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Scientology Celebrity Endorsements

Intelligence does it again...interesting paraphernalia from Scientology's "the truth about drugs" campaign...

Narconon "intel dump",...

Couldn't have said it better myself...

Celebrities piss me off... Talking about what they know nothing about and influencing the unwary.

Jim Carrey's Scientologist... girlfriend Cathriona White's suicide 

But two of her friends tell the Underground Bunker what the rest of the media hasn’t reported: That Cathriona (pronounced “Katrina”) was a Scientologist who took classes at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, and was currently working on her “objectives” in the “Survival Rundown.” 

Jim Carrey’s late ex-girlfriend Cathriona White ‘involved in Scientology for years' | Mirror Online

EXCLUSIVE: Jim Carrey’s tragic ex was a Scientologist and was taking an intensive ‘survival’ course at the religion’s celebrity center
  • Cathriona White was a Scientologist who was taking an intensive ‘survival’ course and working on her ‘objectives’ in the ‘Survival Rundown’
  • White, the ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey, took classes at Scientology’s Hollywood Celebrity Center
  • She originally got involved in Scientology about four to five years ago through members of musician Beck’s circle of friends claim her friends
  • When Carrey met her and they began dating in March 2012, her friends say, Carrey was aware that ‘Cat’ was a Scientologist
  • White posted a photo of herself less than a year ago that showed her participating in the Scientology detoxification program purif
  • These revelations come from respected journalist Tony Ortega who has been writing about Scientology for 20 years
Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend underwent a 'purification process' linked to Scientology before ...

According to MailOnline, the 'purification process' is linked to Scientology and the cocktail is believed to help protect members from depression.
The Daily Mail shows Cathriona getting a "Scientology-administered IV drip"


And the plot keeps on thickening... »



Jim Carrey's ex-girlfriend Cathriona White was married to anoth

White had been married to Mark Burton, a cameraman she met in Los Angeles while the pair ...

Beck and Scientology -

and as a little extra whilst looking for Nicky Hopkins association with Narconon and his endorsement, look at what we have here...

Robert Hunter on Grateful Dead's Early Days and 'Sacred ...

And legend has it you were the first in the gang to try LSD, thanks to a testing program at a VA hospital. 

I used to do psychology experiments — you could get $10 or $15 for doing them, and this was one of them, only this paid better. I had a romping good time. They wanted to find out was whether it increased my ability to be hypnotized. Just a couple of years back I found out it was military or the CIA or something, that they were trying to find its value as a weapon. For me they would've found out absolutely nothing. I told Jerry, but there was no way to get ahold of any of this stuff; it wasn't on the streets yet or anything.

At one point in the mid '60s, you also reportedly looked into a new organization called Scientology. 

For a short time. This was a brand new thing at the time. This fellow came down and was telling us fantastic things, like you get could get out of your body. All of that sounded great. But let's just say Scientology and I were not a very good match. I was pretty independent minded. Jerry came to one of the meetings. And he truly didn't care for it. We did these confronting drills and stared into each other's eyes for long periods of time and tried not to think without trying and not blink. [Chuckles] I gave it the good old college try but then moved into other forms of spiritual endeavors and yoga. I was a seeker at the time and this was one of the places I sought and it wasn't a good fit. In the end the Grateful Dead fit. I thought there was a possible holy perspective to the Grateful Dead, that what we were doing was almost sacred.

The combination of Scientology, a new wife and a move to Nashville at what turned out to be the end of his life seemed to finally bring Hopkins a calm and happiness that had long eluded him. Alas, his myriad health issues — diagnosed too late as Crohn’s disease — finally caught up with him and he died painfully in a Nashville hospital in 1994 at the age of 50.

Blair's Golden Road Blog - Persuasions Redux; a Nicky ...


Kelly Preston Unscripted by Robert Randolph

cross posted from why we protest.. Kelly Preston Unscripted,...

AuthorRobertRandolph ‏@RobertRandolp19 10 hours ago
Kelly Preston Unscripted: John Travolta's "Hopelessly Devoted" Wife..EXPOSED!
via @amazon PUBLISHED!!

