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Doll Bodies.

You might be thinking I've really lost the plot now and you can be forgiven for thinking that, I'm wondering If I have too.

If you google "Doll Bodies" this is what I came up with and very interesting reading it is:

Now, a little while ago I spoke to a woman, I will say No more than that at this point and she told me a story, which I came home and googled. Nada, Nothing, I attempted several more times and again Nada, Nothing.. Now if you are following you know what I am talking about, and, I am trying to be good here. I do not betray people unless they betray me. Do we understand one another, I hope so.I googled, and googled and googled and until tonight I have not found what I was looking for. Conspiracy theory?You better be on the line lady, because I don't take kindly to being to being taken for a ride.I have had it with the peoples of East. Grinstead and their blatant lies.Are you one of those too, sweet little old lady? I am well aware of the corruption and lies that go on in the scientology organization that likes to think of itself as a church, which it is not, never has been, never will be.The only thing close to what I was told was Marty Rathbun, and if you think I believe anything there, you are deluded. I do NOT believe him to be bona fide. If you too turn out to be a con job, watch this space, seriously. I do not like being tricked or lied to and I don't care what the party line is and I am well aware that I am being watched.So, sweet little old lady don't mess with me.I am also well aware that the darling of the GO( Guardians Office) still lives in East. Grinstead and is also still on St. Hill lines having completed courses as recently as 2010. Jane Kember, anybody?The funny thing is, I actually thought is she the ambassador of SPs into East. Grinstead?

On a previous trip to East. Grinstead I was protesting and was approached by a nutter in a white hat claiming to be a Christian evangelist. WTF!After googling around a bit  I found out this person was a bonafide Scientologist of many years, whom promotes G&G vitamins, Narconon and various other Scientology enterprises.Now where was I able to gain that information, from the Scientology /london site that has recently disappeared off of the Internet.

Watch this space!

More on Doll bodies:

[Hubbard, "The Role of Earth", Nov (?) 1952]
He goes on to tell a rather wonderful story about a "space officer" from the Fifth Invader Force who "quite recently" fell foul of the Martian implant stations:
"Well, let me tell you a little story. This isn't just a story. One of the Fifth Invader Force, an officer, came down here to take a survey, and this is very adventurous. And in order to take a decent survey of the place - of course, you understand the Fifth Invader Force officer carries a doll. They don't carry bodies, they carry dolls. Their identification is a doll. It's a very little, flimsy, mechanical affair that you can make talk and walk and so forth. They're cute, they're about a meter tall, they're very light. Therefore, you don't need, you see - you don't use oxygen in saucers ...
And he parked his doll and picked up one of the persons connected with the ruling house of Hapsburg and went on a survey of the domain, and took notes on it. And unfortunately, he didn't have any foggy notion of how violently this particular prince was hated. And this prince was assassinated. And before this officer could disconnect and so forth, the thetan charge which suddenly sprung up in the assassinated prince, KABOOM!, was sufficient to overwhelm and overpower this officer momentarily, and he went through the screen.
I'm telling you this because it's an average story, not a spectacular story, not because it's different, but because it's the same.
And he went through the screen, kaboom! And he landed on an installation - well, about a few hundred miles north of the equator (what you would consider north, just trying to translate the words and directions) on Mars. Boom! He went through. And the Martians "Oh, boy! What have we got here? Ha Ha! Wonderful, Wonderful! A high volume thetan! He must be a space officer from some place or other."
So, they took a couple of standards, put them down at the foot of the cell and so forth, because they have a good identification through a body in pawn and so forth, and they decided they were going to use him back here against Earth. He wouldn't transport! So they just threw him in the clink, you might say, and kept him there. Just kept him there and kept him there an kept him there and kept him there.
And one fine day he took the body in pawn and threw it through the guard screen and blew it up - was able to do this - and himself got free on the back-concussion, you see, of this explosion, and went out.
He went back down to a station we'll call "X" and said, "Where have I been for the last twenty-seven years! Hmph!" Something of - on the order, "You should ask!" And he wrote out a chit, and they got a couple of cruisers and they put together a few commando forces and they took that installation to pieces - but thoroughly to pieces. And they took what Martians were in that installation and so forth, and put them in cans. As far as anybody knows, they're still up there. But blew this thing practically off the face of the map. Most Martian stations are much tougher than this to crack."

The Cat People.

No, I have not lost it, although it may seem that way. Cats were something that cropped up in my life early on. We were overun with them at Little Baldwins in East. Grinstead. Semi feral. Later in life after the sea org experience I kept seeing cats, black cats, that were not there. I was about 15 at the time. It was odd and neither myself nor anyone I knew could understand it.My imagination was playing tricks with me, or so I thought.

A couple of years ago now, I went to visit with my Father, I hardly know him due to the long separation of enforced disconnection from the age of 12. Anyway, he said something to me that really got to me. Yet another one of those WTF moments that catches you by surprise and you don't know how to respond. He said"Have you ever noticed when you are talking to a scientologist, there is a cat there by the side of them, the scientologists have been taken over by cat people", I was dumbfounded and replied "No, I never have". This bothered me a great deal and when I got home I asked on ESMB if anyone had ever heard of these "cat people" with reference to scientology as it was puzzling me.Not a great deal of input emerged.

I don't remember whether it was before or after this visit with my Dad and me talking about it, but cats kept cropping up all over ESMB. It bothered me. An ex scientologist kid I know mentioned it at a picket, he thought it was funny, I wasn't too sure.In the back of my mind it has bothered me ever since, though I still could not pinpoint the cause of my alarm.

A little while ago it came up again and I still could not pinpoint what was bothering me until yesterday. Bam! I watched this: 

 I won't even at this point go into why Scientology should not have air time on British Television or any other air space at this time, but I think if you read all of this you will see where I am going.

"Think of a cat", that's what Heber Jensztch said.You may think what the hell as this got to do with anything? Well for one it reminded me of what my Dad had said, because I never got the answer I needed.

Today, I went on OCMB and yet again, "cat people" cropped up.

If you thought that was crazy then you should have listened to the tape recorded Philadelphia Doctorate course lectures where Hubbard mentions "cat people" and "doll people" on the, so-called, "Whole Track".

I then googled "cat people" and "doll bodies" and this is what I came up with:

Now, I far from condone or believe what the 'pilot' believed in but I have to say as far as Scientology is concerned I do believe he was a good source of information. I have read stuff by him before and though I feel he was totally deluded in his worship of the "tech", I do feel even he knew, most people would think that.

He the Pilot praises Scamizat for getting L. Ron Hubbard's tech on line, I do also, for how the hell else was anyone able to prove that this was all true. The so called "church" of Scientology would have you believe it was not true, they would keep their damned scriptures away from prying eyes for as long as possible. Those scriptures that turn even the most demoralized person into a raving lunatic, let alone the normal human being.

