Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Criminon is part of an umbrella group which consists of, Narconon, Criminon,Applied Scholastics and 'The way to Happiness', all under the umbrella of ABLE - Association for Better Living and Education., what they don't tell you is that this IS Scientology.They would all have you believe that the only association with Scientology is that they use the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the great humaniterian.

Considering his penchant for locking people up, including that of children on board the Apollo, I have the greatest doubt that he was ever human, let alone a humanitarian. In fact he even states quite categorically that he was not from this planet.He stated this in one of his lectures aboard the Apollo.

Well, not quite that lecture, but this one.

Now guess where Criminon UK operates from? You guessed it! The Mecca of Technical Perfection, home of L. Ron Hubbard in the UK, East. Grinstead.Across the road from the cinema in East. Grinstead is Criminon, and according to their website they do correspondence courses in these prisons marked with*.

Does anyone find that scary? I do.

Operating Thetans that do this kind of thing:

While this was happening to Paulette, I was totally oblivious, because I could not deal with it and I was boogieying to this kind of thing:

I am besides myself that I could not deal with this, because so many bad things happened to good people because people like me couldn't find a way to speak out.Until now.

And then there is this:

and this:

Is anybody scared yet?

This IS Scientology!

Criminon International also has a website and upon reading their mission statement you have to wonder who the hell writes this stuff.In theory this all seems like a grand idea, if it wasn't for the fact that Scientology produces and precipitates criminal behavior, this comes directly from L. Ron Hubbard himself.What a joke!

The Mission Statement says and I quote:

to eliminate those factors which produce and precipitate criminal behaviour


Second Chance of New Mexico.

Scientology Dirty Tricks, more Scientology propaganda.


Second Chance, how many chances does scientology want to prove how bad they are?

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