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Obviously, never a child...

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i repeat myself far too often but it here it comes again

lrh was an autocrat. with some exceptions of time and place, if you don't want to be there you start walking and in ten minutes you are somewhere else.

RON WAS NOT A SLAVEMASTER. CoS DOES NOT PRACTICE SLAVERY as similar as it may be in appearance

i really don't like hearing ron called a child abuser as it distracts from the very serious matter of real child abuse. yeah, i'm glad i didn't have him for a father, but he was OK in many ways. sticking a kid in a chain locker isn't a very nice thing to do to a kid but the kid came out unharmed


you wanna yap about ron being a child abuser, yap away but you not only detract from the serious subject of child abuse you lose points with intelligent readers of which i suspect this board has many silently lurking
The link to the " In Defence of L. Ron Hubbard" from ESMB has been removed from this blog. I have left the title there and you can google it, if you wish.It is entirely up to you. The reason it has been removed is I chose to leave a message board because it was detrimental to my health, a bit like Scientology and also and most importantly I refuse under any circumstances to allow Scientologists to promote their pseudo "religious psychology" on unsuspecting subjects.
That's the whole point...In scientology, you are NOT a are an adult in a little body...when you have been locked up in the ships chain locker or the hold of the ship as a child, then you can talk to me about child the can fuck off! And I mean that most sincerely. I do not mince words, especially when I am really pissed off.And I am really pissed off with these Hubbard defenders, whether in or out of the so called "church", I am even hacked off with the so called ex'es that support the Hubbard defenders. I am hacked off with non scientologists that support the Hubbardites, I am fucking hacked off, period! And it ain't going to change any time soon.I am out here on a limb, with little to NO support and I ain't backing off! Not now, NOT ever, I have NOT come this far to back off NOW!

Never mind, we all have our crosses to bear, don't we and this is a double cross:

Scientology and the Occult -

Double Crossed - - News - Phoenix - Phoenix New Times

Possible origins for Dianetics and Scientology - home . snafu . de




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