And, If you think Xemu or Xenu the Galactic Overlord was way, way over the top you haven't met the "cat people".

Now, the Pilot, may he rest in peace now, warned against reading any further, and I for one agree with him.What I am about to put here is horrific.I am not sure whether this comes from LRH or Capt. Bill Robertson, but that does not matter really in the grand scheme of things because LRH and Capt. Bill were collaboratives.


64. To Join.
Cat People.

Enviroment=a neo - modern(cubist)city of flying(levitating)cat people crazy for sex.Have endless kids and throw them out or kill them until robots come and force you to feed them(kids eat your breasts which grow back, but it's painful). You betray lovers turning them into robots etc. 

Incident 2 Location = Orleans, France: Pyramid Baghdad.
The Price of Love is betrayed.
To Survive is to depend on the lust of others.
Time: Sun swings over a cubist city with flying cat people.
Space:=cat person levitating in air over ocean.
Energy:=cat person levitating.
Mass:=a great iron chest which falls and crashes through floor.
God:=Earth Mother Statue.

Now I repeat, not in red cos I could not get rid of it, but this is some really weird shit. So be warned.

Details: You are a cat woman who is exhilarated by sex.You have 7 wonderful 2Ds.When you have kids you bash their heads in or throw them out to starve.Then robots come and explain & explain you are supposed to let the kids feed on you.and they enforce it as a law.Each litter bites you and scars you all over(the breasts are nubs to be eaten). You violate laws, kill kids, engage in sexual abuse, fight robots etc.Also you betray your lovers turning them over to robots when they give you problems etc.The robots catch you and haul you before the Earth Mother God(Giant human like statue with dozens of arms and breasts and endless kids of many types in it's arms).It hits you with a beam that divides you against yourself.They release you, and you grow old and ugly, no males will join with you etc.You jump of a building and find you can't levitate any more and smash to the ground and die.The robots scrape up the body and put it in a drawer in a mausoleum and lock it electronically so your soul can't get out.Then devils drag your soul out( you try to stay in) and haul you out to sea and haul you into a volcano sticking above the surface.Inside, the souls of all the children you killed torture you with painful degraded sexual sensations

And while I was googling I came upon this:

Hey Laughinglion,

Don't you remember when we were part of the Fifth Invader Force together when this solar system was refered to as Space Station 33? That's when we operated doll bodies because we wouldn't have to need oxygen in saucers, remember? And the 4th Invaders had laid low until we got there to protect! Ron talked all about that in "The Role of Earth" from the PDC lectures. Absolutely great to see another member of the Galactic Patrol! Hail to all Loyal Officers! Man, that Miscavige guy sure did ruin everything with the whole infiltration and all. He was a government dupe, probably a Marcabian. Sheesh, and to think that Ron had left his body early and some evil GE probably picked his body back up and reanimated it. All to try to make us think that Ron was some crazy, lying scumbag!?!? I absolutely REMEMBER all of our real whole track treks together. It is so real. I can taste it!

Oh yeah, how about all of those snake and cat people that came here from "Gawd knows where..." just to make things hard for us here. All of these 14 different races of thetans here - what randomity!

Well, all I can say is that I'm still looking for Xenu's mountain prison, so I can pull the plug on that life support system.

Wish me luck!

I wish you all the Luck in the World bts2free for you truly deserve it.

These bastards don't have a clue, fortunately, YOU do.

Love ,

From the age of about 15, when I really had the time to think about all that had gone on before, my time in the sea org, things that had happened to me, things that had happened to other people, trying hard to make sense of it all and getting no where, one conclusion that I firmly believed was that L. Ron Hubbard was living in a science fiction fantasy land.I am pretty sure that I did not know Hubbard was also a science fiction writer, maybe I did but had forgotten, but I was always convinced he was living a fantasy. I kept trying to understand why I had had to be a part of that fantasy also.I kept trying to remember things he had said on the ship when I was on messenger duty and he was talking to the students, but so much of it never made any sense to me, so I would block it out and think of other things. Outer space came up a lot and I know he thought we would all be up there some day "clearing" other planets.This was something my mind could not fathom, at the age of 10/11.At the time I was having enough trouble with the planet I was already on.

Over the last few years whilst researching into my childhood past, one firm belief I have held all along is that Hubbard was living a science fiction reality. As a young kid, I knew nothing of drugs and mind altering states, nothing about mental illness, just that the "psychs" were really bad people and I got that from L. Ron Hubbard.As a kid, it never occurred to me that LRH was on drugs or that perhaps he was mentally ill. To me, he was this horrible man, whom I happened to be stuck on a ship with at sea and there was little hope of escape, for he was the ruler and everyone had to follow his rules and mostly they did.

Most recently I have been scouring L. Ron Hubbard's science fiction novels for clues to this belief of mine. There is a saying " Never judge a book by it's cover", however in LRH's case I think the book covers tell a story all by themselves, his fantasy life.

Can you see a cat?

Science Fiction

Another one's the Cat People. God knows where the Cat People came from. Lord! Lord! Lord! These people are sure lost. Most of them are mad as hatters. And they have huge, huge, often slanted... they... they'll take the GE and they will change the GE's eyes to large and slanted; they'll make the GE grow very thin. And the eyes will be big and quite often uh... uh... very feline. And they're lost. They don't know where they are. And they kinda look like cats. And they'll talk to you about catbirds from some place or another.

But what do we find in their case? We find out that cats are a 'can't destroy'. And then there are other people who are similar to that that; find cats that can't destroy that aren't part of the Cat People, because to be a good valid cat person one of the first requisites is to be strictly fruitcake and very thin. They're really lost. I don't know who got hold of the Cat People or where or brought them in to the track, but they spin as quick as you look at them. You've known some of them, I'm sure. They're kind of: sweet and they're kind of anxious to help, and they're kind of starry-eyed and they're not very forceful - they're very weak ...

And it's not only scientologists that are nuts, unless of course he's taken over a scientology body.

Cat People

L. Ron Hubbard's fantasy life:

The Cat People

More about cats.......and Scientology.
Only this time it's not some weird space opera,science fiction story, it's how scientology behaves when critics try to get a story out.

