Saturday, 7 September 2013

Pffft! So what was that about Alice in Wonderland...

Have YOU ever been 11/12 years old and driven out of your mind by L. Ron Hubbard? Well have YOU? Thought NOT! There are very few people that will admit to have been on the Apollo in 1968, wonder why that is?

Funny little thing but I never liked games, ever!Funny little thing, but apparently, scientology is a game where everyone wins...what a crock of shit!

I would have backed off a while ago, if it had not been for this...Lawrence Wright's book, where right in the middle he tells a bald faced LIE, which he got from the Indies, for anyone that does NOT understand means he got those supposed facts from the Independent scientologists. Now here's a little fact for you...there IS nothing Independent about a scientologist...a scientologist IS a scientologist...end of. To put it a little plainer...Scientologists rely on L.Ron Hubard, dead, alive, up on Target Two, they rely upon him solely.Or is that Souly?And it IS an interesting fact that they will LIE for HIM, regardless of what he has done. What is very sad, and also very disturbing is that mere "wogs", and let's face it that's what you are  and according to LRH, believe this shit and accordingly write it as gospel.

Lawrence you got it from the elite, didn't you, the Elite of Scientology, in for nigh on 40 years, therefore they MUST be telling the TRUTH, Right, Wrong!

Has anyone learnt anything about CULTS yet?

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