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The inimitable John Sugg surfaces as editor of Church of Scientology-backed ...

Scientologists lose tax-exempt status
Date: Monday, 30 September 1968
Publisher: AMA News
Main source: link (82 KiB)

The Founding Church of Scientology of Washington, D.C. (The AMA News, Sept. 2, 1968 ) has lost its tax-exempt status because a federal court says its activities were too commercial.

Donald E. Lane, trial commissioner of the U.S. Court of Claims in Washington, ruled that the church received substantial income from its "processing and auditing" services, and that the value of these services was over and above the organization's religious and spiritual aspects.

Government officials have indicated the decision would signal the end of the tax-exempt status which has been granted to various alleged "personality development" centers for Scientology across the country.
Refund Sought: The federal claims court ruling resulted from a suit filed by the Founding Church of Scientology seeking a tax refund for 1956.

A review by the full claims court is scheduled, with arguments expected in 1969.

Commissioner Lane's opinion rejected the tax-exempt arguments of the organization, noting that the Founding Church was organized in 1955 and incorporated "to act as a parent church for the propagation of a religious faith known as 'Scientology,' and to act as a church for the religious worship of faith."

Spirit Immortal: Lane added that Scientologists "believe that the spirit is immortal and that it receives a new body upon the death of the body in which it resides. They also believe that in the course of various lives the spirit is inhibited by 'detrimental aberrations' or 'engrams' which result from misdeeds or unpleasant experiences."

The commissioner explained that the objective of Scientology is to counteract this burden through processing, also called auditing. He said the goal of Scientology "is for the individual to advance through various levels of accomplishment leading to the state of 'clear,' and ultimately to become an 'operating thetan' ( spirit )."

The report states that founder L. Ron Hubbard was paid a salary of $125 a week and an additional fee of $125 a week, plus 10% of the gross income of the "church."

"Persons coming to plaintiff (the Founding Church) for processing were usually required to sign a contract for a stated amount of processing," the commissioner said. "The normal contract covered 25 hours of processing at a rate of $20 per hour."

6% Interest: He said when a person was unable to pay cash, the center often would have the individual sign a note bearing 6% annual interest plus 25% service charge.

There was advertising under "Personality Development" and "Personnel Consultants" in the yellow pages of telephone directories, the opinion said, in addition to newspaper advertisements.

The Hubbard E-Meter, described by Lane as essential to the practice of Scientology, costs $12.50 to manufacture, but the selling price was $125 to $144, the opinion said. Lane said every auditor was expected to acquire the meter.

A federal court jury ruled in 1967 that the meter was a misbranded medical device, and a federal judge ordered destruction of the devices.

A U.S. Treasury Dept. spokesman said the legal action in the Washington claims court was the first U.S. litigation from a tax standpoint involving Scientology.

California previously had permitted a tax exempt status to Scientologists in that state, but this has been revoked.

Charges against sect security guard dropped
Date: Sunday, 30 September 1984
Publisher: Clearwater Sun (Florida)
Main source: link (43 KiB)

The Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney's Office has dropped a charge of false imprisonment pressed in August against a security guard for the Church of Scientology, officials said.

Roy Rodriguez was arrested Aug. 23 after he and two other sect guards chased 21-year-old John Williams of Clearwater on foot through downtown Clearwater, police said. The guard accused the man of throwing a rock through the window of the sect communications office at 500 Cleveland St., police said.

Four sect guards were in the communications office when the rock came through the window around 9 p.m., police said, and when they ran outside, Williams was walking about a half-block away from the building.

Rodriguez tackled Williams behind the Pierce 100 condominiums and handcuffed him, police said. Williams denied throwing the rock, police said, and Rodriguez was arrested and charged.

The charge was dropped Sept. 19 due to insufficient information, according to a report from the State Attorney's Office, police said. The report stated that although Rodriguez did not have probable cause to make a citizen's arrest, the state would drop the charge because Williams lied to investigating officers and investigators from the State Attorney's Office, police said.

Williams was charged Sept. 17 with throwing a deadly missile into an occupied dwelling.

Church building archive depository
Date: Tuesday, 30 September 1986
Publisher: Las Vegas Daily Optic
Author: Helen Muller
Main source: 

A 300-foot horizontal tunnel is being drilled into a mountain east of Las Vegas to house church documents. The Los Angeles-based Church of Spiritual Technology, which is affiliated with the Church of Scientology, has been working on the project for two years.

On a remote, 3,600 acre ranch near Trementina, 14-17 men are preparing the site for a tunneling machine, said CST ranch manager Russ Bellin. Although about a dozen of the workers have been hired locally, the construction is under the direction of a Denver contractor.

Bellin said the Church of Spiritual Technology was founded in 1982 and acquired a year later. "We were looking for a place that is remote, pollution free, some distances from any nuclear targets, and with a dry climate," he said. "We researched a number of places before we found this one."

Goals of the CST include "construction and maintenance of an imperishable structure, capable of withstanding the ravages of nuclear warfare to house the essence of Scientology for the benefit of future generations," state its bylaws.

The Church of Scientology claims six million members and 600 churches in more than 30 countries.
The tunnel will be approximately 14 feet high by 10 feet wide, said Bellin. "In the tunneling business, this is considered a small project." The sandstone tunnel, which is halfway up a mountain, will be ventilated and lined with concrete. "This should keep the documents (mostly paper) at a constant 63 degrees with low humidity — perfect for the preservation of paper," he noted.

Bellin said the project is patterned after a huge vault tunnelled in granite in Utah by the Mormons to preserve the church's geneology lists and microfilm. "This will not be open as a working library," he added, "nor will it be sealed." Periodically we will add documents to the collection.

He praised their neighbors in the area for letting the project continue with privacy, yet helping when needed. "We've had a lot of trouble with our roads this summer because of all the rain. The other day, one of our trucks got stuck in a muddy arroyo and some neighbors helped pull it out."

Most of their supplies have been purchased in Las Vegas, such as fuel for their generator, groceries, and construction supplies, he said.

The church currently has no plans for further development of the property. When the construction is finished, two people will live at the ranch to take care of it. "There are no plans to build a church on the property," said Bellin.