Public Health Notice
This is a public health warning informing all residents of Vashon Island that Robert and Stacy Young are operating an illegal and diseased cat kennel out of the residence that is located at [address deleted] behind the Dental office. We learned about this activity and the outrageous number of cats from a person that is part of an animal protection organization located here on our island. The number of cats is hard to tally because of all the births and deaths from disease but we estimate between 200-300 cats.
The cats are responsible for the spreading of Ring Worm and other communicable diseases to humans which the Youngs are aware of. This is a direct violation of Title 16 RCW Chapter 16.70. The Youngs are also in violation of Title 70 Chapter 70.95 which is the improper handling of Biomedical Waste.
The cats also carry the disease FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) which is the also known as AIDS. If you have any animals on Vashon Island especially cats you must get yourself and your pets tested by a veterinarian or physician as soon as possible.
The Youngs have been cited with at least 10 violations while living at the West Seattle residence for the same illegal actions. The Public Health and Safety office found out that the West Seattle neighbors had banded together and contacted the proper authorities to force the Youngs to comply to the law, but the Youngs decided to move away and bring their illegal and diseased cat kennel operation to Vashon Island. Now the problem is here and we must notify the authorities.
The Youngs have no kennel license or any sort of permit to conduct this sort of illegal and diseased cat kennel. They did not contact any of us, they just decided to bring their problems over here. We all have cats and other animals but 200-300 disease infected animals is not acceptable in our peaceful neighborhood. By contacting the authorities we can eliminate this problem.
Animal control: 386-4254
Zoning: 684-7899
Health Services: 296-4774
Hazardous Waste: 296-2712
Licenses: 296-2712
Land use permits: 296-6640
end of anonymous text

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

More IAS events and Celebrity promotions.

Scientology Spins the Lisa McPherson case.

The St. Peterburg Times:

IAS Freedom Medal Award Ceremony 6/6 - Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise Explains the study tech:

John Travolta explains the Volunteer Ministers:

John Travolta and Kelly Preston :On anti psychiatric medication - Fighting for kids

John and Kelly on scientology's silent birth:

Jett Travolta - No chemical imbalances here.
Not sure how this fits in, but thought it interesting that Kelly Preston is a supporter.
Ex scientologist talks about auditing used to treat mild autism and how it was a complete failure:

Scientology and Medical Abuse Again:

Uwe Stockenbrock Prisoner,_Hamburg_Symposium_Speech

The Soul Catchers:
The RPF:

Brainwashing in Scientology's RPF

Mike Rinder 2004-2004 IAS event Part 2 Chapter 1

1 of 4 - Panorama - The Secrets of Scientology

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Coming up to Present Time.

I read this, this morning and it brought me to tears:

Posted by bts2free on the ex scientologist message board

It was when I started seeing SO members held against their will. It all started with Maureen Bolstad, who had attempted to blow a number of times. The Security staff at Gold told me several times, and this includes Jackson, Danny and Murphy - that becuase she had worked on both "LRH lines and COB lines, they would NEVER let her leave," I became a little weary about this ordeal of "Security." In other words, my ears pricked! And I got a little scared.

Not a few months earlier, before I had been promoted as an MAA in Gold, I was walking behind Jon Stumbke and a couple other MAA's while we were heading out to the buses to secure and I overheard a conversation that I wasn't supposed to hear, and Jon was telling another MAA, that, "We are going to investigate and harass that mother 'effer until he starts to produce some products that RTC can be proud of..." Another "ear pricking" moment for me...

Fast-Forward to about a year later, and mind you, this is when I've already been an MAA on Dept. 3 and Security lines for a while now. I was the MAA for PDO (Planetary Dissemination Org) at Gold. This was a highly regarded position because I was to keep the "Ethics IN" of those who were responsible for disseminating Dianetics and Scientology across the planet. Both Jeff Hawkins and Steve Hall will tell you that I held this post and held it to the best of my ability at that time. Actually I was a FAIR MAA, because I genuinely loved everyone I worked with in PDO and Gold and STILL do. I'm a people lover. Whatever.

When I look back on all of this, due to the fact that I really wasn't some asshole trying to "locate an SP on the lines" as RTC and other execs would want you to believe, PDO was doing really good at the time, so, I was promoted to being the Chief MAA Gold for a while and then the De-PTSer for the entire Base for several years. In other words, "I rose up the ranks" due to the fact that I could help make an area stable "and ethical." To this day, I don't take credit in that at all because these people were already "ethical" people. They had signed billion year contracts. Had made it to the Int base, and were working their asses off to "Clear the planet." In other words, easy work for an MAA right?

Well, I guess because of "MY" good work as an MAA, I was assigned to a special assignment to "baby watch" an executive named Bruce Bromley, who once was Senior CS Int and worked in the Senior CS Int office for many years. He had had enough. He blew. And blew. And was recovered, etc...

He was sent out to Happy Valley (The Int Ranch) and was put under 24/7 watch by myself and several other Security Guards at Gold.

Marty Rathbun, who had returned from the Freewinds and I believe was RTC Internal or External Security Officer at the time was his Sec Checker. And showed up several times a week to put Bruce on the cans to get his crimes. While I was Baby Watching Bruce, he tried to blow on several occasions. Each time, he was manhandled by Security personnel at Gold and held against his will until Marty showed up to calm him down and put him on the cans. I was a witness to these things. Marty was his mental handler at that time. His slave Warden so to speak.

I spent hours and hours, days and days, months and months with Bruce. He actually started to become an inspiration for me, and things that he said to me started to crack the walls that kept me locked at Int. He had just had enough. I could tell that he was just done, and wanted to go live a regular life like everyone else. And then, SO DID I.

Bruce, if you're out there and you read this, I just want you to know that you had a lot to do with my waking up. Thank you!!!!

Anyway, when I was sent to OGH for nearly a year and a half because I wanted to leave, I witnessed on several occasions people trying to jump the fence and blow - Aaron Case, Maureen Bolstad, and Shane Clarke - who were all physically restrained and brought back for interrogation. Marty, Greg Wilhere and Hansuli Stahli were the ones in RTC running that shit. They were our PRISON WARDENS. And Marty Rathbun has the gall to stop people like me from speaking OUT???? Fuck that guy!!!!

Think what you will folks.

My last question - does Marty want to go to court? I think not. What's he really doing and why wont he talk about specifics? Please Marty. Spill the fucking beans already.
 And this:

Karen, I'm sick of the "back channels." We need to be open and up front about REALITY. Scientology and Hubbard's insane bullshit was pushed on me as a child and the rest of my family. I didn't know any better and grew up thinking and believing in some pretty insane shit. The same shit that has YOUR kid tied up as a SLAVE. And Heber!

How can you still believe in Hubbard and his Satanic ritual system disguised as a "benevolent religion"? Please. Wake up!

I have admitted to and confronted my fucked up upbringing in this CULT. Why can't the adults who pushed this shit on us realize it too, instead of living a Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role playing game. There is a REAL LIFE.

I understand that a lot of people don't want to just give it all up. But facing reality, and living like everyone else in the world isn't that bad.

For example, I am the sole caregiver for my Grandma who is now in final stages of Parkinson's Syndrome. I have to change her diapers, feed her and do everything else for her every day. She cannot walk. I feed her every meal and put her in bed. She whispers when she talks. I get more "wins" by being there for her than I EVER did in Scientology. EVER. What I do for my family is more OT than anyone I've ever met.

Don't you ever get sick of having to save the world or save face for what you got involved in for so many years, that really didn't matter? I like to do things that really matter these days. Especially for my family and friends who really care about me too.

