Thursday, 18 February 2016

Brian Tells Stories - My Interview with Brian


  1. Thanks Brian for doing this podcast!
    Sharone, thank you SO much for sharing your story! I'm so sorry that your childhood was hijacked by Scientology, and that you were abandoned to it, thank god you trusted your instincts and got away when you could. Its unforgivable that something like that could & still does happen to anyone much less an innocent child. I hope you were able to forgive your Dad eventually, do some healing & gain some closure after you reconnected, even if he wasnt the man you once knew.
    So much of your story resonated with me it brought me to tears. My sister and I were thrust into Scn at around the same age, when our mother became a true believer. We were tossed around, neglected, put to work, into the SO at 11&12 etc while she pursued the sister and I were able to slink away in our late teens in 1984, but our mother stayed on until 1989 until after 20 years in something similar happened to her as did your dad, she began behaving very bizarrely, became paranoid, covering mirrors, talking to herself, but also walking into traffic, taking off her clothes even jumped out of a moving vehicle....and she has never been the same.
    As much as I would like to leave Scn. behind forever, I feel an obligation to speak out in hopes of preventing it from happening to another family, to other children. More than robbing us of our childhood, education, time with our mother, friends, & normalcy, I do NOT forgive Scientology for what they did to my mother.
    Thank you for being willing to revisit this awful stuff for all of us! I hope you have found a happy life for yourself, you deserve it!

  2. Thank You so much I love Speed Racer for making this comment,I ain't a Liability but I do have an aweful lot of 'doubt'.

    One of the things that bugs me the most, is that 40+ years later they are still doing it, to young children and the governments of this world we live in don't give a damn.

    My own half sister, a scientologist from birth, 1968, worked for the law courts in London just prior to Scientology getting their so called "religious status" in England. There was nothing religious about it. Elva was on an 'amends project'. Find an enemy - me - and destroy it...

    Rupert Murdoch a window of opportunity...when you are told as a young child, you will be put into a mental institution if you speak out about this...

    why would you want to go there? Believe me you would not want to go there, but I am now.

    Thank You so much for bringing your story to light.

    How dare he, Tom Cruise, think he is not responcible...Sp's are YOU!

  3. I feel your pain, and the more that speak out, the less chance of it happening to other children. At the end of the day, that is my aim. Love to you, Speed Racer.