POLYGRAPH TESTED READING MATERIAL..100% TRUE..CERTIFIED SHOCKING! An insider's look into the turbulent, lurid, and often outrageous life of John Travolta's HOPELESSLY DEVOTED WIFE, Kelly Preston. Midst all the gay rumors, it seemed the only way to save his failing career was to recruit an ambitious, willing, equally unethical woman to play along. Learn how she burned countless bridges and screwed over anyone who got in her way in her attempt to become part of the Hollywood elite. Now, this CERTIFIED SHOCKING detailed account of the woman who married one of America's top, closeted movie stars, reveals the truth about her. Based on eyewitness accounts from family members, ex-lovers, employees, friends, and other acquaintances of the stars. Go where only a candid author like Robert Randolph can take you, into the UNSCRIPTED world of Kelly Preston. Prepare to be SHOCKED! No stranger to exposing scandal and provoking outrage around the globe, Randolph is passionate about "getting it right," as proven in his previous works. Each book's content is supported by a published, certified polygraph exam, right up front. Facts! Not opinions or mere speculation. Randolph delivers what has become his straightforward, no holds barred approach, in this latest book. An expose of Preston's darkest secrets including booze, pills, assistants, and a seemingly endless list of one-night stands involving both men and women. Find out if Kelly Preston regrets her prearranged sham of a marriage or is she living the dream?

51z-anBnt6L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg 51ew5p-W6AL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

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You got to love Love...Thats David Edgar Love

David Love exercising his rights...

"What is your problem?"

"YOU are my problem!"

You gotta love it!

Dante's Eighth Circle: Why Scientology's Narconon Must Be Stopped

7 Sep 2015
by David E. Love

Help Wanted – Narconon UK

The staff at Narconon UK are doing everything possible to get students onto the program, however they are experiencing difficulty in the marketing side, such as SEO, Google Ads, social media and general online marketing in order to generate leads. They are currently looking for Scientologists who have experience in this field. If you have any of the above skills, please call Tonie Pepperstreet for more further information on 07526353287. Commendations, hot dinners and lots of coffee will be provided.
Narconnon Uk are looking for some leaflet distributors to distribute some promotional flyers in Knightsbridge, Kensighton, Chelsea, St Johns Wood and City of London. It needs to be single distribution. Call me for further info and pricing – my number is 07526353287

 Thanks for the heads up, I personally am going to leaflet distribute for you in Kensighton( for those of you that don't live in England, that should be Kensington) Ahh, LRH word clearing, NO wonder you never managed to clear a country...believe me, I can clear the UK of Narconon...

Want to buy a bridge...

It will cost you...

Much more here...

I told you it looked like a cave...

Seattle Skeptics/Seattle Atheists will have the entire talk up on video as soon as possibe, but here's a short opening clip of Tony Ortega in Seattle talking to a packed room about his new book "The Unbreakable Miss Lovely" - published by Silvertail Books in London. It reveals the shocking details of the darkest chapter in Scientology’s checkered history, which ended with senior members in prison, and the organization’s reputation permanently damaged.

As a friend, David, I have this to say to did NOT permanently damage their reputation, for if it had I would Never have had to have spoken out, I remember walking along Hastings sea front with my baby, my child, she was what...2/3 by then and I saw Mary Sue Hubbard on the front page of a newspaper, I don't even remember which one, I think it was The Sun, not sure..and I ran into the shop, bought the paper and read it and I last, these people will never be able to do this again to anybody else...but they are still doing it...repeatedly...even to this day... ... ientology/

For all I know, you could even be David Miscavige himself, for what you have done to me... Tony Ortega...our man Jonny...and now your man David Love...what you have to understand and I don't think you ever will are the children and once upon a time I was one of them...I totally understand it, oh, so well!

I find it very, very odd that Tony Ortega puts Karen de la Carriere videos up which are ludicrous, and people who were in scientology think they are great! WTF! Seriously, these videos are shite..It's alright, there is obviously something wrong with me...

Coming up soon, when I feel up to it...which I don't right now...we are going to the birth of the sea org...

Thursday, 24 September 2015

First Auditing Session

N. Th8ta,

Gorman: I was an OSA Volunteer

Arnie: What sorts of things would you be called upon to do?
Gorman: To confront and deal with Sps, to handle Sps.

Arnie: When did you do this?

Gorman: 1990 through the beginning of 2000

Arnie: Were there any specific names you called upon to deal with?