 And this:

My problem with Scientology is that I will always view it from the perspective of having been a child that was thrusted into that world from the point of view of adults who thought there was something wrong with them that they had to change.

There IS nothing wrong with children, yet for some reason as we get older, we feel we have to save everyone else from the "demise" or "dwindling spiral" that is life or as Hubbard would want us to believe. At least, that's what Cults and Scientology make you believe. Hubbard was really good at making people believe that there was something wrong with them - Contact, Salvage and Bring to Understanding that "Scientology can help you with that."

If anything, Scientology is dangerous and harmful to children. They need to be left out of it.
Maureen Bolstad

 Sea Org at Gold:

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Inside Scientology.

A&E Inside Scientology 1-12 is a very interesting program, 3,4,6,7,8,9and10 are the most revealing of these videos.

This one in particular is especially for Mike Rinder:
and this:
and this:

Yeah right, let people practise Scientology as it should be practiced,like it was in the good old days with LRH as it's leader and founder.

Really, Mike?

Hamburg Symposium - Hana Whitfield

Hana Eltringham/Whitfield.

Planetary Clearing.

If you thought Planetary clearing was just science fiction watch these videos and see for yourself what goes on inside Scientology.

IAS (International Association of Scientologists)Reshaping The Destiny of Earth 1/2

2007 IAS Event at St. Hill Manor, East. Grinstead.

And if you thought squirrels gather nuts, watch this:

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


East. Grinstead and Scientology in the news. continued.........

Facing South:The Cult Business: This must have been aired in 1987, owing to the fact the commentator says Hubbard died last year - 1986.
More about Stonelands:
Just the Worst Two years of my Life.

The statement:

"To escape from the clutches of Scientology calls for great courage and resolution."
These are the words of High Court Judge Mr Justice Latey in 1984.
On May 8, 1992, one year before he left the cult, Nowell was asked to make a statement by Saint Hill officials.
It followed inquiries by a national newspaper into the way he and others were being treated. The document, bearing his signature and painting a rosy picture of Scientology, was made available to the Press. The story never appeared.
That same statement was faxed to the Evening Argus after we approached the church. Asked whether any pressure was put on him, Mr Mansell replied: "Absolutely not at all."
Here are some of the points of difference between what he was alleged to have said THEN and what he says NOW:
1992: "I wasn't recruited by anyone."
1994: "I was approached by two recruiting officers from Saint Hill."
1992: "I had full understanding of the aims of the Church of Scientology."
1994: "If I had been enlightened in Zimbabwe about Scientology as a cult I wouldn't have come."
1992: "I didn't have any difficulties with the food. I found it Okay."
1994: "I had a running tummy all the time. I couldn't stand it."
1992: "I don't regard Ron (Hubbard) as Jesus. I don't pray to him."
1994: "I didn't like the idea of worshipping L. Ron Hubbard ... people were asked to clap hands facing his photos or his statues."
1992: "I have a sense of direction of where my life is leading, as compared to the wasted days of before I came into Scientology."
1994: "It was a period of great depression."
Asked whether Scientology uses unscrupulous methods to silence critics, Mr Mansell replied: "It is completely and totally not the church policy to do that. If there ever was, or had been an instance, we would be first ones to take action.

That was not the view of Mr Justice Latey.

He concluded: "If a person seeks to escape from Scientology his files are taken by the intelligence bureau and used, if wished, to pressure him into silence.

"They are often so used and uncontraverted evidence of this has been given at this hearing."

Among these are at least 24 children who live in dormitories separate to their parents. The cult official who inspected these rooms noted: 'Smell of wet beds and bleach . . . smell of wet beds needs to be handled.'

Ms Barton, who has asked for a copy of this document, said: 'If I've been misled over the number of people living in the house, obviously this is a matter for considerable concern.'

The church said last night it had not misled the local authority. A spokesman said: 'Maybe a staff member was asked and he said 50 people or something - it might have been said offhandedly.' He said the authorities knew more people lived there.

Mr Hubbard's basic idea was that through a series of 'therapies', an individual could achieve peace of mind and eventually immortality.

Two former cult members, who asked not to be identified, lived for several years in the commune. Both were senior officers in the cult, members of the organisation that administers it.

One said that cult children at Stonelands were encouraged to participate in Scientology. He said his own daughters were encouraged to perform 'Training Routine 0' in which two people stare at each other for prolonged periods of time without moving. They also participate in the 'ethics' system of Scientology, which is another word for discipline. This involves, for instance, informing on friends and parents for having 'bad thoughts' which could include saying something critical of Mr Hubbard.

The Destruction of my Family:
I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and I lived there with my parents, older sister and younger brother. When I was 4 years old my parents, both Scientologists, divorced and my father got full custody of my sister Valeska, brother Raphael and me.  He decided to join the Sea Org in West Sussex, UK so we moved there and lived in the “housing” provided.  My mom came with us at first but she was told that she couldn’t stay. She told my sister and me that she was going out to get coffee and she simply never came back.

We spent the first night, all 4 of us, on a twin sized mattress that had bugs on it and smelled like urine.  I remember that I was completely homesick, sad and crying because I missed my mom. None of us spoke English which made it so much worse.

The first physical abuse I suffered was at the hands of a woman named Pam Hubbard Beale, no relation to L. Ron Hubbard. I was put in the ballroom of Stonelands (one of the Scientology properties located near East Grinstead) and she closed all the doors and locked all the windows. She then had me run around trying to find a way out until I had exhausted myself. When I finally gave up she proceeded to beat me on the butt. I had just turned 5. This intended to show us kids who was boss.

Facing South: Part 4 of the Cult Business:

Moving out of East Grinstead now and over to America:
Scientology - A Question of Faith.

Not only do you have to see this  re "there is no such thing as mental illness, but because mental illness does not exist, there is no drug for treatment" WTF! Also present on 3 is Jan Eastgate,the wonder woman of anti psychiatry. The same woman who tells kids to keep quiet about being sexually molested.Cagey lady, covering herself yet again, "vitamins are one of many therapies". Scientology breeds insanity at every level.

These so called authorities of the mind are quacks.Pure and simple. This kid Jeremy Perkins killed his own Mother, because of his parents faith, their faith that Scientology held all the answers. He thought he was Jesus in a past life, for crying out loud.

Jan, if  you're reading, I'm being paid by Big Pharma to write this blog.

Back to East. Grinstead:

These young people are friends of mine and it beggars belief the extent Scientology will go to in order to harass.Fair Game - Stalking in East. Grinstead:At least one of these was much later followed home and sent a cease and desist letter by Hodkin and Co.
Bush Tech!OSA in the bushes.
East. Grinstead Police Threaten to Arrest Anon.