The office of Secretary of State of California said the Church of Spiritual Technology was registered as a non-profit corporation in May 1982, and continues to be in good standing.

An Environmental Improvement Division onsite visit in May found little that EID would appropriately deal with, said environmentalist Anita Roy. "There seemed to be no water course contamination, and there were no hazardous materials on the site," she said.

Work on the site began in Feruary 1985. Although it was discontinued during the winter, it recommenced this spring. Workers have been living in tents on the ranch. As the cold weather approaches, several small trailers have been added. "Building roads has consumed a lot of our efforts," said Bellin.

Because of the heavy equipment being used, air emergency evacuation arrangements have been made with the University of New Mexico hospital in Albuquerque, which can be reached in 35 minutes. Four pigs roam freely to discourage rattlesnakes. "We have seen at least 50 rattlers this year," said Bellin, "but with the cooler weather, they have not been as prevalent."

Talk show [Heber Jentzsch going nuts]

Man wins $5 million in deprogramming suit
Mother had tried to wrest son away from Bellevue church

Medical examiner leaves office

For the disadvantaged and against Scientology

What really happened with the L. Ron Hubbard biography by Omar Garrison
Date: Tuesday, 30 September 2008
Author: Lawrence H. "Larry" Brennan
Main source:

As many people know, Omar Garrison was working on a biography of L. Ron Hubbard back in the early 1980s that was completely sanctioned by Hubbard and by organized scientology.

In fact Gerry Armstrong was actually assigned to and working with Omar back then with the approval of both Hubbard and organized scientology. And, Gerry was part of that Mission Corporate Category Sortout (MCCS) mission that was run by [David Miscavige] with Gerry’s primary part of it being to assist Omar with his research so that the biography could be written.

I remember going to Los Angeles from the Guardian’s Office World Wide in England and meeting Gerry when he was on that mission. Gerry showed me around, including showing me the twenty-some sets of file cabinets that included Hubbard’s own files to be used in writing the biography. I remember talking with Gerry then and coming away with the knowledge that he was really into this, was a really good guy, was very knowledgeable and really wanted to get the biography written.

Well there is a great deal of published information of what happened next after Gerry found out how false Hubbard’s claims about himself were and how false statements from organized scientology about Hubbard’s “accomplishments” were. Needless to say Gerry was abused when he pointed this out and had to flee for his own safety. Decades of litigation, harassment and other abuses by organized scientology against Gerry have still not stopped Gerry from speaking out the truth and doing the best he can to defend himself and loved ones.

But outside of two postings I have done on XSO and previously and some small mentions I have included in another post and in my affidavit, I have never seen anything written covering what actually happened with the biography Omar was writing on Hubbard. As XSO is not a public forum and as enturbulation is down for the moment, I thought I would again put this on the record, this time with some more details.

Omar actually completed the biography and wanted to have it published or at least be paid for same. The title was “L. Ron Hubbard — His Life, His Loves and His Letters”.

In late 82/1983 a meeting was held with Hubbard’s representatives from “Author Services” and Omar about the finished book and it was a disaster with Miscavige blowing up and Omar refusing to deal with him.

Suddenly Miscavige and those who did his bidding at Author Services were confronted with the fact that Miscavige and his people totally blew the meeting with Omar and it was very possible that Omar would go elsewhere to get the book published. The main trouble with that for Miscavige was that the book was truthful and a complete embarrassment to both Hubbard and organized scientology.

One thing Miscavige knew at that point is that his abusive style of dealing with others was not going to work here and he suddenly needed someone without an abusive nature to negotiate with Omar and get the rights to the book from Omar.

I and [Robert Vaughn Young] were picked for this task. A meeting was quickly set up for this negotiation between Omar and his attorney on Omar’s side and myself, Vaughn and three of Hubbard’s top attorneys on “our” side. The attorneys were Sherman Lenske his brother Steve Lenske and Barry Litt. The meeting was held at the Lenskes’ law office.

The entire day was set aside for this negation by all parties.

I remember how seriously Author Services was taking this as it was about to become a huge flap for them because of Miscavige’s inability to deal with people in a sane fashion when things were contentious.
The three attorneys, Vaughn and I got together early for the meeting to go over last minute preparations. I had spent most of the previous day getting briefed on their failed meeting, what we would be willing to pay and “drilling” with my junior in Special Unit Heber Jentzsch to prepare for my talking with Omar.

Barry Litt was advising me to stay calm if Omar started insulting us or Hubbard or organized scientology in general as it did come up in the meeting with Author Services causing them to blow up and lose any chance of getting the book rights from Omar. I told Barry not to worry as things like that did not affect me, that I didn’t “hate” Omar and that I just wanted this done successfully. I told him in a joking fashion that he would lose his cool well before I ever would so he should just watch out for himself and not me. I mentioned this as we were tested on this very point in the meeting which I thought was funny and which I will cover later.

Omar and his attorney showed up and we began the meeting in the morning. It went all morning, through a big lunch and most of the afternoon. Bottom line is that it got very hostile between the attorneys from both sides. Omar then started getting very critical of Hubbard and scientology and said words to the effect that all scientologists were brainwashed with present company (Vaughn and I) excepted. I thought that was funny actually. Omar was pretty smooth.

Then Omar dropped “the bomb”. He said that Hubbard and organized scientology were criminals, they abused the courts and had even paid off judges. He used as an example the then recent probate case that Hubbard ended up winning against his son Nibbs. Omar said that Hubbard’s legal representatives in that case were incompetent and should have lost the case due to their incompetence. He said that the only reason that they did not lose the case was that the judge was paid off.

The whole time Omar was talking about this case I was biting my lip trying not to laugh. That was because Barry Litt, the attorney on my right, was the main attorney arguing that case for Hubbard. Sure enough Barry jumps up and shouts to Omar “Now wait a minute” and starts to say how wrong Omar was. I had to kick Barry’s leg hard under the table to get him to sit down and shut up. I found that funny as Barry had just earlier briefed me how I had to keep my cool and it was he that blew up just as I had joked he would.
I took this as the right time to call a temporary halt to the meeting and asked Omar to walk with me out of the room. Omar complained bitterly about the attorneys. I told him that I was sure we would work out something fair today and get it all done. We had a very nice and friendly chat alone.

