Sunday, 31 July 2011

Scientology's Big Tax Scam.

TT COSRECl July 2011:

Brian Seymore an Australian reporter keeps on the tail of Scientology, as does Senator Nick Xenophon,from South Australia.

You really couldn't make this shit up, if you tried.

Scientology's leaked auditing accounts from 2010:

Part 1 and 2:

The Disturbing History of Scientology and the IRS:

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Scientology Spokespersons.

Mike Rinder speaks out:

Also footage of the missing Heber Jenzsch, thought to be in the RPF or in the 'hole', wherever that might be.

Heber Jenzsch quote "I'm saying if she went to a psychiatrist, they would have destroyed her."

What, so Scientology didn't destroy her?They keep her locked in a room for 17 days, unable to talk to anyone,spitting,vomitting, soiling herself, thinking she's L. Ron Hubbard, she's covered in cockroach bites. She lost 42lbs in weight in 17 days and Scientology says they cared for her. Would you want to be cared for by these people?

And after:

Mike Rinder and Marty Rathbun having now come out of Scientology say evidence was destroyed in the Lisa McPherson case. Scientology have been systematically destroying evidence for years.

To be continued....

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Scientology Narconon - Cult Rehab Center.

Narconon is a drug rehabilitation center, these centers are operating as registered charities all over the world.

There is one near where I live,supposedly recently it was up for sale, I have written about on this blog, post Walkabout. I phoned this Narconon last week, they are still operating from 2 Albany Road, St. Leonards on sea.East. Sussex.

Whilst many of us know the destruction that a life time of drug abuse can cause and would be only too pleased to see the end of this destructive addiction, Scientology's Narconon uses this front group as a means to use and abuse already very vulnerable people. Scientology also uses this front to try to gain prestige and garners good faith with government officials, mayors,health programmes,and all manor of worming it's insidious Scientology agenda of creating a scientology world.

You wouldn't think this possible, would you? But it does, right under our very noses.

Where's the best place to hide something?

This video is of David Love, an ex Narconon victim who is doing a great job of exposing this insidious organization for what it really is. Thank you David.

Being a great David Bowie fan, I am so glad they never got to him.

However, they did get Woody Woodmansey, big time. So sad!His family, his children, his life.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

If I had ever.....

If I had ever realised where this had put me in life, would I ever.... NO!
If I had realised the exact circumstances of this, would I ever..... NO!

I wanted to be truthful, what have I got out of this? Nothing, Nothing at all, but a lifetime of harrassment and inuendo that I am a piece of SHIT!

SHIT on the tone scale = 7 dosen't even exist.

The Scientology Tone Scale:

There is .07 =Hopeless.
.375=Making Amends.
There is NO Seven.
Why is that?

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


This is a hard subject to cover and I bring it up only because once programmed into cult indoctrination it is very hard to un program oneself from a dedicated mindset that for some has gone on for decades.

I found this today and thought it was quite interesting especially as it had my name on it.

The SO and the RPF and, before it, the mud box brigade, were created during Hubbard's admin. Lots of problems there. Margery Wakefield describes busloads of SO women being taken to have abortions and I think some of that was before DM took over. Sharone Stainforth describes being a child put in a chain locker by LRH and that she was not the only one. Now, for my money, Sharone's too intolerant of Scn as ology/ism but then again, one can see why. I don't think she's lying about her experiences.

Sharone is extremely intolerant of Scientology as an ism or an ology or anything else in between and I am glad you can see why that would be.No, I am not lying about my experiences in the sea org, but you Claire have things muddled up. I never said I was put in the chain locker and I never was. I was put in the hold, it was still a dark cavity on the ship, but there was no chain, big difference. However, I did say I saw a young child in the chain locker, which I did.

Hubbard wrote the Fair Game policy. Hubbard wrote the reference- maybe a flag order- that opined ex SO members are "DBs". Hubbard wrote a reference saying "let's have no more of this nonsense of staff making a good wage"- or something along those lines. He also came up with Freeloader debts and the RPF's RPF. Those have not been good things for people. And, as I mentioned, the overboarding. Alan Walter personally saw Hubbard preside over overboarding and taking pictures of it and allegedly laughing.
That's abusive.

It certainly is abusive, Hubbard was.

I've talked to a lot of exes who experienced abuse in the 70s and early 80s. It sounded to me, though, like it was far less than what people experience under Miscavige. But there were some real problems and they weren't rare.

I really do think if it had been kept as a grass roots type of thing, it would have done much much better. Even before DM. Some of the cult's bad rep in the 60s and 70s was due to unfair pr by others and mendacious reports. But there were things that did happen. It seems to me that the later in Hubbard's admin you go, the more the stuff starts popping up. Unfortunately, a number of his policies set the stage for the later abuses.

From all accounts Claire you would have us believe you are truly out of Scientology now, I beg to differ.A problem is something you solve if you are having a little difficulty.The abusive acts committed by Hubbard and his followers on other human beings were far more than just problems.The cult's bad reputation in the 60s and 70s was well deserved, unfair PR did not pop up out of nowhere. If anything, bad publicity and acts of abuse were not publicised enough, which is why DM has been able to expand on what L. Ron Hubbard started.

