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The Cadet Org Part 2

The Cadet Org Part 1

Church of Scientology Cadet School Clearwater, Florida

School Name Church of Scientology Cadet School
School Level
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Grades Pre-Kindergarten-9th
School Program Type or Emphasis
School Setting Town
School Size
Church of Scientology Cadet School has a total enrollment of 37 students, which is slightly less than the average for all Private Schools.

General Info
This school offers a grade range of Pre-Kindergarten-9th grade. This school's religious denomination is: Baptist.

There are 5 full-time equivalent teachers at Church of Scientology Cadet School, which is 3 less than the average for all Private Schools. The student to teacher ratio at Church of Scientology Cadet School is 7:1, which is 30% lower than the average for all Private Schools.

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Scientology has suddenly gone all Christian on us? Poppycock!


Qual Sec Cadet Org

Church of Scientology WUS

19951998 (3 years)
Worked as an executive at a private ranch school. 


This last sentence sums up Scientology's position towards the children of Sea Org members. By my own experience, Scientology's Sea Org continually neglected the children of its Sea Org members. For years, the Cadet Org operated under filthy, degraded conditions. The existing child care staff were in many cases severely unqualified to care for children, and to make matters worse, the Cadet Org was grossly understaffed with sufficient personnel. In fact, much of the time I was in the SO, the Cadet Org was operating its child care facility in violation of California codes which pertain to the required legal ratio of child care workers to children.

My own son, when he was around 6-7 years old, used to sneak out of the Cadet Org facility on Fountain Avenue to get away from the degradation. His nanny, Joanne, seldom noticed that he was absent. One time he was picked up by the Hollywood Police Department after he was found lost and wandering the streets alone on Hollywood Blvd. one evening while I was on post.

I grew increasingly disgusted with the lack of care for SO children (not just my own child). After realizing that Scientology management consistently failed for years to provide a sufficient number of qualified child care workers, I left the SO.

After leaving the Sea Org I was to learn of the sexual abuse my son and three other young boys between 6-7 years of age suffered while in the Cdet Org at the hands of their male nanny, who used to threaten them into performing illegal, perverted sex acts.

Again, I quote from Aides Order 203-71:
"Looking into this it was found that the CEO also had a large number of DBs ["degraded beings"], criminals and perverts posted in it. Some of these would slap the cadets around"
I wish my son had "only" been slapped around instead...
I attest that the above is true.
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A cry in the night.

To: Mary Sue HubbardCopies for info:
Guardian WW                                     May 8, 1981
Guardian US
Watchdog Committee
CO Child Care Org
AG PR CCO Doug Smith

Subject: Child Care Org LA, Placing Scientology at risk

Dear Mary Sue:
I am writing to alert you about a situation at the Los Angeles Child Care Org that places Scientology and Scientologists at risk. I am writing to the highest echelons of our Church because this is, an on-going and recurring situation that has never been handled despite attempts in the past. It is a situation that demands perhaps a different approach and some rethinking and I hope that as a result of this letter, something will happen in this direction.

Although I am reporting on a PT situation regarding the care of Sea Org children in Los Angeles, this particular situation is only an indicator of a far more serious and widespread situation regarding staff children, that permeates our entire structure.

On April 29 [name deleted] a friend of mine and an ASHO Sea Org member, currently on a maternity leave, was informed by the CEO receptionist that her son [name deleted] had Herpes. She asked me to drive to the CEO with her. When we arrived we were told he was in sick bay.

We went to the sick bay which had, I think, eight children in it. These children were all being mistreated. I do not mean medically, only, I mean mistreated in the sense of abused.
I observed the following:
  1. Sick children were being diagnosed by the MO; as it turned out they were misdiagnosed by the MO.
  2. [The son] was forced to work while ill. He was supposed to be looking after the other sick children.
  3. The children were not being sent to a doctor — for reasons of FP [financial planning].
  4. The space was filthy and inadequate.
  5. The sick children had no beds; they were lying on a concrete floor.
  6. There was no adult supervision of these ill children.
  7. Children suffering from different contagious diseases were all in the same space.
  8. The children were dirty and un-hygienic.
We talked to the MO at length. [The son], it turned out, had complained of other symptoms (sore head, eyes and throat). The MO said he only had one sore in his mouth and was not sick. Apparently when he asked the MO if he could lie down, the MO said he was not sick and had to stay on post, looking after the other children. I also discovered that the MO had received no money from ASHO for the care of
ASHO children and therefore there was no money to send the kids to the doctor. All he was doing was giving the children vitamins for their illnesses.

The "sick bay" was an approximately 5 x 18 foot screened off porch area outdoors, with a concrete floor. One of the children, a three-year-old, was lying on a very thin kitchen mat, on the floor. Others were bare-foot on the concrete floor.