This is quite interesting because not long prior to that protest Epic Nose Guy in London did get arrested for having the word CULT on his placard.It went to court and was established that he could use that word. The word CULT was not a problem in East. Grinstead, but BRAINWASHING and EVIL were?How bizarre!
Now I have a big, big problem here and I'll tell you why..... not only was I present when Epic Nose Guy was arrested but I was also present when the guy in above video was asked to take down his sign. We even discussed Epic Nose Guy, don't get me wrong here, I could well understand his reluctance to remove the sign as requested by the Police.I could also understand when he did remove the sign because he did not want to be arrested. However, where the hell did Channel 4 get in on this, they were NOT there the day this happened. I have a theory about Channel 4 which I will get into later.

They were there at the previous protest allegedly, but not that one, I was standing right by the young man. WTF! I KNOW.

Until very recently, Terril Park had Hardeep Singh Kholi as a  front for the freezone. I did not know he was a comedian and I gather neither did Terril.I have watched the video that was portayed by Haardeep and I was beginning to believe Channel 4 was a front group for Scientology, I am still not convinced otherwise.

And I lay my belief in this in view of this:
This is how  easy it is to give Scientology what they want, which is to give it airtime as a religion, which it is not.

I gave Channel 4 a couple of hours of my time on the telephone and they could not even give me 90 seconds .Pfft!  Beware Front groups - they are everywhere. Seems I was right all along.

East Grinstead vs Scientology.

Sadly the last time I visited East.Grinstead, earlier this year, Wickens sweet shop has closed down.
From Martin Poulter:

East Grinstead in Sussex, England is both the site of Saint Hill Manor
(the international headquarters of Scientology before L Ron got chucked
out of the country) and of Scientology's most vocal opponents: Jon Atack,
Ron Lawley and Bonnie and Richard Woods. These critics have found a useful
ally in Rev Roger Brown, vicar of St Swithun's Church, who has mentioned
Scientology in his sermons and has even sold "The Total Freedom Trap",
Jon Atack's booklet, in his church.

The Vicar, The Thieves and the Hate Group

The Vicar

	For almost two decades, Reverend Roger Brown, vicar of St. Swithun's
Church, has tried to create intolerance and prejudice against members of
the Church of Scientology living in East Grinstead.
	Although his efforts to divide the community and spread prejudice
have not harmed the Church of Scientology itself, the intolerance created
has often resulted in personal suffering for individual East Grinstead
residents who are members of the Church. In the past Reverend Brown's
sermons attacking Scientology have been followed by acts of intolerance
and even violence, towards individual Scientologists [any facts to back
this up?- don't hold your breath] Despite these despicable and unChristian
acts no condemnation was forthcoming from Reverend Brown. [I suspect that
this is because the "acts of intolerance" are not nearly as bad as they
are being painted] This raises concern whether Reverend Brown is following
the admonition to "love thy neighbour." [whether or not he is, we know
*for sure* that the CoS does not place great importance on loving one's
neighbour: they make everything subservient to their cause of "clearing
the planet"]

	There can only be two possible explanations for Reverend Brown's
[...if you're incredibly narrow minded and won't even consider the
possibility that Scientology is wrong]
We act for the Church of Scientology Religious Education College Inc, and have
had passed to us a leaflet which we understand is published by yourself and
others entitled The Big Story. This leaflet is wholly and deliberately
misleading, scurrilous and defamatory of our client. Unless it is immediately
withdrawn, and the other steps set out below complied with, our instructions are
to commence a libel action against you.

In HCO Bulletin of 5th November 1967, "Critics of Scientology", L. Ron Hubbard had this to say:-
"And we have this technical fact - those who oppose us have crimes to hide. It's perhaps merely lucky that this is true. But it is true. And we handle opposition well only when we use it...Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes exist. Because they do."

An information letter, issued on March 16 by "Blanka Annakin, Act. Director of Success, Saint Hill," told the story of "Hilary," who went to Saint Hill Manor for "processing" last year.
"At that time Hilary was completely broken down in mind and body, having spent the past four years in various mental hospitals undergoing 'treatment,' " it said.
The letter concluded: "Hilary consented to the publications of her story because she feels that it might help others who are in a similar position."
Using the name "Facts For Freedom Committee, Church of Scientology," the movement has also widely circulated an appeal for "particulars and documentary evidence of anyone whose mother, wife or relative has been adversely affected by 'psychiatric' treatment."
It adds: "We do not treat the sick or insane, but grieve for those who have suffered."
In books and pamphlets Mr. Hubbard claims that he has twice risen from the dead, twice visited Heaven, and once visited the planet Venus.
* The Daily Mail published the patient's name with support and approval of her family who feel the practices of Scientology should be made fully public.

'Hate Letters'

But an ethics order declaring him a "suppressive" was read to him by Mrs Val Wigney and he was escorted from the premises by a man called Neville Chamberlain after he had asked to and got his insurance cards.
Since he had left the organisation he had received over 100 letters from Scientologists. They were abusive and the main theme was hate.

He had issued a writ in the High Court against the Scietnologists for the return of the fees he had paid for a course in mental therapy. The Scientologists had resisted the writ, but he had been successful.
A batch of letters sent to Mr Johnson were handed up to the magistrates. On reading through them, Mr Evans commented that they appeared to be written by people feeling very strongly about something judging by their langauge.

"The organisation is rather bizarre. Sometimes you would receive five or six letters of disconnect from the same person. If my address is divulged I will get more abusive letters," explained Mr Johnson.
"Anyone who knew me or mentioned my name would be audited. They would have to go for a check on an E-meter and disconnect from me."

Mr Evans said: "It sounds like brainwashing to me."

Head Bars Son Of Cult Man

The Times, 13 August 1968, p.2 col. c
A headmaster has refused the son of a scientologist entry to a preparatory
school until, he says, the cult "clears its name".

 The boy, Neil Gaiman, aged 7, was to have started at Fonthill School, East
Grinstead, Sussex, at the beginning of next term, but the headmaster, Mr.
Michael Carter, has told the boy's parents that he cannot offer him a place.

About the autumn of 1968 the defendants commenced a campaign against Mr Robinson through their broadsheets. The reason for the campaign was that the defendants very strongly objected to political decisions in which Mr Robinson as a Minister of the Crown had been involved and which led to a ban being placed on the admission to this country of people coming from abroad to study Scientology.
In the campaign extravagant allegations were made against Mr Robinson which were of a gravely defamatory nature. Put shortly, it was alleged that Mr Robinson had instigated or approved of the creation of what were called "death camps", likened to Belson and Auschwitz, to which persons (including mental patients) could be forcibly abducted and there killed or maimed with impunity. It was further alleged that Mr Robinson had abused his position as a minister in relation to government grants made to the National Association of Mental Health.

Hubbard, who bought Saint Hill Manor in 1959, was banned from re-entering Britain in August. 1968. by the then Home Secretary and Minister of Health of the day who stated in the Commons that the Governmcnt was satisfied Scientology was socially harmful.

Under pressure, the Government some three years later set up an inquiry into the movement under Sir John Foster, who subsequently recommended that the ban on foreign Scientologists be lifted.

