Saturday, 13 August 2011

Protesting Scientology.

Protesting against something you deem to be wrong is a good way to get a point across, whilst informing the public of the nature of your protest.It is then up to the public to research the nature of your complaint and make up their own mind as to whether or not your complaint is justified.

A group of people sprung up on the internet in 2007/2008 calling themselves Anonymous and they did so in order to bring to the publics attention the long term abuses that have been rife inside the organization known as Scientology for some 50+ years.I, as a child that grew up in this cult cannot thank them enough.One of the reasons that they called themselves Anonymous, was because of the Scientology organizations habit of following and harassing anyone who says anything derogatory about this organization.In order to keep anonymous they wear the V for Vendetta masks, which has become a trademark of protests against the "church" of Scientology.

When Anonymous protests against Scientology, it is always peaceful, the young anonymous protesters, although at times being quite wacky are always extremely courteous, generous, kind and very compassionate.

However, the "church" of scientology would have you believe they are cyber terrorists.This could not be further from the truth. The "church" of scientology would have you believe that anonymous and disgruntled ex members are religious bigots,with a hatred of anyone trying to do some good in this world.The organization known as Scientology would have you believe they are the ones doing good in this world and yet at every turn, the organization of Scientology is the one that incites hatred and bigotry, whilst hiding behind a cloak of religion and goodness.

I bring this up in view of the recent riots in London, supposedly starting out as a peaceful protest. There has been NO peaceful protest, and for the life of me I cannot understand why these youths that have resorted to such violence, thuggery and looting can in any way hope to expect people to understand why they would resort to such catastrophic demonstrations.This type of behavior will be and should be condemned by the populace at large.

I can only hope that this full scale massacre of London will not in the future stop peaceful protests.

Cyber terrorism does exist, but not in the form of the Anonymous that I know.Like anything else, this is being exploited as a way to cut off links to good people who really do have the nations best interests at heart.

In light of the riots in London, Birmingham and Manchester, a couple of idiotic twitterer's decided to incite terror into a small seaside town on the south east coast of England, called Hastings.

I got a phonecall at work on Tuesday to say that mobs of Londoners were headed this way and the supermarket Morrisons had shut down and evacuated all it's shoppers.. Not only that, but they had also boarded up all the store front windows and removed all electrical items and alcohol. I kept thinking this has to be a hoax, a little non descript town on the south east coast of England and a huge mob of Londoners are going to pay £30 a train ticket to come down and wreck the town. Are you kidding me? The rumors got worse as the afternoon continued.

Windows have been smashed at Marks and Spencers. The mob are now continuing down to the Old Town. One of my customers even told me, " I watched as Morrison's was evacuated. In a real emergency they wouldn't have stood a chance. It took 45 minutes. Grid lock!"

I didn't have my mobile on me, my daughters mobile number being on it, had no way of getting in touch. I started to get worried. This all started at 3pm, it was nearly 5:40 pm before I could start to make phone calls. It was 7pm before my call finally got through. My daughter informed me there was absolutely nothing to worry about, in fact not only was she one of very few people on the streets, but was surrounded by Police, they were everywhere. How bizarre is that?

The following day, I went into Hastings , Marks and Spenncer's did not have one broken window.In fact there was NO damage anywhere that I could see.I still don't have the full facts on this yet, but I find it not only appalling, but most certainly disgusting and abominable that two stupid little retards can virtually shut down an entire town, waste Police resources, incite violence and terror into a community simply by twittering.What is the world coming to?

I don't suppose the stupid little bastards that did this have any idea as to the turmoil they created.

Not only is this another form of brainwashing, it is cyber terrorism.

Getting back to Scientology, I can only say to ALL scientologists whom have the notion that Anonymous is a cyber terrorist group, get a clue. Read, Watch, Look and Listen, get rid of that tunnel vision. L. Ron Hubbard was wrong!
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