Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Adults in little Bodies.

Whilst being a young child and expected to behave like an adult isn't anything new, it goes on in many places. The concept of this is driven home hard inside of scientology. One is lead to believe one has lived many lifetimes, therefore "one is an old head on young shoulders" quote.This is emphasized even more by the expectations of working hard at a young age and none more so than inside Scientology's sea organization.However, it is not restricted to the sea organization, public scientologists still believe children are adults in young bodies.Where does this leave the young child?

Here is a talk given at Southampton University by two public scientologists.You have to hand it to these youngsters for becoming very informed about the practices of Scientology before going into this lecture.

Provided by Sponge on OCMB:

The last video in this section gives the viewer an idea of Scientology's view of 'adults in little bodies', something I personally am all too familiar with.

Good to see in the thread above  "How scientology just lied to you talk given afterwards in the pub.
And they did, as can be seen in these videos. Scientology is compatible with other religions.No, it is not.

The man on the cross, there was no Christ.Quote -L. Ron Hubbard.

Scientology's Nut job Founder.

Well worth watching all the videos  at the Southampton lectures.

Children in Scientology:This is David Miscave's niece:

Jenna's story is not uncommon.There are many children over the years that have fallen prey to this evil cult.My half sister has been in for over 40 years, all three of her children, from what I can gather from a reputable source all are in the Sea Organization., I have never met any of them.,

I notice today, after giving a link to Scientology/ yesterday on my previous post re front groups, that it can no longer be located. I personally know this person has had trouble keeping this site on line. Whilst it may be seen by some to be giving too much personal info, I think it is a valuable resource as if nothing else it showed just how many British children have been brought up in this mental manipulation of young minds, and how many ended up in the Sea Organization.

I am concerned that this valuable resource has gone off line, as it showed  a history of Greenfields School, it's attachment to scientology, showed Margaret Hodkin who started Greenfields School with Mark McQuade in 1981, and Peter Hodkin of Hodkin and Co, Scientology Solicitors who send out cease and desist letters to members of anonymous,after having them followed home to find out their identity's.

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