Then we broke for lunch at a really fancy restaurant and I just kept it pleasant. I had Omar pick the wine for us as he was a self proclaimed wine expert (I know Sea Org at lunch with wine — go figure!!!).
Anyway after lunch we resume the meeting at the Lenskes’ office and finally get a deal worked out. I got from Omar exclusive publishing rights as well as ownership of the manuscript with what was supposedly the only copy. We signed a contract with Omar that day and I paid him. I forget how much it was but I think it was low six digits.

I then drove to Author Services with the contract and the manuscript and turned it over to Norman Starkey for Miscavige. Again, the title was “L. Ron Hubbard — His Life, His Loves and His Letters”.

The book was killed right there and then never to be seen again.

I now regret that we were successful here as so much truth could have been out about Hubbard some 25 years ago that was suppressed, never to be seen. At the time I actually did not know the great depth of the lies about Hubbard promoted both by him and organized scientology.

I just thought it would be good if this were now in writing publicly.


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For a singular ex Sea Org Person

Our Father, which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Thy will be done in earth,
As it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power, and the glory,
For ever and ever.

May your God be with you,

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Scientology: Total freedom and beyond

Scientology--Spiritual healing of mental ills

5-C MCCS Tapes [partial transcript, with commentaries]

International Management Bulletin No. 108 / What is life worth? The importance of hard sell

Affidavit of Monica Pignotti (29 September 1989)


My name is Monica Pignotti. I was involved in the Church of Scientology from December, 1970 to August, 1976. From on or about February, 1973 to August, 1976, I was a member of the Sea Organization, the elite inner-circle of Scientology. From May 1973 to October 1975 I lived aboard the Flagship Apollo, which was the home of L. Ron Hubbard, his wife Mary Sue Hubbard and his four children. After leaving Flag in October 1975 when the ship was sold, I lived and worked on staff at the land base at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida until May, 1976 when I was transferred to Los Angeles where I was on staff until I left in August, 1976.

I first heard about Scientology in the fall of 1970, when I was a 17-year-old Freshman at the University of Utah majoring in music. Another music student told me about Scientology and invited me to a free lecture in December, 1970. Up to this point, I had been a good student and had no history whatsoever of any mental problems or drug abuse.

After attending the free lecture at the Scientology mission in Salt Lake City, I purchased the book, Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, the 1950 bestseller by L. Ron Hubbard. I was very impressed and fascinated with the book and decided to sign up for the first course, which was called the Communications course. I started this course in January, 1971, which I attended two evenings a week. The course consisted mainly of drills called Training Regimens ("TRs"). The first TR was called TR-O, where I was required to sit face to face with a partner (another student), maintaining eye contact and "just be there", which meant to sit there without any movement or thought whatsoever. The drill is passed when the person can do this for two hours.

I was unaware at the time that every time I did TR-O, I was going into a hypnotic trance state. I only realized this years later, after leaving the group, when I read about hypnosis and experienced a trance state from a legitimate psychologist who did hypnosis on me. The state I was in then was identical to the state I was in when I did TR-O.

TRs are done regularly and often by Scientologists on all levels. Pretty soon, for me, just walking into the courseroom induced a trance state in me. Hubbard claimed to be vehemently against hypnosis, but, nevertheless, this is what I experienced. Being in this trance state made me extremely vulnerable to the material I was reading, which basically stated that Scientology is the only road to total freedom, that we were in a labyrinth as citizens of the planet earth and the only way out of this "trap" was through Scientology. A very dreary picture was being painted of the world outside of Scientology, which was referred to as the wog world.

I became more and more obsessed with Scientology and began spending more and more time at the mission and less and less time in my classes. By March, 1971, I dropped out of school and joined staff at the mission full time. When my parents, who lived in Michigan, found out that I had dropped out of school, they became very upset and concerned about me. They went to the library at the University of Michigan and did extensive research on Scientology and everything they came up with was negative. My father flew out to Salt Lake City to show me the articles and a book he had found, written by Paulette Cooper called The Scandal of Scientology. When he presented these articles and the book to me, I read them and immediately dismissed them as a pack of lies perpetrated by the "wog" press. I decided that Paulette Cooper must be a suppressive person. Suppressive person ("SP") is the term Scientologists use to describe anyone who publicly criticizes or attacks Scientology. An SP is a psychotic who wishes nothing but ill for all mankind. We were told that anyone who has any critical thoughts about Scientology has crimes of great magnitude (Scientologists call these overts) against the group. In this way, any critical thoughts we might have against the group were stopped, since any time I had a negative thought about Scientology, instead of looking at the evidence, I would introvert and ask myself what was wrong with me.

I became determined to become a Scientology auditor. This was accomplished by taking a series of Scientology courses, the first one being the Dianetics course, which cost $500, the next being the Academy levels, which cost $1,000 (these courses are much more expensive today). Since I was a college dropout, with no job other than my staff position at the Scientology mission, these prices were very expensive to me, but I didn't complain or object because I believed that in these courses was a great technology that would free mankind. We were told, in a statement by Hubbard called "What Your Fees Buy", that this money did not go to Hubbard personally — that he drew less salary than the average org staff member. The money, we were told, went to keeping the Scientology organizations running so Scientology could be delivered.

There was a least one occasion that I can recall that registrars from higher Scientology organizations came to our mission and used high pressure sales tactics to get us to sign up for more courses. One such tactic was called the "postulate check", where the person would be asked to write a check for an amount that they didn't have in the bank account. The theory behind this was that by writing such a check, the person would be given the incentive to create the money (Scientologists call creating something "mocking it up"). If a person really had a strong intention to get the money, he or she could mock it up. I wrote a postulate check for $1,000, even though I had less that $100 in my bank account. The next day, I went to my bank to try to get a loan for $1,000, but was turned down due to no credit history. My check bounced.

