February 2016

You ain't seen nothing yet...

Pageviews by Countries

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers
United States
United Kingdom
and believe me there are a lot more, but they are in the minority, Iran, IraQ, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirites, India, Nepal, Mexico, Israel,South Korea, The ABC islands, Ireland, Shetland Isles, Caribbean, Greece,Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Iceland,Khurdistan, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium...and I could name many more...lets face it, you are fucked Scientology and I personally could not wish it, could not postulate it better than it has turned out.

Russia: Man seized with explosives and books on Scientology.

Magnitogorsk, Russia: Man seized with explosives and books on Scientology.

Google translate from Russian to English.

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

In Magnitogorsk, the worker seized explosives and books on Scientology

This was reported in the press service of the FSB of the Chelyabinsk region.

FSB officers seized during searches in the working Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine 5 kg of finished explosives, 50 kg of reagents and books on Scientology.


- Employees of the FSB of Russia in the Chelyabinsk region arrested a resident of the South Ural city, equipped with a laboratory in his apartment for the production of explosives. 49-year-old worker MMK in his spare time was producing a home explosives, chemicals for which the acquired retail chains, - the press service of the FSB of the Chelyabinsk region.

In order to prevent release of the possibility of finding a home chemistry lab products in the shops of JSC "MMK" FSB officers, together with colleagues from the police conducted an inspection of industrial premises, where the explosives were found.

In addition to explosives and its components at the inhabitant of Magnitogorsk found Scientology literature.


- In recent years, law enforcement agencies faced with the penetration of the "overseas" doctrine in an increasingly wider society. Police officers do not rule out that Scientology, came to Russia from the United States, also known as the "science of the mind", inspiring followers of the idea "of a worldwide conspiracy against them and their sense of chosenness," served as a metallurgist guide the desire to "subjugate the world" crime - added to the FSB.

Materials operational-investigative activity FSB transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Magnitogorsk for the initiation of criminal proceedings for offenses under articles "Illegal manufacture of explosives" and "illegal acquisition, possession of explosives."

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

Russia: Man seized with explosives and books on Scientology.

Why Angry Gay Pope won't buy a smartphone

Sunday, 7 February 2016

What is Religion?

Freedom to choose?

No, it ain't that.

Freedom to express yourself?

No, it aint that.

Freedom to be spiritually free?

No, it ain't that.

Freedom to exploit others?

Yes, it is that.

Freedom to be above the law?

Yes, it is that!

Freedom to do as though wilt?

It is that!

Freedom of religion is where all the governments went wrong, stamp out religion and you might finally have a sane world, how many wars have been created in the name of "religion"?

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Subject Should be Considered Mentally Disturbed

From the FBI files, dated 1987, the subject in question sent letters of a threatening nature to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

When asked as to his overall mental capacity, subject stated that he subject was a professor in the field of mental health. Subject stated his expertise and authenticity in the field of mental health had been granted through the Church of Scientology, where he has been a practioner since approximately blank. (page 150)

another excerpt;

Special Agent blank asked subject to explain other parts of the poem including blank mention of a "secret society". Subject stated he was not free to discuss his work for the Church of Scientology; however he believes there is a "secret society" and he stated that he blank is employed by the Church of Scientology doing "anti-secret society research". Subject then acknowledged that he suspected that Senator MOYNIHAN was a member of the "secret society". Subject further acknowledged that in his role as a Church of Scientology member, he had been working against the "secret society" for years. (page 151)

another excerpt;

When further interviewed, subject explained that he thought Senator Moynihan may have made a "secret society" attack on him subject so subject wrote the Senater a letter. Blank blank also explained that Moynihan's efforts were a typical "secret society" attack in the spiritual universe.

Subject stated that he had no intention of mailing a threatening letter to the Senator , nor did he feel that he blank was mentally unstable. Subject did statehe did not want to discuss certain aspects of his letters, because they were work for the Church of Scientology and as such, were not a subject for discussion.

Thoughout the interview blank descibed himself as an author and poet, who was free to write anything or any words to anyone he chose. Subject exhibited a number of blue envelopes addressed in his own handwriting, to a number of individuals including Supreme Court Justices, Congressmen and Senators in Washington DC and other high ranking political figures. These various envelopes enclosed Church of Scientology literature.

Subject stated he had written letters to the White House in the past, with Church of Scientology material.(page 152)

The Letter

Hells Kitchen

Did you escape?
Are you still there?
Are the knives on the table
Sharp as Gillette blue blades?

Monmouth, Prince Hal, King Henry the fith of England
had 213 Illigitimate children, were you
one of mine? What do I say, you have done well,
my son, this lifetime?

From Hell's Kitchen, New York city, to Harvard Professor,
to US Senator,in record time,Are you insane,
razoring your old man, again, in your secret society?

I cut you twice 5 times, you bastard,
with the big kitchen knife, tonight for trespassing!!
sharp, brutal, "terrible swift", I hope you die see!!
democrat, patricidal midnight "oiler", booze hound
drunkard pipsqeak Masterbator, Hair professor...
anyway, asshole, what you doing on my lines??

BLANK last lifetime
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Part 01 of 01


Put Scientology in the search engine.

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

In a Time's called Experience...

How the hell do you think I got out of this cult at such a young age back in the 60s...I don't play ball and I am not about to start now.

Gone fishing...

it's a bit like shooting ducks in a pond...quack...quack..quack.quack...