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The Cat People.

No, I have not lost it, although it may seem that way. Cats were something that cropped up in my life early on. We were overun with them at Little Baldwins in East. Grinstead. Semi feral. Later in life after the sea org experience I kept seeing cats, black cats, that were not there. I was about 15 at the time. It was odd and neither myself nor anyone I knew could understand it.My imagination was playing tricks with me, or so I thought.

A couple of years ago now, I went to visit with my Father, I hardly know him due to the long separation of enforced disconnection from the age of 12. Anyway, he said something to me that really got to me. Yet another one of those WTF moments that catches you by surprise and you don't know how to respond. He said"Have you ever noticed when you are talking to a scientologist, there is a cat there by the side of them, the scientologists have been taken over by cat people", I was dumbfounded and replied "No, I never have". This bothered me a great deal and when I got home I asked on ESMB if anyone had ever heard of these "cat people" with reference to scientology as it was puzzling me.Not a great deal of input emerged.

I don't remember whether it was before or after this visit with my Dad and me talking about it, but cats kept cropping up all over ESMB. It bothered me. An ex scientologist kid I know mentioned it at a picket, he thought it was funny, I wasn't too sure.In the back of my mind it has bothered me ever since, though I still could not pinpoint the cause of my alarm.

A little while ago it came up again and I still could not pinpoint what was bothering me until yesterday. Bam! I watched this: 

 I won't even at this point go into why Scientology should not have air time on British Television or any other air space at this time, but I think if you read all of this you will see where I am going.

"Think of a cat", that's what Heber Jensztch said.You may think what the hell as this got to do with anything? Well for one it reminded me of what my Dad had said, because I never got the answer I needed.

Today, I went on OCMB and yet again, "cat people" cropped up.

If you thought that was crazy then you should have listened to the tape recorded Philadelphia Doctorate course lectures where Hubbard mentions "cat people" and "doll people" on the, so-called, "Whole Track".

I then googled "cat people" and "doll bodies" and this is what I came up with:

Now, I far from condone or believe what the 'pilot' believed in but I have to say as far as Scientology is concerned I do believe he was a good source of information. I have read stuff by him before and though I feel he was totally deluded in his worship of the "tech", I do feel even he knew, most people would think that.

He the Pilot praises Scamizat for getting L. Ron Hubbard's tech on line, I do also, for how the hell else was anyone able to prove that this was all true. The so called "church" of Scientology would have you believe it was not true, they would keep their damned scriptures away from prying eyes for as long as possible. Those scriptures that turn even the most demoralized person into a raving lunatic, let alone the normal human being.

And, If you think Xemu or Xenu the Galactic Overlord was way, way over the top you haven't met the "cat people".

Now, the Pilot, may he rest in peace now, warned against reading any further, and I for one agree with him.What I am about to put here is horrific.I am not sure whether this comes from LRH or Capt. Bill Robertson, but that does not matter really in the grand scheme of things because LRH and Capt. Bill were collaboratives.


64. To Join.
Cat People.

Enviroment=a neo - modern(cubist)city of flying(levitating)cat people crazy for sex.Have endless kids and throw them out or kill them until robots come and force you to feed them(kids eat your breasts which grow back, but it's painful). You betray lovers turning them into robots etc. 

Incident 2 Location = Orleans, France: Pyramid Baghdad.
The Price of Love is betrayed.
To Survive is to depend on the lust of others.
Time: Sun swings over a cubist city with flying cat people.
Space:=cat person levitating in air over ocean.
Energy:=cat person levitating.
Mass:=a great iron chest which falls and crashes through floor.
God:=Earth Mother Statue.

Now I repeat, not in red cos I could not get rid of it, but this is some really weird shit. So be warned.

Details: You are a cat woman who is exhilarated by sex.You have 7 wonderful 2Ds.When you have kids you bash their heads in or throw them out to starve.Then robots come and explain & explain you are supposed to let the kids feed on you.and they enforce it as a law.Each litter bites you and scars you all over(the breasts are nubs to be eaten). You violate laws, kill kids, engage in sexual abuse, fight robots etc.Also you betray your lovers turning them over to robots when they give you problems etc.The robots catch you and haul you before the Earth Mother God(Giant human like statue with dozens of arms and breasts and endless kids of many types in it's arms).It hits you with a beam that divides you against yourself.They release you, and you grow old and ugly, no males will join with you etc.You jump of a building and find you can't levitate any more and smash to the ground and die.The robots scrape up the body and put it in a drawer in a mausoleum and lock it electronically so your soul can't get out.Then devils drag your soul out( you try to stay in) and haul you out to sea and haul you into a volcano sticking above the surface.Inside, the souls of all the children you killed torture you with painful degraded sexual sensations

And while I was googling I came upon this:

Hey Laughinglion,

Don't you remember when we were part of the Fifth Invader Force together when this solar system was refered to as Space Station 33? That's when we operated doll bodies because we wouldn't have to need oxygen in saucers, remember? And the 4th Invaders had laid low until we got there to protect! Ron talked all about that in "The Role of Earth" from the PDC lectures. Absolutely great to see another member of the Galactic Patrol! Hail to all Loyal Officers! Man, that Miscavige guy sure did ruin everything with the whole infiltration and all. He was a government dupe, probably a Marcabian. Sheesh, and to think that Ron had left his body early and some evil GE probably picked his body back up and reanimated it. All to try to make us think that Ron was some crazy, lying scumbag!?!? I absolutely REMEMBER all of our real whole track treks together. It is so real. I can taste it!