Not too long after that, I was walking in the downtown area of Salt Lake City when I was approached by a middle-aged man. He told me I was beautiful and he could get me work in the movies. He was obviously a con man — obvious to anyone but me. I decided that I had finally mocked up a way to get the money for my courses. I agreed to meet him the next day — I trusted this total stranger. I got into his car with him and he took me to his hotel room. It was then that I started to feel very uneasy and to realize that he just wanted to have sex with me. I was very frightened and even though I didn't want to, I submitted when he raped me. Prior to being in Scientology, I never would have given this man the time of day, but being in the tranced-out state of mind I was in, I went with him.

At the time, I didn't realize why this had happened and blamed myself for the whole incident. Eventually, I managed to get the money for my courses, by gradually saving the $220 a month living expenses my parents sent me, getting more money from my parents and borrowing money from friends who were also in Scientology.

By this time, I became more and more involved in Scientology and more isolated from the rest of the world. I became interested in joining the Sea Org. When I visited the Sea Org in Los Angeles for the first time, I was appalled at the living conditions. I saw one of the rooms where staff lived, a dingy room with eight filthy mattresses in a basement. I helped prepare food in the kitchen, where people were peeling slimy rotten leaves with little black bugs on them and serving what was left of the head of lettuce to the staff. Even though I was disgusted by what I saw, I justified what I saw by telling myself that Hubbard couldn't possibly know about these conditions.

I still wanted to join the Sea Org, but I was under 21, which was considered legal adult age at the time, and my parents refused. Even though I was very upset and angry with them there was nothing I could do. A few months later, I finally persuaded them to let me join, but at that time, I decided against it because the recruiter wouldn't guarantee me a staff position as an auditor. I decided to pay for my training as an auditor myself and join the Sea Org when I was more highly trained.

By October, 1972, I had become a Class VI auditor, which is considered to be a fairly high level of training and completed the Clearing Course, which made me a Scientology Clear. In January, 1973, I did a level known as OT III. The materials of OT III were to be kept strictly confidential, and I had been repeatedly told that OT III would explain why we were in the trap we were in on earth. We were required to keep the materials for all advanced courses in a locked briefcase whenever we left the course room with them. On OT III, we were given a packet of materials in Hubbard's handwriting that told the story of OT III.

Briefly, this is what we were told: 75 million years ago, there was a confederation of planets (Earth was one of them) called the Galactic Confederation that suffered from gross overpopulation. The leader, Zenu, decided to solve this problem by shipping people to volcanoes on earth, planting H-bombs on the volcanoes and blowing them up. The resulting spirits were collected and packaged together into clusters of spirits. These spirits were forcibly implanted with all kinds of information in the form of pictures of God, the Devil, spinning, for thirty-six days. Anyone who attempted to solve this on their own, Hubbard said, would end up getting caught up in the 36-days, be unable to sleep and eventually die of pneumonia. Hubbard said that he, alone had solved this implant, which he called Incident II, and, thus provided mankind, for the first time in 75 million years with a way out of the "trap."

The conclusion he came to is that we, on Earth, are now all possessed with hundreds of these clusters of spirits that live with us in our bodies. These spirits are called Body Thetans and on the level of OT III, we audit out these Body Thetans and find out who we really are.

Being as indoctrinated as I was, I believed this entire story. After I did OT III, I became more convinced than ever that I had to join the Sea Org. Sea Org members sign a one billion year contract. I joined the Sea 0rg on or about February, 1973. Because, at this point, I was a fairly highly trained auditor, I was immediately given a position as an auditor on staff at the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles.

In May, 1973, Mary Sue Hubbard personally invited me to come to the Flagship Apollo to train as an auditor. This was considered to be a great honor and was a reward I was given for auditing one of Mary Sue's key staff members in Los Angeles. She had been very pleased with my auditing.

I left for Flag in May, 1973. I was told that the location of the ship was to be kept strictly confidential. It was only on the day I left that I was told the location of the ship: Oporto, Portugal. Once I boarded the ship, my passport was taken from me "for safekeeping".

I was shown to my living quarters which was a very crowded stuffy, smelly room with about 50 bunkbeds called the women's dorm. This is where most of the single women on the ship lived. Just above the dorm was an area called the aft lounge, where I noticed teenage girls washing and ironing clothes all day long. One of these girls was Tonya Burden, who later sued the Church of Scientology. I found out that these girls were in training to be personal messengers for Hubbard.

Conditions on the ship were very crowded and discipline was harsh, particularly for auditors in training (interns) such as myself. As interns, we were expected to be perfect. If our auditing failed to produce the expected result, it was always considered to be our fault, never that the auditing didn't work because Hubbard created the auditing processes, which were flawless. If and when the auditors did get less than perfect results, they were considered to have evil intentions and were severely disciplined.

One method of discipline was a ritual called the Kali Ceremony. A hideous picture of the Goddess Kali, the Hindu goddess of death and destruction was put up in our classroom above an altar and a ritual was held for auditors that goofed up. In a darkened candlelit room, the auditors and interns were given sheets of lyrics for a hymn to the goddess Kali, sung to the tune of "Rock of Ages". After the hymn was sung, the offending auditor was made to "bow and scrape" to the goddess Kali and then was given a knife and a mock preclear folder and told to "stab the preclear" at which time the auditor had to stab the folder over and over. I had to participate in such a ceremony on two occasions and watched many others participate in this ceremony.

Another way we were disciplined was to spend four hours in the crow's nest. The crow's nest is a small bucket-like structure that is the highest point on the ship. It was reached by climbing up a small narrow ladder. I had to go to the crow's nest on two occasions. One time, I was so distraught, I had thoughts of letting go of the ladder and hurling myself to the ground, even though I had no prior history of being suicidal and have had no history of being suicidal since leaving the group.

I also witnessed a fourteen year old boy being locked up in the chain locker of the ship, where he was made to spend the night. The chain locker is a small dark space where the chain to the anchor to the ship is stored when the ship is not at anchor. The boy was being put in the chain locker by three teen-age L. Ron Hubbard messengers. I witnessed this happening several times to people, even though I never experienced it myself.
I was growing increasingly angry at what I was witnessing and experiencing on the ship, which I had been told prior to going there was the "sanest space on the planet". One evening, we were all gotten out of bed in the middle of the night and told we had to write letters to get paying public people to come to Flag. At that point, I couldn't stand it anymore and said, "If anyone ever wrote the truth about what really goes on here, nobody would want to come." For that, I was put in an ethics condition of Treason. Free speech was not a right we enjoyed on the ship.

