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Running from scientology.

Stacy Brooks Young:

Mike McClaughry:

The following is a series of links that I have followed from the above Mike McClaughry blog, I have never come across this blog of Mike's before and I think it is worth mentioning here.So many people have been caught up in this most unethical of organization's called Scientology and to quote Thomas C Tobin's headline "How much oddity can one town take?" and replace it with my own, "How Much Oddity can Scientology Dish Out".

War for the Minds of Man

From same post as above:
Here’s one more, which we called “the disappearing fish”.
In what is now the fountain (pictures in this post), back approximately 7 years ago when it was just the “base” from an old well-tank cover, Mike hand-picked some baby Koi fish, and a couple other fishes to have in this little “pond”. He carefully monitored the water, and fed them and just was so happy to have these little fish.
He put a couple rocks in there so they could hide when they wanted to.
One day, we had had them about 3 weeks maybe, he went out to visit “Fred”, the first koi he had purchased.
But “Fred” was nowhere to be found, and for that matter, neither were any of the other fish.
WHAT??? Where did the fish go?
One could assume the cat ate them, or a bird, or all manner of logical things, but let’s just say with our experience in the weird things that are made to intentionally go on around here – we suspected something else.
Mike removed all the rocks, so there was complete visibility in the pond all the way around and to the bottom – and no Fred, or any other fish. He and I and other witnesses saw this.
Two days later, I walk by the little pond, still sitting there full of water and I see a flash of movement in the water out of the corner of my eye. I turn around and look more closely, and THERE ARE ALL THE FISH.
Every single one of them.
Now that’s what this military paper meant.
Who the HELL would steal someone’s fish? Let alone put them back.
Total mess-with-your-head territory. Get you to question yourself as to whether those fish were really gone or maybe you just imagined it, hopefully then leading you to question other things you are doing, and thereby getting you to back off a probably correct direction you were headed in – just exactly like the military report suggested.
Good thing we had witnesses, eh? Not that you NEED them, but it sometimes can help when someone attempts to knock you sideways reality-wise to this extent.
Imagine filing a report with the police on things like this.
“Yes officer, someone stole our fish and then put them back 2 days later.”
“Yes, officer, someone drained all 3000 gallons of our well water. No, I can’t show you where it went because it’s GONE!”
You can see one of the obvious reasons these were carefully chosen as OPs, is how they would “sound” if you tried to report them.
So, there are just a couple of real-life examples of PSY-OPS with a gas-lighting flavor to them.
Same thing applies. We know who did this one too, and who tasked them to.

Gerry Armstrong
“The Church sued Armstrong, seeking to get the boxes of personal materials returned.
On 2 June 1984 Judge Breckenridge dismissed the suit against Armstrong, with his commentaries on the case. Judge Breckenridge said:
After the suit was filed… Defendant Armstrong was the subject of harassment, including being followed and surveilled by individuals who admitted employment by Plaintiff; being assaulted by one of these individuals; being struck bodily by a car driven by one of these individuals; having two attempts made by said individuals apparently to involve Defendant Armstrong in a freeway automobile accident; having said individuals come onto Armstrong’s property, spy in his windows, create disturbances, and upset his neighbors.” – War for Minds of Men
Rick Aznaran, while under surveillance by Church intelligence agents, was the object of a hit and run accident in the State of Texas.
There are quite a few others but that will suffice for now.
Thank you.  – Robert Van Heusen
End 123jump author “Six” insertion.
Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, and David Miscavige were all present in Clearwater in October 1998 during the time period of these events.

THIS NIGHT was the beginning of the black PR campaign against Virginia - with Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, and David Miscavige as the Handlers.
(Handler – intelligence term meaning one who recruits and runs agents to carry out an operation)
(Black PR – Black propaganda, spreading lies about someone to hopefully ruin their influence with others, break their friendships, employment etc.)
Virginia went in a room with D of P, Barbara Nelson, Chief MAA, Cosima and auditor Christina Tidu. (related to Ignazio Tidu)

Barbara Nelson-Solo Nots D of P

Cosima – Chief Master At Arms
Cosima issued threats to Virginia and Virginia holds her position. Cosima tries to lie about Virginia right to her face and says that she is blowing a reading question and Virginia says to her auditor that is a lie and you know it. The auditor agrees it’s a lie and tells Cosima she is wrong and signals Cosima to shut-up, which Cosima grudgingly did. It is of note that Cosima was a very unhappy woman who had no business being in the job she held in the Church. Her overly vengeant nature ending up blowing the Church’s cover on more than one occasion. Twice with Virginia. The other occasion was Virginia mentioned 2 “wins” to Cosima just 1 year earlier. An “OT” win, which means something of a not average occurrence happened. The next day, Cosima tried to get Virginia assigned lower ethics status for “enturbulating” Cosima with her capabilities, and that she had been terrified all night about the thought of such things being possible. Virginia pointed out that “you better do that for everyone in the Advance! magazine then, because what do you think is in there?”. Cosima was cornered by that, and became very angry at Virginia for revealing her to be such a fool, and for Virginia not falling for her intimidation. She continued to threaten her and Virginia told her “you’ll have to get that past my Case Supervisor, and I bet you won’t.” Virginia left, and that was the end of that. Cosima was a closet Dominatrix, and she bore a deep grudge over such an embarrasing (to her) display of who really had power, and who didn’t.  This has bearing on Cosima’s threats and physical aggression displays against Virginia this night in October, 1998.
Virginia shows the Christina, her auditor, HCOB PCs Who Refuse Auditing and the auditor says “Well, we certainly have not been doing this correctly.