The MO told us that if [mother] wanted her son to go to the doctor, she would have to go to ASHO and put in a PO. I told him that all the children who had not seen a doctor should do so, as he was not qualified to diagnose illness. At this point he became antagonistic and said they did not need a doctor and he did not want to discuss it further. I said to [mother] that the conditions in the sick bay were atrocious and if he [the Medical Officer] was not going to do anything about it, I was going to call the Board of Health.

The MO said, of course, that what I was doing was a suppressive act, as indeed, it is per policy. I replied that what he was doing to those children was a suppressive act, and left. We went to ASHO to put in a rush PO. After waiting, I became concerned about [the son] and told his mother that I would pay for his medicine and that they could pay me later. Doctor Victoria Samler diagnosed [son] as having Vincent's disease (a bacterial infection of the mouth), an eye infection and inflamed tonsils; also a vitamin B and C deficiency. She prescribed an antibiotic and eye drops.

To paraphrase what happened in the days that followed, the Guardian's Office terminals were called in because of my "threat". At first they were more anxious that I withdraw my threat than handling the children, but I think they realized that my true intention was to help. I maintained my position (the "threat" seemed to be the only leverage that would get anything done about the children) and visited the Child Care Org daily.

The next day all the children were taken to the doctor. As far as I know the MO is in Ethics, the AG was asked for a report on the situation by his seniors, ASHO finally came through with some money for the CCO for the first time in weeks, and the AG has assured me, that the children will generally be better cared for. I was also told that Jane Kember was in the process of doing an eval on the Child Care Org. In view of this I fail to see how the danger condition in the sick bay persisted during the past two weeks.
Mark Plummer adds:

«In Scientology's Sea Organization, a Medical Officer is a staff position within Division Five Qualifications Division. Although Sea Org staff often refer to the position by the acronym MO, the correct title is Medical Liaison Officer, or MLO. This position usually is not filled by someone with medical training. At the time this report was written, Michael Spearman was the MLO at ASHO Day. He has since left the Sea Org and has become a chiropractor.

In May of 1981, I was the Financial Planning Chairman, Director of Disbursements, Payroll Officer, Purchasing Officer, and Treasury Secretary at ASHO Day. I was there at the time the report was written, and I absolutely attest that the report is factual.» [ref]
I am pleased that the above has happened, but one battle does not the war win. I began to look at other Sea Org kids and made the following observations:
They are not receiving an adequate education.
One six year old couldn't even read simple words (and, but).
The quarters smell. Dirty.
The children are almost all dirty. Many run around naked.
There is a terrible lack of dental care, evidenced by the dirty teeth of some children I saw. I assume they have never seen a dentist.
There is a lack of quality and qualified personnel to look after the kids. People that are on the RPF are sent to look after the kids. Lack of stable terminals for kids.
Unhatted personnel, not interested in the post.
This is all symptomatic of a general attitude that children are less important than posts. During my battle with the Child Care Org and GO terminals, I had to quote very simple, basic, almost self-explanatory, LRH tech such as "Insist that when a person is ill they get medical treatment" (The Way to Happiness) "When children become unimportant to society, etc (SOS). Children are our future, etc. I find it a sad indictment that this was necessary even.
Mark Plummer provides an insight into the treatment of children in the Sea Organization from the organization's own literature, read his post titled "What does Scientology say about the raising of children?"
As I said earlier, this has been an ongoing situation for years. It places Scientology at risk, as has been evidenced by flaps that have occurred in the past, and places Scientologists at risk, in that it poses a very real danger for the children, in many ways. For instance, I saw children playing in the parking lot at the Child Care Org. I know that one child was killed doing this at Flag a few years ago. There is the added factor of what this kind of lack of concern does to the children.
Something must be done to terminatedly handle this situation. If we are to forge the new civilization, let it be civilized. Let us be civilized enough to care for those who trust us with their lives. Perhaps there is existing policy, but it is not enforced, here or at Flag. Perhaps it needs to be re-evaluated. In any case, in order for any policy to be followed, there has to be a drastic re-evaluation of priorities in the Church. Children are a priority. They are our future. They do deserve more from us.

It is my hope that effective change in this area will soon come about.

[name deleted]
Class VI, OT IV
The parking lot incident is reported from many sources, including: City of Clearwater Commission Hearing: The Church of Scientology - Day 4, LaVenda Van Schaick

Faithful reader,
This was sent to me anonymously while I was publishing the inFormer.
Her description of the Cadet Org Nursery matches the description I've been given by numerous other people who saw it first hand, as I did with the Flag nursery, and my own kids.
This kind of stuff gets to me.
Rev. Dennis L Erlich
Reference: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.religion.scientology/msg/0f6033a63e578122
Reference: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.religion.scientology/msg/332298f6ccb2741e
Reference: http://groups.google.com/group/alt.religion.scientology/msg/472698d3c9cfdc22




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