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Stella King

 The woman with her back to you in the white shirt, leaning on the rail of Athena with Nkambi in front of her is Stella King. An old sea org veteran, long ago deceased, I think from a heat attack. She was very big.

I found this in OCMB by Ladayla

by ladayla » Fri Mar 03, 2006 7:49 pm Antique Hoax wrote:
I saw something funny. Somewhere it was saying when a Sea Org drops this meat body, there is a time lag. It was substantial too. Like 20 years maybe? Surely not 20 days?

Here's a little story for you. When I was on the Flagship in 1971 for FEBC training,I was one of the few OT111X's aboard. For that reason, I acted as Examiner for others aboard who were OT111X. Those few included Quentin and Stella King. Stella King was the Ship's Captain. She was more than 50 yrs old, and was heavy, and sort of florid, but I had known her before ( Phoenix or D.C.) and I knew that she was a real person and had a great sense of humor. Anyways, Stella died. lrh was furious that Stella had died without replacing herself and without his permission to leave her post. lrh assigned the deceased Stella the condition of Doubt, and consigned her to 16 years before she could rejoin the group. Howszat for love and compassion?


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Below a side profile of Stella King...

Printed and Comiled by POLO EU
9 May 1982 - Lt. Stella King, C/O Static-nahip I'L'Ufiii' ... fl'tafi' of the DK Org and Exec Council and Staff of the Copenhagen Org .... Member and Sea.
page 7

Executive Directive from L. Ron Hubbard

1 April 1970.

To: CO EC and Staff DK Org
EC and Staff Copenhagen Org

From: Ron
Reference: Rising statistics at DK and COP
Subject: Commendation

Lt. Stella King, C/O Stationship EU/Africa, C/O and Exec Council and Staff of the DK Org and Exec Council of the Copenhagen Org are commended for maintaining a rising trend of gross income for the last eight weeks. Keep up the good work.

You are appreciated.


Travers Harris - The Athena and Other Sea Org Adventures ...

Journal of Scientology Issue 5-G.pdf 1071KB May 10 2014 .

My Scientology story by Rolfe K in the IVY magazine aboard the Athena, there is also a picture of Stella king, along with John McMaster and Amos Jessop. At the end of the line up is Goran Anderson/Joran Robertson ? there is also another picture of Barry Watson, Cathy Cariotaki, Jon McMaster and Brian Livingstone.

pages 27 - 33.worth looking at.

IVy Articles

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