The Government is still refusing entry into the country of aliens who wish to study or work in Scientology, despite strenuous efforts by the movement to bring about a change of mind.

The most worrying thing Mr Cooper says, was the expression on her face.
'She smiled at me once when she wasn't being watched by the guy with her
and it was a real smile. Then she saw him looking and she snapped back
into this weird, fixed stare.'

In the United States, Scientology has in recent years gained tax-exempt
status and such recruits as Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Demi Moore and
Lisa-Marie Presley. But Mr Cooper thinks its old image as a sinister and
manipulative cult, preying on vulnerable people, is nearer the truth.

'They made her sign a contract for a billion years. What kind of people
are they? They've taken her life away.'
Nico van den Berg, a Dutch lawyer who has set up the Scientologists' Criminon UK project said that 16 prisoners, in five jails, were undergoing the programme.
He said that it was intended to expand the scheme next year with Criminon volunteers going into prisons to take rehabilitation classes.

Mr Van den Berg added: "Once we become bigger we can actually go into prisons which might adopt the course as an official programme which all prisoners go through."
He said that Criminon was not seeking to recruit the inmates to Scientology but merely trying to turn them away from criminality by introducing them to The Way to Happiness, Hubbard's secular teachings on clean living.

The suggestion was greeted with suspicion by rehabilitation professionals. Harry Fletcher, deputy general secretary of the National Association of Probation Officers, said: "There are now 57,000 people in prison, many of whom are desperate to change their lives. You can see why the Scientologists would see this as a fertile recruiting ground. This is one service we could do without."

Stately home tour that has a hidden agendA

On Friday we reported how the UK base of the Church of Scientology was being
advertised in a tourist leaflet published by West Sussex County Council. The church was quick to deny the free tours on offer were being used to recruit members into the
controversial religion. Posing as a daytripper, David Edwards went to find out for himself

IT is advertised as a tour of one of Britain's most beautiful mansions.

Visitors are invited to drop in on the 200-year-old stately home, set in nearly 60 acres of grounds, and embark on one of the hourly tours.

The huge sandstone building with its winter garden, mural painting and oak panelling should be the perfect day out for visitors.

But the advertisement does not tell you the tour of Saint Hill Manor could be seen as a PR exercise for the Church of Scientology.

By the time my visit was over I had been told what Scientology stands for, how it works and even shown the room where people can join.


The Messengers were born out of a power struggle in the late 70s when the leadership was overthrown by a new second generation of "Super-Scientologists".

One to suffer under the change was American Jay Hurwitz, 42, of Sharpthorne, Sussex, a former senior executive at Saint Hill, and another independent Scientologist, who agreed with the Hitler youth description.

He revealed that the changes had also resulted in financial upheavals and a sharp increase in course fees. Just over 12 hours of Scientology training now can cost nearly UKP5,000.

Morale at Saint Hill is low. The dormitory accommodation, poor food and wages of UKP4 a week, sometimes unpaid, give the place the air of a run-down youth hostel, Gulliver says.

And documents handed to The Mail on Sunday confirm that the crude practice of "disconnection" -cutting off a dissenter from family and friends -has been reintroduced.
"Disconnection is part of everyday life at Saint Hill." Gulliver said. "It goes round by word of mouth when someone is an outcast. He or she is just ignored and shunned. It was what we were brought up to do."


Mr Justice Latey said Scientology was corrupt "because it is based on ties and deceit, and has as its real objective, money and power for its founder, his wife and those close to him at the top.

"It is sinister because it indulges in infamous practices, both to its adherents who do not toe. the line unquestioningly, and to those outside who criticise or oppose it.
"It is dangerous because it is out to capture young people, especially children and impressionable young people and indoctrinate and brainwash them so that they become the unquestioning captives and tools of the cult, withdrawn from ordinary thought, living and relationships with others."

The judge praised the mother's courage in escaping from the "tight and unrelenting" hold of Scientology and its ruthless discipline.

He said the children were at a school controlled by Scientologists where the "baleful influence" was ever present and the objectives were tb capture the child's mind. It would be a grave risk to leave them with the father, but they still loved him — and he loved them — regular visits should be arranged.
Mr Justice Latey's reason for giving judgment in open court he described as "a warning to others."

The new menace that waits outside the school gates

East Grinstead Courier, 23 February 1987, front page
THOUSANDS of children are in danger of indoctrination by a sinister cult which has mounted an undercover operation to attract young followers. Children as young as six are being enticed by the Church of Scientology into exploring its founder's bizarre philosophy.
Some have had cult literature thrust into their hands by Scientologists at their school gates. Others have received it through the post. And the campaign has been so disguised that 11 mayors and council chairmen were duped into endorsing it.

At the centre of the deception is the apparently innocent Set a Good Example contest, with the tempting top prize of a trip to Hollywood. To enter, children from six to 18 must read a booklet, The Way to Happiness, with their parents' help If necessary. They must then carry out a project which 'sets a good example,' based on what they have learned.

The competition organisers distributing the leaflet, are the shadowy Concerned Businessmen's Association. whose address is a Victorian house In North London.
Documents obtained by the Daily Mail reveal that the association was secretly set up by the Church of Scientology, branded "corrupt. Immoral and dangerous' by a High Court Judge during a child custody case in 1984.

The author of The Way to Happiness. whose name is written in tiny print, is science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the church. A spokesman for the cult-monitoring group Family Action, Information and Rescue said last night: 'It's quite appaling to get at children through what is a large-scale propaganda exercise for Scientology.

The cult, which was badly hit by Mr Justice Latey's High Court condemnation. and its leader's death last year. is exuberant over the success of The Way to Happiness campaign. Its internal newsletter, the Auditor. says: 'Weekly, thousands of UK children are asking for competition entry forms."

But many head teachers have been outraged by the Scientologists' approaches to them and their pupils. Worst hit has been West Sussex, home base of the church, where booklets and contest details have been distributed at several schools.
Literature has also been sent to London borough youth officers, libraries and businessmen, and the names of West Country mayors and council leaders have been used in an effort to attract business sponsors to the campaign.

The Safe Point UK group, based at the cult's headquarters at Saint Hill, is aiming to "gain friends for Scientology" among decision makers and leaders of opinion both in the town and the country as a whole. The cult wants to rally 150 MP's to its cause through a series of campaigns on social issues.

The project is designed to "reach" into the field of arts and business and "develop and secure friends for Scientology".
The first of these campaigns is expected to promote the cult's opposition to drug taking. It will be aimed at showing that Scientology is concerned at drug abuse, crime and violence.

The cult, once described as being "corrupt, sinister and dangerous" by a High Court judge, wants to heighten awareness in politics, media, the arts, business, and "broad public."

