Monday, 23 September 2013

The Greek Junta Coup d'etat 1967 - 1974

  You may wonder why I have put this here,well for one thing I never knew this was going on when I was in the Sea Org, I also never knew anything about it whilst I was docked off the coast of Corfu. In fact, I never knew the real history of it until recently...just like scientology and the sea org, it should never be forgotten. No wonder LRH got away with what he did in Corfu and thereafter.

 1967 Greek coup d'état - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Britain and the Greek Colonels

21-Απριλίου 1967 [ Μαύρα κοράκια ]

The Greek Junta Time (1967-1974) ~ Mikis Theodorakis - YouTube



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