Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Front Groups continued.....

Eventually I will emalgamate all this stuff on front groups. There are so many of them and it is all so insiduously done. Unless in the fine print at the bottom of the page it says Copyright L. Ron Hubbard, or "church" of Scientology or "Religious" Technolgy Center how are you supposed to know?Even if it has these logos in tiny print, if you've never heard of scientology or L. Ron Hubbard, don't know what Narconon and Crimonon, ABLE, Applied Scholastics,CCHR(Citizens Commission of Human Rights), Youth for Human Rights all are, how are you supposed to know? You're not. Take Youth for Human Righs as an example, how innocuous does that sound, looks good doesn't it, if you go to their website you could be forgiven for thinking "Wow, this is something I want to be a part of", that would be your first big mistake.

Now here's something I am really into, Naturapathic Medicine, I don't advocate it all works but I like aspects of Natural medicine, so say I wanted to take a course in Natural Medicine, where would I go? A Naturapathic college? Now if I had not grown up in East. Grinstead as a little girl, never been on Hubbards floating navy, the sea org, didn't know all I know now about just how insidious this crazy cult is, I just might be tempted to approach the College of Naturapathic Medicine, East. Grinstead.When I say insidious, I mean just that.This college is run by many scientologists. If you think scientologists are just ordinary everyday people, I suggest you think again.East. Grinstead is pretty much like Clearwater, Florida. It might look like an ordinary little town, but it isn't.There are a lot of Scientology businesses in East. Grinstead, and there are many nationwide, that you would never imagine having anything to do with Scientology. 

Bodies in the shop might be dwindling but it doesn't stop the hard core scientologists.

Meet yet another scientologist:
Hermann is heavily involved in CCHR . In May/June 2011, one of his best friends and closest colleagues, Jan Easgate was arrested. Clearly, this is a big pharma conspiracy.

There is also a Lynne Ott, listed as being one to contact on the College of Naturapathic Medicine's website. There are some young Otts listed on this website above as being from Greenfield's School, a Scientology School.I won't give links to scientology sites at present as everytime I do now, strangely enough malware tries to enter my computer.

I read the following some time ago now, it's written by Blown for Good, I have since read his book and both are a minefield of information on how Scientology works today under David Miscavige. You may wonder why I'm putting this piece here, but hopefully it will fall into place when read.

These GO staff went on to start up front groups and became the ones that ran the Scientology schools. A look at the children going to these schools in the 80’s would be the complete list of all the old GO staff off-spring. It would also be no coincidence that all of the top 100 donors to Scientology that also had school age children, were now sending their kids to these new Scientology schools. Granted, not all parents could afford Delphi’s steep tuition. At $600 plus per month in the 1980’s, Delphi was almost expensive as some colleges. Except we are talking about K-12 schooling! Where does this money go? Well, Delphi pay’s for the use of the Study Tech and this goes to Applied Scholastics that then forwards it on to ABLE which is a SEA ORG Operation!


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