This meeting with Cosima etc. continued well after midnight into October 4th.

One of the things Cosima threatened Virginia with was that:

“You will have a car accident if you continue the way you are.”
The next day, October 5th at 16:30 PM a car accident is arranged on Drew St. at the corner of Missouri during Rush Hour traffic. Virginia was stopped and waiting to turn left into a gas station at the corner. She is then set-up by another vehicle waving her through to make her turn, and she is immediately slammed into by another vehicle going 40+ MPH. Virginia’s car is completely totaled – but she walks away unhurt (as does the other driver) excepting a bruised and swollen ankle. She was even more pissed off at Church personnel for this attempt to divert her and let various persons know this in no uncertain terms. After bringing it to certain persons attention that Cosima had threatened Virginia with this car accident and that that fact could bring a lot of heat should Virginia desire to pursue it, the entire demeanor of the involved Flag’s personnel changed at this point. The whole “attack” and “handling” re: the six-month check was completely dropped and Virginia was offered Assists auditing to help with any trauma from the car accident. Virginia accepted, completed that and then received C/S ok to go home for a while to assist in the birth of Mike’s first grandchild, Sean.

Sometime after that, in 2001 October, shortly after the 9/11 trauma, I got a call from my sister. My father was very ill at the hospital and was very likely to die from one moment to the other. I wasn't going back home since about 6 years and couldn't just miss paying my last visit to my father, so began to arrange for it. I renewed my passport and reserved the ticket for the soonest flight, however, when I was about ready to go, I got delayed because had to get a security check to make sure all was fine and I had no plans to just leave and never return. I was disgusted being delayed under the above circumstances and my request to leave as soon as possible was not approved, while my senior was more concerned about me taking the shortest amount of days off possible, so I'd return back to the production line up. Truly, it struck me and it came across as really not caring at all from the part of my senior, all she cared about, was to have me back in the chair auditing. I was so uninterested in being there at all to a point that the only thing I wanted was to be out of that space and gone. It's true, my service was convenient to the organization money wise, I've made a calculation, during the year 2000 I had delivered over 2300 auditing hours, which at the time was equivalent to almost $3 million!! Yet my own income had been about $3000 for the whole year. Yeah, you're right, nobody forced me to stay, it was all done on my own, but that's not all.

I finally left regardless of the advice of the in charge of the special affairs guy, who told me not to leave or I wasn't going to be allowed to return to the US because my green card application, which was ongoing since 2 years, hadn't been approved yet. Honestly, I didn't give a damn at that stage, I counted on the fact that it was a real emergency and even customs personnel would understand that. I was wrong!!! My father was happy to see me again particularly knowing it was our last time together. He thanked me dearly for having come all the way from America to see him. Upon returning back to the US, following my scheduled LOA, I had the unpleasant surprise of being rejected by customs at the JFK airport and shipped back to Italy. I was treated almost like a criminal, and the Italian police had to come pick me up at the Malpensa airport in Milano. Upon a brief explanation to them as to what happened, I was allowed to go. I ended up spending the New Year’s Eve 2002 on board the airplane above the Atlantic and my first day of January wasn't looking much better. No flights were available for me to return home from there, so I had to figure out how to spend the day in some decent fashion. Out of my memory, I recalled somebody I knew lived around there so got hold of a phone directory and searched for his number. Luckily I succeeded and he was kind enough to come and pick me up and allow me to stay at his place until next day when my flight would take me back home, to may parent's place. I'm very thankful to the hospitality of such friend and there are many like him in my heart. So next day I was on my way back to Sardinia. Everyone was surprised about my return; it was really hard to understand how that all came about. I had no longer permit to return to the US for God knows how long, I couldn't continue with my job, couldn't see my daughter ever again, unless she would come visit me outside the US and that was very unlikely to take place.

She was about 15 when I left her on Dec 2001. I've not see her ever since, unless she mailed me some photograph years later. Now being back home with my father still alive, but just about to depart, it wasn't very pleasant either.

I was going to live my life with this unspoken experience until I realized somebody else had been going through a similar if not worse experience in the same organization even if not same geographical base. I couldn’t believe what I was finding out; their stories were on the same exact pattern as mine. I finally understood why the RTC rep on the ship found it okay to punch me, she had learned the lesson from her boss and was doing the same thing.

Even my partner had brought up a similar experience of his being beaten by another RTC rep at the UK base, not to mention other humiliating handlings that came up from other incidents that emerged. Having at this point come to the conclusion that I’ve nothing to hide about my life in the sea org, I wish other people to know what it’s been like.

 From Scientology's own Freedumb magazine about Steve Hall:
 Watch the video's.

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