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The Cadet Org

GO ED 4 - Hepatitis in the Cadet Org

Date: May 5, 1979
CADET GO ED [Guardian Office Executive Directive] #4, by Stephen LeMarr for the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the CHURCHES OF SCIENTOLOGY An excerpt: "Then in Feb. the hepatitis scene happened and we were swarmed over by County and State Health Inspectors. The County Inspector (an ally) found out about the existence of the Fountain and said this is not OK and let's quickly work together and handle it. He continually predicted an attack from another agency and was not able to say which one. We found the Annex could be used and was legal with a small amount of renos and started to work. Sure enough, we were raided by 2 Special Agents of the State. But because of our taking full responsibility for our scene and well into having the Annex ready for use, there was nothing they could do to us. I will not go into detail of what they could have done but will indicate that we were suited in 1974 for running illegal child care and this would have been our second offence. First time we got probation and you could imagine what the second offense would have gotten us." 

Tita: I've had run-away cadets here that must have gone into the
children's prison camp. Pinellas County has also had experiences with
Scientology children.  In a visit to the cadet school, my colleagues have
determined that there were signs of child neglect and abuse.  They wrote
up a report and the case was forwarded to the juvenile office.  However,
Scientology lodged a complaint against the publication of the report in
the press and won.  It is still sealed today.  I don't think that it has
to do with a dispute over the investigation, they just wanted to make sure
no information got to the public.

Ariane Jackson:  At the time they were two, four and six years old. 
Scientology put them in a children's establishment, later they made cadets
out of them.  That was 10 years ago. 

Reporter:  Can you still remember leaving them? 

Ariane Jackson:  I hate to think about it.  They climbed into a special
bus.  An older man from the Sea Org tore me away and pushed me into the
car.  I could still wave to them and then we drove to the airport. 

Reporter:  Does it often happen that children are separated from their

Ariane Jackson:  Yes. 

Reporter:  Do you know of other cases? 

Ariane Jackson:  Yes, if the partners separate in a divorce and one of
them is in the Sea Org, then that is the better person.  The children are
awarded by the organization.  Then what could be better for their children
than Scientology training, Scientology schools, just Scientology
Snipped from the dark side of scientology 



13. The conditions aboard the Apollo were generally deplorable. The [handwritten: most] quarters were cramped and damp. They were roach infested. [handwritten: some] Married couples were assigned to cabins in the aft end of the ship. There was little privacy, the walls were paper thin, and the food was both inadequate and atrocious. By contrast, the berthing areas for LRH and MSH were plush, immaculately clean and stately. Both LRH and MSH were aware of the apparent filthy conditions on board the remainder of the ship. Everyone worked extremely long hours, including the children, and there was little time for sleep and virtually no time for recreation. Conditions for those in the Rehabilitation Projects Force (hereinafter referred to as "RPF") were even worse.
14. When I first boarded the Apollo, I was told that children had to be at least 12 years of age to come on board. My daughter, Valerie, was only 10 and, therefore, I placed her
in the care of another Scientology family. The rule later changed and at age 10 1/2 years, Valerie came aboard the ship in November 1972 when the Cadet Org was formed. At almost the same time, I was transferred to ASHO and, thus, we were further separated until I re-boarded the Apollo in March 1973.
15. When I first joined the Sea Org and later aboard the Apollo, I was told that Valerie would receive an education and that we would remain a close family unit. Valerie received no formal education aboard the Apollo and when we later moved to land base in Clearwater, she was allowed to attend school only because it was mandatory under the laws of the State of Florida.
16. On board the Apollo, Valerie became a Messenger, first for MSH and later a Commodore Messenger for LRH. She became good friends with Tonja Burden since they were both Commodore Messengers. The Messengers served as personal servants for both LRH and MSH. They were all [handwritten: ("all" replaced with "mostly")] young girls who worked very hard and saw to every whim and fancy of LRH and MSH. They would be responsible for every detail in the lives of LRH, including grooming, the running of messages and developing plans to be carried out worldwide. Later at land base, I heard they were involved in the coding and decoding of telexes to the Scientology Organizations and LRH worldwide.
17. While on board the Apollo, we often worked for 12-14 hours a day and longer, if necessary, if our "stats" were
down. The pay for this work was approximately $12 per week. When I later worked for ASI (Author Services, Inc.), I received approximately $160 gross or $125 net a week. From this pay was [handwritten: I had to pay] subtracted money for room, board and medical expenses.
18. We received very little medical or dental care. On board the Apollo, there was never any doctor or dentist.
19. As I previously explained, life in Scientology was military-like and for any infraction of a rule, one could be sent to the EPF or RPF. I spent a large amount of time [handwritten: 3 months] in the RPF and my daughter, Valerie, was in both the EPF and RPF when she was a mere 11 years old. Both the EPF and RPF were like prison. While in the EPF, Valerie was forced to work long hours washing clothes [handwritten: and cleaning cabins]. We barely had a chance to see each other because of the long hours and in order to get any liberty to see Valerie I had to petition MSH.
20. The RPF was even worse than the EPF. The slightest infraction or decrease in productivity could result in a messenger appearing and ordering you to the RPF. The RPF came into existence in January 1974 and all crew aboard the Apollo lived in constant fear of being sent there. While in the RPF I had virtually no time [handwritten: not allowed] to see Valerie since I was working the whole time. [handwritten: , and the rules of the RPF.]
21. Life in the RPF was despicable and degrading. You lost all sense of self-esteem, freedom and human dignity. It was a world unto itself and you felt like a leper or a member of the caste "The Untouchables". You could not speak to other crew members unless you were spoken to and you had to "run" everywhere. The conditions were even worse than on board the regular quarters, damp, cold and, again, roach infested. The food was substandard and members of the RPF only ate after others had eaten. Often there was little leftover food. Members of the RPF were forced to wear black boiler suits. We slept very little everyday and awoke each morning to swab the decks. We were allowed 30 seconds to shower and had to be up and ready in the morning within 15 minutes. There was supposed to be time for study and auditing, but this rarely occurred, [handwritten: except in the RPF where it was the only way to get out, was to complete a training & auditing program given to you.]