At the end of 1973, Hubbard created the Rehabilitation Project Force (known as the "RPF") to deal with troublemakers aboard the ship and anyone who happened to displease him. Anyone who was considered to be a "nonproducer" who had a low score on his or her OCA personality test, was also a candidate for the RPF. This is the same test that is given to new people in Scientology, often passed out on the streets to prospective customers. Hubbard claimed that the RPF was an act of benevolence on his part to "rehabilitate" psychotic criminals. Actually, in my opinion and experience, the RPF was a prison camp.

On January 10, 1974, an ethics order was issued assigning the first group of people to the RPF. My name was on that list, I believe, because I had spoken my mind one too many times and was considered a troublemaker. Members of the RPF had to wear black or navy blue boiler suits, could not speak to other crew members unless spoken to, had to obey all orders without question, had to eat after everyone else had eaten and did menial labor, such as cleaning toilets. We were also to audit each other to "get off our overts and withholds", which in plain English means to confess our crimes.

I had requested a committee of evidence (Scientology's version of a hearing) to protest my assignment to the RPF. Hubbard's son, Quentin, who had become my friend, was assigned as chairman and he had no choice but to find me guilty on all charges and my assignment to the RPF was upheld.

A few weeks later, Quentin attempted suicide. As a result he was confined to isolation in his cabin for about three weeks and then assigned to the RPF. While on the RPF, Quentin and I became close friends.
Quentin and I both graduated from the RPF in May, 1974. I went back to my internship and, for a while did very well as an auditor. I had been assigned a person to audit who had a very low score on his personality test and after my auditing, there was a very big change in his score. As a result, I received a commendation from Hubbard, who stated that I was to be held up as an example of what Flag auditing is all about.

My status changed very quickly, however, as Quentin and I got closer. In late August, Quentin went away on a three week vacation. When he returned, in September, he confided to me that he had made, yet another suicide attempt. At this point, I was ordered to stop seeing Quentin, probably because I knew too much. I refused to stop seeing Quentin and continued to see him.

Soon after my disobedience, I started getting in trouble again for auditing "errors". In one case, a person I was auditing came down with a cold a week after I finished auditing him and Hubbard personally called for his folders.

I was blamed for gross auditing errors and Hubbard sent down an ethics order personally cancelling all of my certificates and ordering that a committee of evidence be convened on me. The person assigned as chairman of my committee was a person who was well known strongly to dislike me. I was found guilty on all charges and, once again, assigned to the RPF.

This time I had a very difficult time on the RPF and it seemed that it was being made very difficult for me to get out. I cleaned toilets day after day, month after month, and finally suffered from a complete emotional breakdown. I went through days where I was completely out of control, sobbing continuously. At one point I was assigned to what is known as the RPF's RPF, which is where people who get into trouble in the RPF were sent. In the RPF's RPF I had to spend the entire day and evening down in the bilges of the engine room, cleaning foul smelling muck and painting them. I was not allowed to communicate with anyone except the RPF's ethics officer and had to write up my ethics conditions, which he wouldn't accept for several days. I was to "find out who I really was", so I spent days trying to answer that question to his satisfaction. I finally did it and was returned to the RPF, but at that point, I was completely numb, emotionally and obeyed any orders I was given, without question.

In October, 1975, the Flagship Apollo was sold and the RPF was temporarily disbanded. (The RPF was reinstituted about a year later.) Once we moved to Clearwater, I was assigned to do Folder Error Summaries, which means going through people's auditing folders and noting down any errors that were made in the auditing. At that point, I just did my job and whatever I was told to do. Finally, in May, 1976, I was transferred to Los Angeles where I was assigned the position of Director of Processing at the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles. My RPF experience had been forgotten and I was once again in a position of high responsibility.

I was very unhappy in Los Angeles and missed my friends in Clearwater. I kept my distance from everyone at the org in Los Angeles and, as a result began to spend a great deal of time alone. This gave me some time to think and some of the mind control I had been under began to lessen. In July, 1976, my father had a heart attack and I had to fly to Philadelphia to visit him in the hospital. I was completely away from Scientology for three weeks. When I returned in August, 1976, the Sea Org and Scientology was beginning to look very bad to me. I had a fight with the person directly over me and, as a result, I refused to work with her and walked off my post of Director of Processing. I went back to doing the same work with the folders that I had been doing in Clearwater.

I began to realize that I had no control over or freedom in my life, whatsoever, and one day I had an experience of snapping out of my trance state. I realized that I was not happy and would need to make a decision.

Two weeks later, on August 21, 1976, I decided to leave, got on a Greyhound bus and went back to my parent's in Michigan. I experienced numerous after-effects from my experience in Scientology, including depression and having nightmares every night for a year after leaving. At the time, I was not in contact with anyone who knew about treating victims of cults and, as a result, did not receive counseling until 12 years later. I am currently in therapy with Lorna Goldberg, MSW, a psychotherapist who has 13 years experience treating victims of cults.

There is a great deal more I could say about what I experienced in those twelve years after leaving the group, and about my experiences in Scientology, but this statement is already very long. If anyone has any further questions, I would be more than happy to answer them.

Affidavit of Monica Pignotti (29 September 1989)

Scientology allegations and a real estate stock flotation

Former Clearwater mayor dead at 86
Gabe Cazares was a civil rights activist and vocal enemy of the Church of Scientology.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Cadet Org - Part 3

The Cadet Org - Part 1
The Cadet Org

The Cadet Org - Part 2
The Cadet Org Part 2

The Cadet Org and the RPF

I was very taken with this lady's account in Dublin last year, of life in the RPF...

Sea Org Children : RPF Scientology Camp - YouTube

Caught on Kodak: Scientology also exploiting children and elderly

Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)

The Ex Scientologist: The R.P.F. - Scientology's Prison Camp

Scientology RPF Child Camp - Today Tonight 14 Feb 2012 - YouTube

The RPF Insider Newsletter #10

Evidence of disturbing neglect of Scientology children?

children « Ex scientology women speak out.

