Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Ramblings of an Ex Commodore's Messenger.

Most people who have followed this blog will realise this is an exit from Scientology, I did not even talk about it till 10 years ago, almost 40 years after the event. However, every single time I think I am done now, something draws me back a friend pointed out to me tonight, it's almost like fate...don't you think there comes a time you should put it behind you...yes...but it has a knack of keeping rearing it's ugly head...

I was out shopping today, I hate shopping, I didn't want to be there but needs must...anyway I was walking up Queens Road in Hastings minding my own business,deep in my thoughts about something totally non Scientology and as I walked past a book shop, L. Ron Hubbard was staring at me, I stopped dead in my the very middle of this bookshop's window display was L. Ron Hubbard, I then saw the name Russel Miller and the title 'Bare - Faced Messiah' Whew! I was just about to go into the shop and give him a piece of my mind...the shop owner was great actually as he had had a copy of this book from from the 80's, this was the revised 2011 update and he knew all about it. He explained to me the original was actually a paperback and had far more value than this new revised hardback.The cost which is printed inside is £20, I bought it today at £4.95.

Sad for Russel Miller, but very lucky for me, when I have read it, I will give a review, I have only ever seen excerpts of this, so the whole book is a treasure trove for me. I know what he went through to get this book out there, and I am grateful. Thank You, Russel.

By the way, this bookshop has quite a few copies for sale, I suggest like minded people snap them up, before OSA does their usual shit. It is all good though, because Anonymous and myself have pretty much driven Scientology out of Hastings...Yay! But, they are now doing Narconon Scientology style in Heathfield...

Contact us - Narconon United Kingdom

Heathfield residents get your shit together just like Hastings and St. Leonards did, STOP THIS CULT! 


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