Scientology Crime Syndicate: Affidavit of Howard Schomer

Disgusting Scientology Morons Let Kid Die "Protected by Postulate"

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Inside Scientology: First-Person Accounts - Karin Spaink

There's a school called "A to Be" which is apparently run for children of Sea Org personnel; we passed by it on our way to lunch. Many of the children wore ill-fitting clothes, some of them had obviously home-done haircuts, and not one of them was smiling or laughing. They were preternaturally silent, unlike any group of children I've ever seen on a school playground.  

A Visit to Clearwater - Jeff Lee's Homepage

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AM - New claims of Scientology abuse 19/05/2010 - ABC

My youngest child nearly died shortly after birth because of scientology's distrust and unwillingness to get competent medical care for members. She spent the first several years of her life in a Sea Org nursery. I used to wonder why she would cry hysterically each morning when she was deposited in the facility. It was staffed by children, usually 12 to 16 years old, from the Cadet Org. The nannies had no sense of hygiene, and the children often suffered from infections, illnesses, fleas, lice, scabies or crabs. During all of this, I was so focused on my job in the Sea Org -- Chief Quality Control Officer in the brainwashing factory -- that until one day when I was changing my child's diaper and saw little white worms wiggling their way out of her anus, I didn't realize the abuse going on. Shortly after that I left the cult. But the image of those worms exiting my infant daughter still haunts me, just as the image of the twisted, forgotten children in the movie, Mondo Cane, seared into my memory. It will for all time serve as a reminder to me of the neglect and abuse to which I subjected my own flesh and blood in order to "clear the planet."

Scientology Critics' Information - Karin Spaink

Children in Scientology and the Sea Organization - Scribd

Small adults with no childhood:children in Scientology

In his book, The Labyrinth of Scientology, Norbert Potthoff tells of a disabled boy, Christian, who was emotionally neglected by his parents, as they believed his disability was due to his having been “out-ethics” in a previous life, and that this had had a negative (“suppressive”) effect on his twin brother during pregnancy. Potthoff said: “Christian is Joe’s son from his first marriage. I don’t know much about him. From time to time I see him in the hallway on the top floor, but most of the time he hides in his room. He has difficulty in walking but makes a good impression. ‘There are quite a few things you should know’ says Beate (his stepmother ) ‘Christian and Hilmar are twins and what Ron called ‘black beings’. Hilmar is extremely domineering and authoritarian. He caused his brother’s hip injury by kicking him while they were in the womb. But Christian is also responsible for his problem because he agreed to (‘pulled in’) this damage. We have sent Hilmar to Portugal. He is not easy to handle and was always in serious trouble. Christian is mostly stuck in his reactive mind, and can only get out of it from time to time with a great effort. So that we do not affect his reactive flow, he lives alone in his room. Only his father is allowed to have contact with him. ‘” [Potthoff 1997, 136]

This cruel explanation of a birth defect shows how child-neglect has been incorporated into the ideology and objectives of Scientology with the help of dependent or credulous parents. Despite (or because of) their ambition for world domination, the much-vaunted Clears of Scientology are flawed people who neglect children and teenagers, the disabled, even disabled and sick children, and who have no strong emotions except the need to master their own lives by continued auditing. (A person is regarded as clear when he has erased all engrams, secondaries and locks from his reactive bank.)

Small adults with no childhood:children in Scientology | Anti Dianetics

Here is a written testimony of one ex-Scientologist member, talking about the actress Juliette Lewis:
"I remember Juliette and one of her step mothers from the mid seventies. Scientology needed slaves to do the renovations work on what is now known as the 'Complex' in LA. They created an RPF of over 180 people and kept them working for 21 hours a day for a time. The basement is where I met one of Juliette's step mothers. Her name was Tracy Lewis and she had been on staff at Celebrity Center.
 "As an infant Juliette spent time in the pre 'Cadet Org' which was located on Melrose St. in LA. This place was filthy and roach infested. The infants were often looked hungry and cried a lot. El Ron's law was to feed the infants barley water and lock them up alone in room if they cried to much.
"There came a time when Tracy was about to have a psychotic episode and demanded to see her infant child. I was in the Scientology slave labor camp at the time as well and I ended up with the job of driving infants and other children in a Van with no seats but the driver seat from the Melrose building to the Complex. I carried Juliette as well as other children to the basement of the complex to see their imprisoned parents."
 Shamed to be a citizen of the country that has spawned Scientology

Johnny Lewis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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