As I said, deprogramming oneself from cult indoctrination is a hard thing to do, and from all I have read on the subject, which is a vast amount now, Scientology is one of the hardest ones to recover from.  

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Snap Judgement!

One of the most moving accounts of life as a decendant of L. Ron Hubbard you will ever hear. Brought me to tears. Jamie De Wolf you are brilliant! I hope those tattoos are fake.(That's the Mother in me speaking).

Thanks to Synthia on ESMB for putting this up on the board and to Infinite for writing this;

. . . One day my grandfather led me to a bookshelf and showed me volumes of his father's works. He said, "your mom says you want to be a writer. Well, don't believe everything you read, but
believe everything you say."

I never met the man who gave me my red hair, the manic depression still twisted in the strands of my DNA and the first time I saw a psychiatrist when he asked me if mental illness runs in my family, all I could say was "yes, yes, yes it does." When I told him my great grandfather was a cult leader that enslaved the minds of millions, he accused me of having delusions of grandeur.
What can I say? It runs in my veins.

I've been in secret to L Ron Hubbard Hollywood life exhibits where his latest victim leads me on a tour of a life he never led; my family written out of existence and this disciple will never know
the legacy of lies that I still carry in my last name.

DeWolf. A cover story to protect us from my great grandfather's true children, the army of empty who greet me in train stations with an e-meter and a personality test and they ask me if I've ever heard of
L Ron Hubbard.

And I want to ask them: "which one"?

Jamie De Wolf I love you and I know Quentin would have loved you even more, I can't stop the tears, what an inspiration YOU are!


There are some amazing stories at the moment, The News of the World, abreviated to NoW is no more. Interesting goings on in the world of high media.One can't help but wonder what is going on when governments employ ex news men and the police force employ ex reporters, Police Chiefs resign, one ex showbiz reporter is found dead, Sean Hoare and he is the one that started all this whistle blowing.Quick to say he had a drink and drug problem and therefore his accusations should be dismissed, I think it is hardly surprising, the poor man was obviously under a great deal of pressure.

In view of the fact that this scandal of 'hacking' has made headlines daily, the government is holding question time on it and quizzing prominent people in the light of these accusations, it seems to me Sean Hoare should have been listened to very closely, obviously somebody did.

The technology experts try to assure you that their phones can't be hacked into, no doubt worried about sales and the subsequent lack of money.Yet other technichological experts say most phones can be hacked into, if you have the means, the money and the power.

Well, I am no expert, but I can assure you I have had my phone hacked into and also that of my computer.It remains to be seen if I ever find out by whom, but I am not without my theories, for the time being I will keep that to myself.The trouble with knowing you have been hacked into and yet not being able to prove it, is it is difficult to get anyone to believe you, especially if you happen to have a childhood background in the worst case of conspiracy theories ever manifested upon the earth.

Onto yet more 'hacking'.

Anonymous rose to fame with a series of attacks on websites linked to the Church of Scientology and Gene Simmons, bassist with the rock group Kiss.

I am a great supporter of Anonymous and can't thank them enough for their worlwide support of bringing the abuses of scientology to the world. I do not condone hacking either of phones or computers or of websites and I am sure most anonymous people do not either.The main reason anonymous choose to don V for Vendetta masks is because of reprisals from the "church" of Scientology. As has been proven time and time again, this has not stopped the "church" of scientology from following masked protesters home and indeed sending cease and desist letters to them, sent at least in the United Kingdom from a well known long time scientology Solicitors office, based in East. Grinstead, Hodkin and Co. Scare tactics used to frighten people away from protesting and also to cut off support from those ex members who are willing to speak out about the abuses inside of scientology.

I notice on their website they make no mention of cease and desist letters. I wonder why?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Scientology and Senator Xenophon's Public Benefit Test.

Virginia Stewart is concerned no one is talking to all the scientologists that scientology has helped, maybe that is because there are far more ex scientologist's that the "church"of scientology has not helped and in fact caused hurt, harm and the willful disconnection of their families and loved ones.

I reccommend watching all these videos as they are very insightful into the fact that the "church" of scientology is taking the stance that there is a witchhunt out to get them. Strangely enough the founder L. Ron Hubbard thought that as far back as I can remember, which is the 60s.Just like their founder L. Ron Hubbard, scientologists are very good at lying.As can be seen here:

Notice how Virginia harps on about Anonymous being a cyber terrorist group, not the ones I have met and I have met far more than two.

I assume this little video is in protest at the fact that in Chicago recently, protesters were not allowed on the sidewalk. But they managed to overcome that. All Hail Anonymous.

"Fair Game".

Monday, 18 July 2011

Meet Scientologists online.

Meet a scientologist on line, there's plenty of them and forward this type of thing. They have NO idea of what they portray, and if they do, then they are really sick.

In my post below, there is a rendition of 'My Life' at St. Hill Manor,2010.