The campaigns are being coordinated by a group of senior Scientologists including a leading local property developer, an accountant and two financiers.
Scientology members are currently being recruited to mount a sustained campaign by writing and phoning MP's and by arranging weekly meetings at the House of Commons. Others will be asked to orchestrate campaigns and to "handle" the media.

This is the latest in a series of attempts by the church to expand. Two years ago they launched a campaign to make East Grinstead Britain's first Scientology town, but attempts to recruit young people in the High Street caused a storm of opposition.

Among these are at least 24 children who live in dormitories separate to their parents. The cult official who inspected these rooms noted: 'Smell of wet beds and bleach . . . smell of wet beds needs to be handled.'
Ms Barton, who has asked for a copy of this document, said: 'If I've been misled over the number of people living in the house, obviously this is a matter for considerable concern.'

The church said last night it had not misled the local authority. A spokesman said: 'Maybe a staff member was asked and he said 50 people or something - it might have been said offhandedly.' He said the authorities knew more people lived there.

Mr Hubbard's basic idea was that through a series of 'therapies', an individual could achieve peace of mind and eventually immortality.

Two former cult members, who asked not to be identified, lived for several years in the commune. Both were senior officers in the cult, members of the organisation that administers it.

One said that cult children at Stonelands were encouraged to participate in Scientology. He said his own daughters were encouraged to perform 'Training Routine 0' in which two people stare at each other for prolonged periods of time without moving. They also participate in the 'ethics' system of Scientology, which is another word for discipline. This involves, for instance, informing on friends and parents for having 'bad thoughts' which could include saying something critical of Mr Hubbard.

Evil Sex Pervert sent to Prison

Scientology Teacher molested Schoolboys

The East Grinstead Observer, 25 January 1994
A pervert teacher at the Scientologists Greenfield School in Forest Row who sexually assaulted young boys has been jailed for five years.

Mark Kent, 32, of Lewes Road, Forest Row, molested six teenage schoolboys over a period of seven years and took filthy videos of himself in sex acts with his young victims. Hove Crown Court heard Kent was found to have a videotape shooting scenes from the cult school's fete, interspersed with sickening footage of himself and young boys, and covert filming of naked schoolchildren showering.

Sentencing him Judge Gower QC said: "The boys and parents put their trust in you. You betrayed it for the gratification of your own perverted lust."

Kent admitted six charges of indecent assault and one charge of indecent video, asking for two similar charges to be taken into consideration.

The Prisoners of St. Hill

For two weeks, the room was locked. The German had been placed on an 'isolation watch' - or what Scientologists more informally refer to as a 'baby watch'. It is a treatment that was prescribed by the founder of the cult, L Ron Hubbard, a science fiction writer, for members showing signs of psychosis or mental ill-health - people who are, literally, plagued by evil spirits. It is the last resort for dealing with difficult Scientologists. It is a treatment that the organisation has so far kept secret.

The subject of the watch is observed at all times, and not allowed to talk to anybody. He or she is, in the language of the cult, 'muzzled'. Our witnesses, who have asked to remain anonymous, remember that the German was sometimes incontinent and that they had to wash him down at the sink in the otherwise bare room. The five people who guarded him were only allowed to communicate with him in writing. Eventually, he was allowed to return to Germany.

Scientology stands accused of many things: of warping people's minds, of financial corruption, of preying on the vulnerable. Thirty years ago, a group of MPs tried to have it banned in the UK after a girl with a history of mental illness was found wandering around East Grinstead, having a nervous breakdown. Finally, the Government banned all foreign nationals coming to the UK to work or study in Scientology, until 1980.
Since then, the Scientologists have worked hard to improve their image. But they remain a secretive, frightening group. Despite the proliferation of their 'literature', little is known of the inner workings of their organisation.

Most people have walked past high street shops outside which smiling youngsters offer free 'personality tests'. Russell Miller, in his biography of Hubbard, showed that Scientology is a monumental con and that its founder was a charlatan. Almost everything Hubbard said was palpably untrue - he claimed to have been awarded a Purple Heart for being wounded in action, which was false; he claimed he was crippled and blinded at the end of the Second World War, also false. Despite these fabrications, dedicated loyalists believe Hubbard was a genius, the designer of a new path that could lead people to a secular Eden. In the main, they are educated, white and middle class.

For the past few months, the Independent has been investigating claims that the cult employs quasi-psychological techniques that are possibly illegal and potentially dangerous to the long-term health of its more vulnerable members. Disturbing new evidence, provided, at some risk to themselves, by existing and former members of the cult may renew calls for Scientology to again be banned from the UK. In the United States, the cult was recently granted the tax exemption enjoyed by genuine churches, but this may soon be overturned. In November, in a landmark ruling, the Californian Court of Appeal agreed that the the techniques of Scientology constitute 'brain-washing' and 'thought-reform' similar to that practised by the Chinese and North Koreans against American prisoners of war.

Hubbard regarded the law as a tool to be used to the advantage of the cult (he once said: 'The law can be used very easily to harass'), and the cult has become notorious for issuing injunctions and taking out libel actions - none of which it has so far won. But the tide seems to be turning: there are a series of legal actions pending from former members seeking damages for a variety of reasons, including false imprisonment.

Much of the harrassment has been carried out by Eugene Ingram, an American private detective flown in from Los Angeles by the cult's head office in the United States, to target Atack and others involved in legal actions against the cult. Ingram, according to statements given under oath by a key Witness in an American court case, has boasted of "turning" a Los Angeles judge by setting him up with a prostitute and videotaping them having sex. Gary Scarff, a former member of the cult's paramilitary Office of Special Affairs, has testified that Ingram was also involved in a conspiracy to murder an opponent of scientology. The allegations are the subject of American police inquiries.

In 1987, Ingram was involved in a campaign to try to discredit and prevent publication of an unflattering biography of Hubbard, a science fiction writer, by Russell Miller, a Sunday Times journalist. Miller was harrassed for months and an attempt was made to frame him for murder.

Last week Ingram said he was investigating Atack as part of a criminal inquiry. One interviewee was even led to believe that Ingram was an FBI agent. "I am astonished that the police cannot protect a British subject from such an undesirable alien," said Atack.

When he was finally traced to a hotel in East Grinstead, Ingram was characteristically hostile: he even complained about being telephoned at his hotel. "I have never done anything illegal," he said, "I don't intimidate. I cannot discuss the nature of my business in this country, which is confidential to the client."

These are but a few of the articles about Scientology, ,go here to find many more.If ever there was a time to do something about this abomination of a cult, now is the time

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The East Grinstead Song.

East. Grinstead and Scientology in the news.

British Government Declares Scientology a SINISTER CULT:

The battle for East. Grinstead.

Dithering, stitch-up and dismay within the Government over how to treat the challenge of Scientology emerges from the confidential papers.

L. Ron Hubbard’s choice of East Grinstead as the headquarters of his religion made the West Sussex town a Jerusalem for a certain kind of adherent in the 1960s.

