Sunday, 15 September 2013

From the McClaughry's blog

Sorry, I spent so much time enthralled by your post, I had to leave in a hurry and as I was walking to work, realised I had mis-spelt your name. Spelling never was one of  my best traits and I personally "thank" LRH for that.Funny thing, a very funny thing - my whole life, I have never understood irony, until a few years ago. Bizarre, I know, but that is the effect LRH's technology has upon you as a child. You are unable to distinguish between a joke and something serious. Unfortunately, when confronted with something that is serious to you, it is NOT a joke and it NEVER will be and their LIES are the I-RONY

William Vincent Astor and L. Ron Hubbard – British Spies and American Traitors – 8

Sorry, did not mean to deflect off of your posting, which I thought was awesome!

Just needed to clarify something.

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