Gorman: Kristi Wachter who runs in San Francisco and Realpeach in Oakland California.

Arnie: Describe what you did to handle Kristi Wachter

Gorman: I went to her home, to pass out flyers and give them to all her neighbors, so when she came home and came outside she would see her face everywhere saying she was a bigot. When I would see a crowd of people nearby, I would say things like: "you are psychotic", "You came out of an institution", "you like to fuck little cats", "See you later Psycho" to get her angry, so she would look crazy to others. "I know you don't like men"

Arnie: Describe what you did to handle Peaches

I would talk in a very smart ass voice, tell her she was ugly and old, tell me your crimes peaches, I said: "You are psychotic" "you are crazy" "no one cares about you" "the world would be better without you on it" "You are a bitch" "You are a bigot" "I'm never going to leave until you stop picketing my church" "I'm going to let all your neighbors know what a psychopath you are"

Arnie: Who told you to do and say these things and what did they direct you to say and do?
In my presence, Scientology's Director of Special Affairs (DSA) of the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) for San Francisco, Church of Scientology who is Jeff Quiros, stated the following:
"Under oath doesn't mean shit."

Arnie: Did he say this often?

Mr. Gorman: He said this at least ten times.

Arnie: what else did he say?

Mr. Gorman: Jeff Quiros said that "The court system is just a bunch of WOGs and they are suppressive and that the US government is suppressive"
"The police dept., the FBI and the court system are all suppressive, they are all a bunch of morons and they are down stats and can't get real jobs. The court system is designed to take any bad down stat (bad person) so they can torpedo an up stat (good person) and bring them down. The Police are a bunch of crooks and especially the FBI. The FBI is the number one terrorist group in the United States" And then he showed me a written green on white policy by Hubbard that stated this.

Arnie: Did he direct the picketing?
He directed our conduct, yet stressed this: "You cannot tell them I had any involvement, I did not tell you to do any of this, and you don't even know me" He would remind me of this EVERY time we would picket Kristi or Peaches. Jeff Quiros said, "I could get sued for this. The church would get in a lot of trouble and it would be all your fault"

Arnie: What did he tell you to do or say??

Mr. Gorman: To whisper very mean things into the ear of the person I was picketing whenever there were a group of people coming so that she would react badly in front of the people and look like a psycho-path. He told me to say specifically, "Kristi, you like to fuck little cats" "you practice bestiality" and then we both started laughing.. and to call her "psycho", because we knew this would get her upset.

Jeff Quiros also told me; "You can do anything to an SP and not get into trouble for it" "A suppressive group is made up of a bunch of SP's." He said "Get little kids around the neighborhood to pop the lady's tires, ruin her plants and break some windows in her house, give them candy for doing these deeds."
He said: "When the police finally arrive from the picketing, make them believe that we are completely normal people and the people we are picketing are psychotic and paranoid. Be friendly with the police and become their friends, and make them like you.

Arnie: What effect did your efforts have upon the police?

Mr. Gorman: Based on Jeff Quiros instruction to me, I was not just friendly with the police, but I became their friends. I would tell the police that Kristi was a psycho, tell them that she pickets our church.
After a while, the police stopped responding to Kristi and Peach's telephone calls, when Scientology would harass her at home. But Peaches would call the police every time, after a while the police stopped coming.
Jeff Quiros said: "After 6 times the police come to that location in one week, the police will stop coming because they will believe the person calling them is psychotic and paranoid. He told me if it ever comes to a time when we all have to go to court, not to worry about it because the Scientology lawyers are great and they will tell us how to act and behave and to just do exactly what they say. Lying under Oath is a normal thing for Scientologists because it's the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, and we are doing nothing wrong by changing the story since they are suppressive (bad) people and Scientologists are here to save the planet from those people. Then he said "SP's and suppressive groups hate all organizations that fix peoples lives and help people, and they want to ruin those people and organizations utterly. Scientology is the only organization that does this on the planet"

Mr. Gorman: We became their 'friends'; they started to believe that she was 'crazy'

Arnie: Did the police continue to respond?

Mr. Gorman: After they came to Peaches Pook's home about ten times the police stopped coming.

Arnie: So, would it be fair to say, that this is the one part of scientology that really works?