Memoirs of an Ex-Guardian in Scientology (c) Gary Weber ...

Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology - Wikipedia ...

This is a video/audio where Wally Hanks beats a 15 year old boy called Marco,with a paddle, whilst telling him to look at a picture of LRH.

Wally Hanks was also accused of child rape, but the cult of Scientology silenced his accusers. He was never charged with anything, and most likely went on to abuse more children. Just Google his name. These criminals need to be stopped. The abuse documented in this video took place in 1988, at a place called "The Mace Kingsley Ranch School", in Palmdale, California. Wally supplied the children with beer when they behaved, and beat them when they misbehaved. I hope Wally will come clean before he dies and admit to all the children he hurt.

There is tons of stuff on the web about "The Ranch", and sadly, it is all true.


Carol Kingsley | Facebook

Interview with a Scientologist Specializing in Auditing Children ...



Scientology Kids... 

Will Fry - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [7 of 17] - YouTube

Maureen Bolstad (pt.1) - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [8 of 17 ...

Laura Decrescenzo (pt.1) - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [5 of 17 ...

Marc Headley (pt.1) - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [1 of 17] - YouTube

Aaron Saxton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scientology escapee: Tanya Neujahr interview 1/4 

Scientology escapee: Tanya Neujahr interview 2/4 

Ritual Child Abuse in Scientology 

Scientology child labour in Australia exposed, part 1b 

Scientology Child Abuse and Labour 2 of 2

Scientology Jan Eastgate arrested for covering up Child Sex Abuse (Today Tonight - 2011-05-30)

Scarlett Hanna talks about growing-up in Scientology on Lateline (air da

Cadet Org Kids on Flag Bus

Interview with Wally Hanks



To be continued...








Louis Farrakhan a VIP dinner party guest with Iran's Rouhani

For those that don't know, Louis Farrakhan has merged the NOI (Nation of Islam) with Scientology.

All that Spy stuff!

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On this day...

On this day...

"From it's inception, the church of scientology has been a potent and vital force in the field of social reform, dedicated to the preservation of human rights and civil liberties. That dedication would be meaningless if the church was not willing to stand and fight when those rights and liberties are threatened. Inevitably therefore, church has found it necessary to, as a matter of both principle and survival to stand up to the Internal Revenue Service, an agency that has made the abuse of authority a daily routine.The price the church pays for being the vanguard for IRS reform is countless acts of retaliation and vengeance by an agency completely out of control.

The IRS is the personification of government without rules or conscience. It feeds on the fear of the citizens and thrives in the safety that fear and power generates. The time has come for the Nation to say "Enough", to put a halt to IRS abuses and that agency's reign of terror.

The church is conducting this public education campaign to illustrate just how completely out of control the IRS really is. What you read is but a snapshot of the IRS at work. The full dimensions of IRS conduct are mind boggling, because the horror stories recounted above are merely a few drops in an ocean of abuse. The truth will shock you and anger you, and when it does, you will want to help us to bring about changes that will force the IRS to be responsible, accountable, and lawful. But regardless of IRS retaliation, the church of scientology (illegible)"

Hmmm, did the "church" of the ecclesiastical elite take over the IRS, just like they took over CAN (Cult Awareness Network), co$ it sure sounds like they are talking about themselves.I think in this piece the IRS must stand for International Reserves of Scientology or even International Rescue - Scientology.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Cadet Org Part 2

The Cadet Org Part 1

Church of Scientology Cadet School Clearwater, Florida

School Name Church of Scientology Cadet School
School Level
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Grades Pre-Kindergarten-9th
School Program Type or Emphasis
School Setting Town
School Size
Church of Scientology Cadet School has a total enrollment of 37 students, which is slightly less than the average for all Private Schools.

General Info
This school offers a grade range of Pre-Kindergarten-9th grade. This school's religious denomination is: Baptist.

There are 5 full-time equivalent teachers at Church of Scientology Cadet School, which is 3 less than the average for all Private Schools. The student to teacher ratio at Church of Scientology Cadet School is 7:1, which is 30% lower than the average for all Private Schools.

Church of Scientology Cadet School - Clearwater, Florida | Private ...

Cadet Org In Front of Sherwood Gardens - YouTube

Scientology has suddenly gone all Christian on us? Poppycock!


Qual Sec Cadet Org

Church of Scientology WUS

19951998 (3 years)
Worked as an executive at a private ranch school. 


This last sentence sums up Scientology's position towards the children of Sea Org members. By my own experience, Scientology's Sea Org continually neglected the children of its Sea Org members. For years, the Cadet Org operated under filthy, degraded conditions. The existing child care staff were in many cases severely unqualified to care for children, and to make matters worse, the Cadet Org was grossly understaffed with sufficient personnel. In fact, much of the time I was in the SO, the Cadet Org was operating its child care facility in violation of California codes which pertain to the required legal ratio of child care workers to children.

My own son, when he was around 6-7 years old, used to sneak out of the Cadet Org facility on Fountain Avenue to get away from the degradation. His nanny, Joanne, seldom noticed that he was absent. One time he was picked up by the Hollywood Police Department after he was found lost and wandering the streets alone on Hollywood Blvd. one evening while I was on post.

I grew increasingly disgusted with the lack of care for SO children (not just my own child). After realizing that Scientology management consistently failed for years to provide a sufficient number of qualified child care workers, I left the SO.

After leaving the Sea Org I was to learn of the sexual abuse my son and three other young boys between 6-7 years of age suffered while in the Cdet Org at the hands of their male nanny, who used to threaten them into performing illegal, perverted sex acts.

Again, I quote from Aides Order 203-71:
"Looking into this it was found that the CEO also had a large number of DBs ["degraded beings"], criminals and perverts posted in it. Some of these would slap the cadets around"
I wish my son had "only" been slapped around instead...
I attest that the above is true.
 Scientology --- Scientology's failed responsibility ... -

Sea Org Children: The Final Solution |


It starts here:

The Sea Org

Children in the Sea Org - Google Sites

Ex-Scientology Kids Share Their Stories - ABC News

Scientology's Sea Org: An Escape Story for Katie Holmes and Suri ...