Young, mentally ill people had gone to East Grinstead for treatment and had complete breakdowns. A woman who paid £300 was found living in a forest.

The ban remained in place until 1980, but last night the Church of Scientology described the claims as ridiculous and said that police repeatedly found the allegations in the Government’s papers to be “completely false”.

 The Secrets of Scientology.

Sitting on a red velvet chair in the middle of a majestic, oak-panelled hall in East Grinstead, I have rarely felt more fearful for my sanity. On the wall in front of me, a creepy, larger-than-life-sized portrait of an old man seems to be staring straight at me. In front of the portrait, Laura, a middle-aged woman wearing a high-necked blouse and ostentatious gold cross, stands behind a lectern reading aloud from a huge leather-bound tome.

In Britain, the Charity Commission denied Scientology religious status on the basis that it did not benefit the public in any way.

As I'm led inside another room by Ron, I see at least 100 people - most of them elderly - poring over huge leather-bound books. It reminds me of one of the large reading room in the British Library - but these people are not browsing for free. Although Ron will not give me an exact figure, he says that recruits pay "thousands" to study Scientology.

Elsewhere, there are hundreds of machines stacked up in readiness for a possible sales event that afternoon. Called E-meters (short for electropsychometer) they look like two tin cans attached by thin wires to a navy blue control panel. By gripping the cans in both hands, the specially designed machine will supposedly help senior Scientologists locate areas of spiritual distress in your soul. Although the Scientologists' own prayer book states they can only be used by Scientology ministers, I - a definite non-minister - am offered the chance to purchase one, a snip at £3,000.
I ask Ron whether I'm likely to bump into any famous names. He shakes his head. "Celebrities rarely attend Saint Hill, except on special occasions," he says. "There is a dedicated 'celebrity centre' in London's Bayswater." Apparently, celebrities have "special needs", although he won't expand on this. Somehow, I can't envisage Cruise or Travolta sleeping in a barracks in East Grinstead.

At the end of the four hours, I am keen to leave. Ron tries to get me to make an appointment to see someone for "dianetics counselling" as soon as possible. He phones me that evening - and for the next three days. A female recruit also leaves me messages - none of which I return.

The cult has attempted to intimidate news organisations who expose it. Last year, it threatened court action against Google, which had to remove websites that criticised the group. After a day witnessing what goes on on the inside, I realise it's little wonder the "church" needs to resort to such tactics.

Scientologist's  set for heavenly tax cut.

Scientology could be officially recognised as a religion in the UK following a ruling in the European Court of Human Rights.

The decision, won by a law team led from East Grinstead, could mean the Charity Commission will have to recognise the controversial Church of Scientology as a bona fide religious group.
This would give it access to a series of tax breaks and potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxpayers' money through Gift Aid.
The European Court ruled the Russian government should be forced to recognise the Church as a religious organisation.
But if the decision is rolled out across the EU the group, which is viewed as a business in many countries, could save millions of pounds.

The UK headquarters of the Church of Scientology is in East Grinstead and has been visited by Tom Cruise, the creed's most high-profile follower.

The organisation was turned down for charitable status in 1999 because the Charity Commission ruled scientology was not a religion in English charity law.

Graeme Wilson, the director and spokesman for the Church of Scientology in England and Wales, said it had not decided whether to reapply.

Mr Wilson said: "The vast majority of people are recognising this is mainstream. It is in over 160 countries around the world, with 7,000 churches and different organisations."

The court application was led by East Grinstead lawyer Peter Hodkin and won under Article 11 - the freedom of assembly and association - of the European Convention on Human Rights read in the light of

Article 9 - the freedom of thought, conscience and religion.
The court ruled that the Church of Scientology had been "discriminated against as a religious minority" and "was restricted in exercising the full range of its religious activities".

The group was partly refused charitable status in 1999 on the grounds that it was not "established to promote the moral or spiritual welfare or the improvement of the community".

It has since established an anti-drugs campaign with schools and the police in the UK using scientologist swing band Jive Aces to front the message and a "youth for human rights" campaign.

Notice Peter Hodkin again, who has people followed home to identify them and then sends cease and desist letters.How very religious.

Councillor starts Scientology row.
A councillor in East Sussex has asked for Scientologists in his town to be stopped from working for the council.
Councillor Michael Murphy has had his proposal seconded by councillor Paul Scott, but other members of Crowborough Town Council have raised objections.
He suggests the council "refrains from using the voluntary services of the Scientologists until a full investigation has been carried out".

Jo-Ann Wilkins, a Scientologist from Crowborough, said she was "a little surprised" to hear the issue mentioned at Tuesday's council meeting.

"I have been doing voluntary work for the council for three years," she said.

I can't help what else she has been doing for the local council?If you've read all of my other posts I think you'll know what I mean.

Cllr Michael Murphy demanded the council should seek further information into the church of Scientology before it uses its voluntary services.

Cllr Murphy, who reiterated that he does not discriminate against anyone, referred to newspaper allegations of improper conduct by Scientologists particularly at Walsh Manor, Crowborough, where some 350 scientologists live.

He claimed workers at the manor always looked "pained and exhausted" and how one remarked "I would have loved it if the police moved in and let us all go".

Cllr Murphy said: "It's not an organisation full of ordinary people. It's an authoritarian organisation that restricts people and their freedom - particularly the vulnerable. They charge a lot of money for the services they provide."

'After seeing what was going on there, I became so disgusted with it that I had to resign. On June 24, 1966, I was escorted from the premises and nothing was mentioned about a uniform and I have never had any request to return it,' he said.

Mr. Johnson then told the court of the letters he had received from Scientologists stating that he had been 'disconnected' from them.

A bundle of these letters was handed to the chairman who said: 'This is an incredible bunch of letters; much of it is written in violent language and they appear to contain a theme of hate.'

Mr. Johnson said it was quite normal for people leaving the movement to receive letters like this. It was a condition of re-entry into the movement that a member must write a letter disconnecting himself from someone who has left Scientology.

He said this would happen while a student was being processed.

At this point, Mr. Evans remarked that it sounded like a form of brain-washing.

Mr Soames said he and his family "deeply resented" the use of the Churchill name and extracts from his famous speeches "and my grandfather would have loathed it".

The decision by the Scientologists to follow the example of the BNP was "unforgivable", Mr Soames said.
"They didn't even ask permission."

Pictures of Sir Winston and quotes from his speeches are included in staff recruitment material which has been circulating in the UK. They have also been used to promote speaking engagements and fund raising campaigns.

Scientologists pay for libel.
The Church of Scientology religious education college - responsible for the propagation and practice of Scientology in the UK - produced a leaflet in June 1993 describing her as a hate campaigner and a deprogrammer who tried to force people away from their chosen faith. It cast doubt on the sincerity of her claims to be a born-again Christian. Mr Tugendhat said the church now accepted that the allegations were untrue.