Oh yeah, how about all of those snake and cat people that came here from "Gawd knows where..." just to make things hard for us here. All of these 14 different races of thetans here - what randomity!

Well, all I can say is that I'm still looking for Xenu's mountain prison, so I can pull the plug on that life support system.

Wish me luck!

I wish you all the Luck in the World bts2free for you truly deserve it.

These bastards don't have a clue, fortunately, YOU do.

Love ,

From the age of about 15, when I really had the time to think about all that had gone on before, my time in the sea org, things that had happened to me, things that had happened to other people, trying hard to make sense of it all and getting no where, one conclusion that I firmly believed was that L. Ron Hubbard was living in a science fiction fantasy land.I am pretty sure that I did not know Hubbard was also a science fiction writer, maybe I did but had forgotten, but I was always convinced he was living a fantasy. I kept trying to understand why I had had to be a part of that fantasy also.I kept trying to remember things he had said on the ship when I was on messenger duty and he was talking to the students, but so much of it never made any sense to me, so I would block it out and think of other things. Outer space came up a lot and I know he thought we would all be up there some day "clearing" other planets.This was something my mind could not fathom, at the age of 10/11.At the time I was having enough trouble with the planet I was already on.

Over the last few years whilst researching into my childhood past, one firm belief I have held all along is that Hubbard was living a science fiction reality. As a young kid, I knew nothing of drugs and mind altering states, nothing about mental illness, just that the "psychs" were really bad people and I got that from L. Ron Hubbard.As a kid, it never occurred to me that LRH was on drugs or that perhaps he was mentally ill. To me, he was this horrible man, whom I happened to be stuck on a ship with at sea and there was little hope of escape, for he was the ruler and everyone had to follow his rules and mostly they did.

Most recently I have been scouring L. Ron Hubbard's science fiction novels for clues to this belief of mine. There is a saying " Never judge a book by it's cover", however in LRH's case I think the book covers tell a story all by themselves, his fantasy life.

Can you see a cat?

Science Fiction

Another one's the Cat People. God knows where the Cat People came from. Lord! Lord! Lord! These people are sure lost. Most of them are mad as hatters. And they have huge, huge, often slanted... they... they'll take the GE and they will change the GE's eyes to large and slanted; they'll make the GE grow very thin. And the eyes will be big and quite often uh... uh... very feline. And they're lost. They don't know where they are. And they kinda look like cats. And they'll talk to you about catbirds from some place or another.

But what do we find in their case? We find out that cats are a 'can't destroy'. And then there are other people who are similar to that that; find cats that can't destroy that aren't part of the Cat People, because to be a good valid cat person one of the first requisites is to be strictly fruitcake and very thin. They're really lost. I don't know who got hold of the Cat People or where or brought them in to the track, but they spin as quick as you look at them. You've known some of them, I'm sure. They're kind of: sweet and they're kind of anxious to help, and they're kind of starry-eyed and they're not very forceful - they're very weak ...

And it's not only scientologists that are nuts, unless of course he's taken over a scientology body.

Cat People

L. Ron Hubbard's fantasy life:

The Cat People

More about cats.......and Scientology.
Only this time it's not some weird space opera,science fiction story, it's how scientology behaves when critics try to get a story out.

Public Health Notice
This is a public health warning informing all residents of Vashon Island that Robert and Stacy Young are operating an illegal and diseased cat kennel out of the residence that is located at [address deleted] behind the Dental office. We learned about this activity and the outrageous number of cats from a person that is part of an animal protection organization located here on our island. The number of cats is hard to tally because of all the births and deaths from disease but we estimate between 200-300 cats.
The cats are responsible for the spreading of Ring Worm and other communicable diseases to humans which the Youngs are aware of. This is a direct violation of Title 16 RCW Chapter 16.70. The Youngs are also in violation of Title 70 Chapter 70.95 which is the improper handling of Biomedical Waste.
The cats also carry the disease FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) which is the also known as AIDS. If you have any animals on Vashon Island especially cats you must get yourself and your pets tested by a veterinarian or physician as soon as possible.
The Youngs have been cited with at least 10 violations while living at the West Seattle residence for the same illegal actions. The Public Health and Safety office found out that the West Seattle neighbors had banded together and contacted the proper authorities to force the Youngs to comply to the law, but the Youngs decided to move away and bring their illegal and diseased cat kennel operation to Vashon Island. Now the problem is here and we must notify the authorities.
The Youngs have no kennel license or any sort of permit to conduct this sort of illegal and diseased cat kennel. They did not contact any of us, they just decided to bring their problems over here. We all have cats and other animals but 200-300 disease infected animals is not acceptable in our peaceful neighborhood. By contacting the authorities we can eliminate this problem.
Animal control: 386-4254
Zoning: 684-7899
Health Services: 296-4774
Hazardous Waste: 296-2712
Licenses: 296-2712
Land use permits: 296-6640
end of anonymous text

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