Scientology Sea Org Children Abuse - YouTube

Sheila Huber on Scientology -- Part 4: The Anti-Child Sea Org ...

Sea Org Children : RPF Scientology Camp - YouTube

A Childhood in Scientology - Ilse Hruby

L. Ron Hubbard's Dystopia On Earth: An Ex-Scientologist Speaks Out

Scientology Sued Again By Former “Sea Org” Member Alleging ...

She fought Scientology for the child they wanted to abort | Tampa ...

Sea Org children : Refund and Reparation

Growing up in the Sea Org -- Astra and Zoe Woodcraft's stories

Child Care in Scientology

A cry in the night.

To: Mary Sue HubbardCopies for info:
Guardian WW                                     May 8, 1981
Guardian US
Watchdog Committee
CO Child Care Org
AG PR CCO Doug Smith

Subject: Child Care Org LA, Placing Scientology at risk

Dear Mary Sue:
I am writing to alert you about a situation at the Los Angeles Child Care Org that places Scientology and Scientologists at risk. I am writing to the highest echelons of our Church because this is, an on-going and recurring situation that has never been handled despite attempts in the past. It is a situation that demands perhaps a different approach and some rethinking and I hope that as a result of this letter, something will happen in this direction.

Although I am reporting on a PT situation regarding the care of Sea Org children in Los Angeles, this particular situation is only an indicator of a far more serious and widespread situation regarding staff children, that permeates our entire structure.

On April 29 [name deleted] a friend of mine and an ASHO Sea Org member, currently on a maternity leave, was informed by the CEO receptionist that her son [name deleted] had Herpes. She asked me to drive to the CEO with her. When we arrived we were told he was in sick bay.

We went to the sick bay which had, I think, eight children in it. These children were all being mistreated. I do not mean medically, only, I mean mistreated in the sense of abused.
I observed the following:
  1. Sick children were being diagnosed by the MO; as it turned out they were misdiagnosed by the MO.
  2. [The son] was forced to work while ill. He was supposed to be looking after the other sick children.
  3. The children were not being sent to a doctor — for reasons of FP [financial planning].
  4. The space was filthy and inadequate.
  5. The sick children had no beds; they were lying on a concrete floor.
  6. There was no adult supervision of these ill children.
  7. Children suffering from different contagious diseases were all in the same space.
  8. The children were dirty and un-hygienic.
We talked to the MO at length. [The son], it turned out, had complained of other symptoms (sore head, eyes and throat). The MO said he only had one sore in his mouth and was not sick. Apparently when he asked the MO if he could lie down, the MO said he was not sick and had to stay on post, looking after the other children. I also discovered that the MO had received no money from ASHO for the care of
ASHO children and therefore there was no money to send the kids to the doctor. All he was doing was giving the children vitamins for their illnesses.

The "sick bay" was an approximately 5 x 18 foot screened off porch area outdoors, with a concrete floor. One of the children, a three-year-old, was lying on a very thin kitchen mat, on the floor. Others were bare-foot on the concrete floor.

The MO told us that if [mother] wanted her son to go to the doctor, she would have to go to ASHO and put in a PO. I told him that all the children who had not seen a doctor should do so, as he was not qualified to diagnose illness. At this point he became antagonistic and said they did not need a doctor and he did not want to discuss it further. I said to [mother] that the conditions in the sick bay were atrocious and if he [the Medical Officer] was not going to do anything about it, I was going to call the Board of Health.

The MO said, of course, that what I was doing was a suppressive act, as indeed, it is per policy. I replied that what he was doing to those children was a suppressive act, and left. We went to ASHO to put in a rush PO. After waiting, I became concerned about [the son] and told his mother that I would pay for his medicine and that they could pay me later. Doctor Victoria Samler diagnosed [son] as having Vincent's disease (a bacterial infection of the mouth), an eye infection and inflamed tonsils; also a vitamin B and C deficiency. She prescribed an antibiotic and eye drops.

To paraphrase what happened in the days that followed, the Guardian's Office terminals were called in because of my "threat". At first they were more anxious that I withdraw my threat than handling the children, but I think they realized that my true intention was to help. I maintained my position (the "threat" seemed to be the only leverage that would get anything done about the children) and visited the Child Care Org daily.

The next day all the children were taken to the doctor. As far as I know the MO is in Ethics, the AG was asked for a report on the situation by his seniors, ASHO finally came through with some money for the CCO for the first time in weeks, and the AG has assured me, that the children will generally be better cared for. I was also told that Jane Kember was in the process of doing an eval on the Child Care Org. In view of this I fail to see how the danger condition in the sick bay persisted during the past two weeks.
Mark Plummer adds:

«In Scientology's Sea Organization, a Medical Officer is a staff position within Division Five Qualifications Division. Although Sea Org staff often refer to the position by the acronym MO, the correct title is Medical Liaison Officer, or MLO. This position usually is not filled by someone with medical training. At the time this report was written, Michael Spearman was the MLO at ASHO Day. He has since left the Sea Org and has become a chiropractor.

