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Subject Should be Considered Mentally Disturbed

From the FBI files, dated 1987, the subject in question sent letters of a threatening nature to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

When asked as to his overall mental capacity, subject stated that he subject was a professor in the field of mental health. Subject stated his expertise and authenticity in the field of mental health had been granted through the Church of Scientology, where he has been a practioner since approximately blank. (page 150)

another excerpt;

Special Agent blank asked subject to explain other parts of the poem including blank mention of a "secret society". Subject stated he was not free to discuss his work for the Church of Scientology; however he believes there is a "secret society" and he stated that he blank is employed by the Church of Scientology doing "anti-secret society research". Subject then acknowledged that he suspected that Senator MOYNIHAN was a member of the "secret society". Subject further acknowledged that in his role as a Church of Scientology member, he had been working against the "secret society" for years. (page 151)

another excerpt;

When further interviewed, subject explained that he thought Senator Moynihan may have made a "secret society" attack on him subject so subject wrote the Senater a letter. Blank blank also explained that Moynihan's efforts were a typical "secret society" attack in the spiritual universe.

Subject stated that he had no intention of mailing a threatening letter to the Senator , nor did he feel that he blank was mentally unstable. Subject did statehe did not want to discuss certain aspects of his letters, because they were work for the Church of Scientology and as such, were not a subject for discussion.

Thoughout the interview blank descibed himself as an author and poet, who was free to write anything or any words to anyone he chose. Subject exhibited a number of blue envelopes addressed in his own handwriting, to a number of individuals including Supreme Court Justices, Congressmen and Senators in Washington DC and other high ranking political figures. These various envelopes enclosed Church of Scientology literature.

Subject stated he had written letters to the White House in the past, with Church of Scientology material.(page 152)

The Letter

Hells Kitchen

Did you escape?
Are you still there?
Are the knives on the table
Sharp as Gillette blue blades?

Monmouth, Prince Hal, King Henry the fith of England
had 213 Illigitimate children, were you
one of mine? What do I say, you have done well,
my son, this lifetime?

From Hell's Kitchen, New York city, to Harvard Professor,
to US Senator,in record time,Are you insane,
razoring your old man, again, in your secret society?

I cut you twice 5 times, you bastard,
with the big kitchen knife, tonight for trespassing!!
sharp, brutal, "terrible swift", I hope you die see!!
democrat, patricidal midnight "oiler", booze hound
drunkard pipsqeak Masterbator, Hair professor...
anyway, asshole, what you doing on my lines??

BLANK last lifetime
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Part 01 of 01


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