Mr. Gorman: Yes, it is the only part. He was making fun of Judges in general saying they look like Penguins and how they think they are all mighty and great. He said Judges do their jobs as well as nuns do, and he began to laugh, the joke was, he said that there is no God and so those people serving God don't do anything anyway.

It was common knowledge that SP's (Suppressive persons, enemies of scientology) are subject to being tricked, lied to, sued, or destroyed - they have no regard for people outside of Scientology and they believe they can do anything they want to SP's and not get punished for it because they believe that Scientologists are above the law.

Tom Gorman Interview transcript -


This is what scientologists teach their children to do to defectors and these are the "specialists in mental health"... 


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L. Ron Hubbard's Navy is born - The start of the Sea Org

Exclusive to the Apollo Series. These Pictures came in the form of slides, it's been quite difficult turning them into pictures, however with the use of a very nifty device, here they are. They have been in an attic since 1975, they were developed in England in 1970. They belonged to my Father, who left scientology's sea org in March 1969.

My Father at St. Hill...

My Father captured this brilliantly...Jill van Staden having a bad day, a rare phenomenon as you can see by the other pictures, an LRH debutante, just like Hana Eltringham, however Hana has tried to speak out, she just hasn't given it her all...just like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder...just how would you percieve them if they did? You were not there, so YOU don't know, but I do.

There is one more to come, and it's called subjucated... keep watching...

Bloody funny, click on this and an advert comes up to buy a home in East Grinstead, like you'd want to live there, really...

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Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Drug Cartels of Colombia and Scientology's "Say No to Drugs" Campaign

On September the 11th 2015, two crew members of the film "Mena" were killed in a airplane crash in Colombia, a third was badly injured. Reports are sketchy and very little thus far has been revealed. Tom Cruise has disappeared into oblivian and his spokesperson, Amanda Lundberg, has no comment.

Could it be that Tom is using his scientology training and has no thoughts about his two colleagues dying because scientology believes in reincarnation, therefore he believes they will come back and there is nothing to worry about? Could it be that he is being audited round the clock to get rid of those nasty engrams? Could it be that the plane was clipped by the rotors on the helicopter...

Did Tom Cruise helicopter clip doomed ‘Mena’ plane?

Did you know that just a few weeks earlier 16 Colombian Police Officers were also killed in a helicopter crash...could it be that it is a risky business flying in Colombia?

Sixteen Colombian police officers killed in helicopter crash ...

In July of this year, scientology opened it's Ideal Org in Bogota, Colombia...

“Colombia Beloved Land," Bogotá, Colombia's Church of ...

LIVE REPORTS: Scientology leader David Miscavige opens ...

Scientology Colombia - Facebook

Could it be that the land of drug cartels think scientology has a way to get rid of its drug habits...

Image result for scientology in bogota 

By focusing on Tom Cruise doing a film about Barry Seal and bringing a solution to Colombia's problems all at the same time. Coincidence, I think not.

credit photo to Why We protest

credit photo to the BBC

Plane Crash in Colombia,Linked to Tom Cruise Movie Mena

I am sure there is much more to this story, so I for one will be keeping my eyes and ears peeled...

As an amusing aside on the war on drugs...

Colombian Drug Cartel's Parrot 'Arrested' For Alerting ...

Armstrong, told me, among other things, of a letter from Hubbard to his third wife Mary Sue when Hubbard was in Las Palmas during 1967 at the inception of the Sea Org. This letter is now in the custody of the court. In it Hubbard tells his wife: 'I'm drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys.'

John McMasters told me that on the flagship Apollo in the late sixties, he witnessed Hubbard's drug supply. 'It was the largest drug chest I had ever seen. He had everything!'
It was shown in the Armstrong trial in Los Angeles in 1984 that Hubbard even had blank prescription slips from the U.S. Navy, one of which had a prescription for phenobarbital (a barbituate and hypnotic) written in Hubbard's handwriting.

Also, in the Armstrong trial where the "Affirmations" [handwritten essays by Hubbard] were introduced, a letter by Hubbard to his first wife was revealed, the last sentence of which declared: 'I do love you, even if I used to be an opium addict.' --  Bent Corydon (former Mission owner) in his book "Messiah or Madman?"

More What Judges say about Scientology -