In May of 1981, I was the Financial Planning Chairman, Director of Disbursements, Payroll Officer, Purchasing Officer, and Treasury Secretary at ASHO Day. I was there at the time the report was written, and I absolutely attest that the report is factual.» [ref]
I am pleased that the above has happened, but one battle does not the war win. I began to look at other Sea Org kids and made the following observations:
They are not receiving an adequate education.
One six year old couldn't even read simple words (and, but).
The quarters smell. Dirty.
The children are almost all dirty. Many run around naked.
There is a terrible lack of dental care, evidenced by the dirty teeth of some children I saw. I assume they have never seen a dentist.
There is a lack of quality and qualified personnel to look after the kids. People that are on the RPF are sent to look after the kids. Lack of stable terminals for kids.
Unhatted personnel, not interested in the post.
This is all symptomatic of a general attitude that children are less important than posts. During my battle with the Child Care Org and GO terminals, I had to quote very simple, basic, almost self-explanatory, LRH tech such as "Insist that when a person is ill they get medical treatment" (The Way to Happiness) "When children become unimportant to society, etc (SOS). Children are our future, etc. I find it a sad indictment that this was necessary even.
Mark Plummer provides an insight into the treatment of children in the Sea Organization from the organization's own literature, read his post titled "What does Scientology say about the raising of children?"
As I said earlier, this has been an ongoing situation for years. It places Scientology at risk, as has been evidenced by flaps that have occurred in the past, and places Scientologists at risk, in that it poses a very real danger for the children, in many ways. For instance, I saw children playing in the parking lot at the Child Care Org. I know that one child was killed doing this at Flag a few years ago. There is the added factor of what this kind of lack of concern does to the children.
Something must be done to terminatedly handle this situation. If we are to forge the new civilization, let it be civilized. Let us be civilized enough to care for those who trust us with their lives. Perhaps there is existing policy, but it is not enforced, here or at Flag. Perhaps it needs to be re-evaluated. In any case, in order for any policy to be followed, there has to be a drastic re-evaluation of priorities in the Church. Children are a priority. They are our future. They do deserve more from us.

It is my hope that effective change in this area will soon come about.

[name deleted]
Class VI, OT IV
The parking lot incident is reported from many sources, including: City of Clearwater Commission Hearing: The Church of Scientology - Day 4, LaVenda Van Schaick

Faithful reader,
This was sent to me anonymously while I was publishing the inFormer.
Her description of the Cadet Org Nursery matches the description I've been given by numerous other people who saw it first hand, as I did with the Flag nursery, and my own kids.
This kind of stuff gets to me.
Rev. Dennis L Erlich




Monday, 23 September 2013

Annie are you ok, are you ok Annie?

No, Annie is not ok, she's dead!

She can no longer speak, and any chance she had of speaking out was curtailed by Marty Rathbun by his own admission.

Also, by his own admission he destroyed files in the Lisa McPherson case, have you seen the pictures post mortem,well, have you?

I suggest you look, if you haven't already. Not a pretty picture, but then none of scientology is, is it?

Different time period and you know it!Well done for making Lawrence Wright look like a fucking idiot, only he isn't is he , he's in Power and the "church of scientology" is in "Non Exisistence"yeah right" Stupid cult kid, what could she possibly know?


Because, I'm a cult kid!

I know nothing, but I escaped,at the age of 12, I may have gone on to make a disaster of my life, but I did bring up two kids that are savvy to cults.

Annie Tidman/ Broeker these people can cheat and lie all they want, but we know....

The Greek Junta Coup d'etat 1967 - 1974

  You may wonder why I have put this here,well for one thing I never knew this was going on when I was in the Sea Org, I also never knew anything about it whilst I was docked off the coast of Corfu. In fact, I never knew the real history of it until recently...just like scientology and the sea org, it should never be forgotten. No wonder LRH got away with what he did in Corfu and thereafter.

 1967 Greek coup d'état - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Britain and the Greek Colonels

21-Απριλίου 1967 [ Μαύρα κοράκια ]

The Greek Junta Time (1967-1974) ~ Mikis Theodorakis - YouTube



On this day...

Sunday, 22 September 2013

On this day...

Herald Sun (Melbourne), Fri 22 Sep 1995

Journalist wins in spy v. spy case

AN Adelaide journalist was yesterday cleared of theft charges in a London court case billed as the battle of the hidden cameras.

The Church of Scientology in London used hidden cameras to try to entrap Alison Braund while she was using a hidden camera in the church while working undercover, the City of London Magistrates' Court heard.
Ms Braund was preparing an investigative report for a British television company.

Chairman of the bench, Hinda Style, said there had been an abuse of process and awarded $31,500 costs against the church.

"It's a great decision," Ms Braund said outside the court.

"It's a real victory for journalists doing their job in the interest of the public."

Ms Braund filmed inside the church's premises in Bournemouth, south England, using spectacles containing a small camera.

Despite an attempt by the church to have it stopped, the program was broadcast on July 13.
Barrister Peter Thornton, for the journalist, said Ms Braund, identified by the church as Alison Davis, enrolled in the course last May.

On June 12, members of the church used two hidden cameras to record Ms Braund secretly.

"The church sought to entrap her by placing deliberately documents headed 'highly confidential' in the room and leaving her on her own," Mr Thornton said.

She allegedly placed the top copy in her bag.

[Press articles on Scientology]

Incomplete scan, to see more go here: Advertisement: Never again!

At the bottom it reads:

For more information call: 1-202-543-6404--or write to Office of Public Affairs, Church of Scientology,400 C St,NE,Washington DC.20002

In a reply to this spate of advertisements sponsored by the IAS we have this:


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Other Cults

Whilst looking into another cult - OSHA, for a friend who is worried about someone, I discovered some interesting little tidbits...Osha, or the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, he changed his name several times, was known to have dictated three books based on nitrous oxide given by his dentist...

"During his time in Rajneeshpuram, Osho dictated three books under the influence of nitrous oxide administered by his dentist: Glimpses of a Golden Childhood, Notes of a Madman and Books I Have Loved.[106] Sheela later said that Osho took sixty milligrams of Valium each day and was addicted to nitrous oxide,[107][108][109] but he denied the charges when questioned by journalists.[107][110]"

Interestingly enough, L. Ron Hubbard supposedly had an "out of body experience" on nitrous oxide at the dentist which made him exterior to his body, much of the so called OT experience is being exterior to your your body, about which L. Ron Hubbard wrote or dictated plenty.

There are many other similarities between Osho and LRH...

Chandra Mohan Jain (; 11 December 1931 – 19 January 1990), also known as Acharya Rajneesh from the 1960s onwards, as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh , during the 1970s and 1980s and as Osho from 1989, was an Indian mystic, guru, and spiritual teacher who garnered an international following. A professor of philosophy, he travelled throughout India in the 1960s as a public speaker. His outspoken criticism of socialism, Mahatma Gandhi and institutionalised religion made him controversial. He also advocated a more open attitude towards... More »
Source: Wikipedia