Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Cadet Org - Part 3

The Cadet Org - Part 1
The Cadet Org

The Cadet Org - Part 2
The Cadet Org Part 2

The Cadet Org and the RPF

I was very taken with this lady's account in Dublin last year, of life in the RPF...

Sea Org Children : RPF Scientology Camp - YouTube

Caught on Kodak: Scientology also exploiting children and elderly

Brainwashing in Scientology's Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)

The Ex Scientologist: The R.P.F. - Scientology's Prison Camp

Scientology RPF Child Camp - Today Tonight 14 Feb 2012 - YouTube

The RPF Insider Newsletter #10

Evidence of disturbing neglect of Scientology children?

children « Ex scientology women speak out.

Memoirs of an Ex-Guardian in Scientology (c) Gary Weber ...

Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology - Wikipedia ...

This is a video/audio where Wally Hanks beats a 15 year old boy called Marco,with a paddle, whilst telling him to look at a picture of LRH.

Wally Hanks was also accused of child rape, but the cult of Scientology silenced his accusers. He was never charged with anything, and most likely went on to abuse more children. Just Google his name. These criminals need to be stopped. The abuse documented in this video took place in 1988, at a place called "The Mace Kingsley Ranch School", in Palmdale, California. Wally supplied the children with beer when they behaved, and beat them when they misbehaved. I hope Wally will come clean before he dies and admit to all the children he hurt.

There is tons of stuff on the web about "The Ranch", and sadly, it is all true.


Carol Kingsley | Facebook

Interview with a Scientologist Specializing in Auditing Children ...



Scientology Kids... 

Will Fry - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [7 of 17] - YouTube

Maureen Bolstad (pt.1) - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [8 of 17 ...

Laura Decrescenzo (pt.1) - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [5 of 17 ...

Marc Headley (pt.1) - Ex-Scientologists Speak Out [1 of 17] - YouTube

Aaron Saxton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scientology escapee: Tanya Neujahr interview 1/4 

Scientology escapee: Tanya Neujahr interview 2/4 

Ritual Child Abuse in Scientology 

Scientology child labour in Australia exposed, part 1b 

Scientology Child Abuse and Labour 2 of 2

Scientology Jan Eastgate arrested for covering up Child Sex Abuse (Today Tonight - 2011-05-30)

Scarlett Hanna talks about growing-up in Scientology on Lateline (air da

Cadet Org Kids on Flag Bus

Interview with Wally Hanks



To be continued...








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