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East. Grinstead and Scientology in the news. continued.........

Facing South:The Cult Business: This must have been aired in 1987, owing to the fact the commentator says Hubbard died last year - 1986.
More about Stonelands:
Just the Worst Two years of my Life.

The statement:

"To escape from the clutches of Scientology calls for great courage and resolution."
These are the words of High Court Judge Mr Justice Latey in 1984.
On May 8, 1992, one year before he left the cult, Nowell was asked to make a statement by Saint Hill officials.
It followed inquiries by a national newspaper into the way he and others were being treated. The document, bearing his signature and painting a rosy picture of Scientology, was made available to the Press. The story never appeared.
That same statement was faxed to the Evening Argus after we approached the church. Asked whether any pressure was put on him, Mr Mansell replied: "Absolutely not at all."
Here are some of the points of difference between what he was alleged to have said THEN and what he says NOW:
1992: "I wasn't recruited by anyone."
1994: "I was approached by two recruiting officers from Saint Hill."
1992: "I had full understanding of the aims of the Church of Scientology."
1994: "If I had been enlightened in Zimbabwe about Scientology as a cult I wouldn't have come."
1992: "I didn't have any difficulties with the food. I found it Okay."
1994: "I had a running tummy all the time. I couldn't stand it."
1992: "I don't regard Ron (Hubbard) as Jesus. I don't pray to him."
1994: "I didn't like the idea of worshipping L. Ron Hubbard ... people were asked to clap hands facing his photos or his statues."
1992: "I have a sense of direction of where my life is leading, as compared to the wasted days of before I came into Scientology."
1994: "It was a period of great depression."
Asked whether Scientology uses unscrupulous methods to silence critics, Mr Mansell replied: "It is completely and totally not the church policy to do that. If there ever was, or had been an instance, we would be first ones to take action.

That was not the view of Mr Justice Latey.

He concluded: "If a person seeks to escape from Scientology his files are taken by the intelligence bureau and used, if wished, to pressure him into silence.

"They are often so used and uncontraverted evidence of this has been given at this hearing."

Among these are at least 24 children who live in dormitories separate to their parents. The cult official who inspected these rooms noted: 'Smell of wet beds and bleach . . . smell of wet beds needs to be handled.'

Ms Barton, who has asked for a copy of this document, said: 'If I've been misled over the number of people living in the house, obviously this is a matter for considerable concern.'

The church said last night it had not misled the local authority. A spokesman said: 'Maybe a staff member was asked and he said 50 people or something - it might have been said offhandedly.' He said the authorities knew more people lived there.

Mr Hubbard's basic idea was that through a series of 'therapies', an individual could achieve peace of mind and eventually immortality.

Two former cult members, who asked not to be identified, lived for several years in the commune. Both were senior officers in the cult, members of the organisation that administers it.

One said that cult children at Stonelands were encouraged to participate in Scientology. He said his own daughters were encouraged to perform 'Training Routine 0' in which two people stare at each other for prolonged periods of time without moving. They also participate in the 'ethics' system of Scientology, which is another word for discipline. This involves, for instance, informing on friends and parents for having 'bad thoughts' which could include saying something critical of Mr Hubbard.

The Destruction of my Family:
I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and I lived there with my parents, older sister and younger brother. When I was 4 years old my parents, both Scientologists, divorced and my father got full custody of my sister Valeska, brother Raphael and me.  He decided to join the Sea Org in West Sussex, UK so we moved there and lived in the “housing” provided.  My mom came with us at first but she was told that she couldn’t stay. She told my sister and me that she was going out to get coffee and she simply never came back.

We spent the first night, all 4 of us, on a twin sized mattress that had bugs on it and smelled like urine.  I remember that I was completely homesick, sad and crying because I missed my mom. None of us spoke English which made it so much worse.

The first physical abuse I suffered was at the hands of a woman named Pam Hubbard Beale, no relation to L. Ron Hubbard. I was put in the ballroom of Stonelands (one of the Scientology properties located near East Grinstead) and she closed all the doors and locked all the windows. She then had me run around trying to find a way out until I had exhausted myself. When I finally gave up she proceeded to beat me on the butt. I had just turned 5. This intended to show us kids who was boss.

Facing South: Part 4 of the Cult Business:

Moving out of East Grinstead now and over to America:
Scientology - A Question of Faith.

Not only do you have to see this  re "there is no such thing as mental illness, but because mental illness does not exist, there is no drug for treatment" WTF! Also present on 3 is Jan Eastgate,the wonder woman of anti psychiatry. The same woman who tells kids to keep quiet about being sexually molested.Cagey lady, covering herself yet again, "vitamins are one of many therapies". Scientology breeds insanity at every level.

These so called authorities of the mind are quacks.Pure and simple. This kid Jeremy Perkins killed his own Mother, because of his parents faith, their faith that Scientology held all the answers. He thought he was Jesus in a past life, for crying out loud.

Jan, if  you're reading, I'm being paid by Big Pharma to write this blog.

Back to East. Grinstead:

These young people are friends of mine and it beggars belief the extent Scientology will go to in order to harass.Fair Game - Stalking in East. Grinstead:At least one of these was much later followed home and sent a cease and desist letter by Hodkin and Co.
Bush Tech!OSA in the bushes.
East. Grinstead Police Threaten to Arrest Anon.

This is quite interesting because not long prior to that protest Epic Nose Guy in London did get arrested for having the word CULT on his placard.It went to court and was established that he could use that word. The word CULT was not a problem in East. Grinstead, but BRAINWASHING and EVIL were?How bizarre!
Now I have a big, big problem here and I'll tell you why..... not only was I present when Epic Nose Guy was arrested but I was also present when the guy in above video was asked to take down his sign. We even discussed Epic Nose Guy, don't get me wrong here, I could well understand his reluctance to remove the sign as requested by the Police.I could also understand when he did remove the sign because he did not want to be arrested. However, where the hell did Channel 4 get in on this, they were NOT there the day this happened. I have a theory about Channel 4 which I will get into later.

They were there at the previous protest allegedly, but not that one, I was standing right by the young man. WTF! I KNOW.

Until very recently, Terril Park had Hardeep Singh Kholi as a  front for the freezone. I did not know he was a comedian and I gather neither did Terril.I have watched the video that was portayed by Haardeep and I was beginning to believe Channel 4 was a front group for Scientology, I am still not convinced otherwise.

And I lay my belief in this in view of this:
This is how  easy it is to give Scientology what they want, which is to give it airtime as a religion, which it is not.

I gave Channel 4 a couple of hours of my time on the telephone and they could not even give me 90 seconds .Pfft!  Beware Front groups - they are everywhere. Seems I was right all along.

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