Monday, 23 September 2013

Annie are you ok, are you ok Annie?

No, Annie is not ok, she's dead!

She can no longer speak, and any chance she had of speaking out was curtailed by Marty Rathbun by his own admission.

Also, by his own admission he destroyed files in the Lisa McPherson case, have you seen the pictures post mortem,well, have you?

I suggest you look, if you haven't already. Not a pretty picture, but then none of scientology is, is it?

Different time period and you know it!Well done for making Lawrence Wright look like a fucking idiot, only he isn't is he , he's in Power and the "church of scientology" is in "Non Exisistence"yeah right" Stupid cult kid, what could she possibly know?


Because, I'm a cult kid!

I know nothing, but I escaped,at the age of 12, I may have gone on to make a disaster of my life, but I did bring up two kids that are savvy to cults.

Annie Tidman/ Broeker these people can cheat and lie all they want, but we know....

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