Look at John Alex Wood's blog, this is his life. Supporter of L. Ron Hubbard technology,masterminded long before good old Ron even made it to St. Hill. How can we scam millions of people, "Oh, I know, we'll start a religion". We'll drive everyone crazy and tell them that the people that could actually help them are even crazier than we are. I'm sure good old Lron is laughing in his watery grave.

Here from Johnalexwood's blog is a link to  'His issues with children'

A good, stable adult with love and tolerance in his heart is about the best therapy a child can have~~~L.Ron Hubbard,founder of the Scientology religion.

Sadley most kids in Scientology's sea organization, you know, that most ethical group never had a stable adult, including LRH's own kids.

Johnalexwoods blogspot:

Not only is he a scientologist, he is a supporter of Narconon, The Jive Aces, CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights), Scientology, David Miscavige,L. Ron Hubbard and David Gaiman of G&G vitamins. He supports the books and policy letters as written by LRH.According to his blog he has also now become a member of WISE, well you might be a member, but wise you are not.

I'm really sorry to write about you on my blog, but you see, you think you are an authority on Scientology and L. Ron Hubbard.Here's a little reminder of the late David Gaiman and other Scientologists who supposedly want a world without crime, insanity and without war. Have you looked at today's world

Or does your world revolve around Gala's for the IAS and this:

Best comment of the day - "We go Crazy" Yes!

We Stand Tall.

"We Stand Tall".

John Travolta.

We Stand Tall, the next generation Scientologists,Taiwan.

Great quote John, now try this one for size.

This is my life, it certainly is and charity does begin at home, the home of the late L. Ron Hubbard.

Thank you Frank Oliver for this:

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Dark Side of Scientology.

No one, and I mean No one has the right to take away a child's rights. I might not be a child any more, but I was once and when I was, my basic human rights were stripped away by Scientologists, following the commandments of L. Ron Hubbard. I know they were following him to the policy letter, written by LRH and followed by LRH's deciples. I know this, I am not stupid!

I don't know why there is a double voice over in these video's , but I DO believe them to be true.Mike Rinder, is it possible I knew your Father? I think it is a possibility. I also think it's time you grow up and become a man, and accept responcibility for what you have done. Maybe, you can make a plea of insanity, like L. Ron Hubbard.I am not without sympathy, for I know you were embroiled as a very young child, and I know only too well what that can do to a person. Try being 12 years old and loosing everything, your family, your group,your friends, your trust in adults, your trust in anyone, no faith in anyone, no love, just an empty void, no opinion,no option, no voice, no truth, no justice, just a stark reminder from a MAA(Master at Arms) that if you ever speak out about any of this, you will be locked away in a mental institution, for NO body would ever believe you, it is so far fetched.

I have lived with that MY WHOLE LIFE, and I BELIEVED THAT which is why I chose not to speak out about it until just a few short years ago.

This IS the boat:The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Let's meet Spencer.

Scientology Flag Aborted 2011 Independence Day.

The above video is taken this month, as stated, in 2011. Now let's meet Spencer in 1999. Interesting footage from Bob Minton's picket in Clearwater, Florida.

Scientology: Clearwater Trip - Day1 - Pt 1.

Part 2;

Part 3;

Scientology: Clearwater Trip - Day 2 - 6 Parts.
Part 1.

A Tour of Clearwater.

And here there is some footage of Clearwater, Florida from the late Shawn Lonsdale.

How Scientology Corrupts Law Enforcement.

Scientology: May 3,2011 How Scientology Corrupts Law Enforcement.

Scientology: May17,2011 How to Intimidate the Media.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Black as Your Soul.

The Last anon really has got the grasp of things in my humble opinion.

and here we have the Reverend Heber Jentzsch:

Take the way to happiness to clearwater Florida, they need it badley.

Where are you Heber? Where are you Jane Kember? Where are YOU? Stuck in the mind control CULT of Scientology? Where are YOU?

Scientology - Flag - The Mecca of Technical Perfection.

I have been watching Darth Xander's videos taken in Clearwater, Florida. Having wanted to visit there myself for some time now, it is interesting to see it is much as I imagined it to be.Having escaped myself at a young age from the sea org while it was still at sea, I can't help but think, there, but for the grace of an unknown God go I.

I met a man earlier this year who has a sibling based in this god forsaken place and it is with great sorrrow that I watch these video's and know that it is difficult for him to break through 20+ years of mind control.

How does one break through that barrier?

I know it can be done, you just have to look at Tory Christman, aka Magoo who was in Scientology for 30 years and literally escaped out in the year 2000. Tory wasn't sea org though and she wasn't indoctrinated from a child, though still very young at age 19.

When I watch these video's I find it depressing to see so many young people, herds of automated youth following a supposed "bridge to freedom", do they look free to you?How many wear that fixed dedicated mask of a scientologist?If ever there was a place on earth in dire need of "the way to happiness" booklets, Clearwater, Florida, surely has to be it.

Thank you DarthXander for showing us what being at Flag is like.

Here you have 1984 in 2011.The orgs are empty I keep hearing, yes, they, the scientologists are all at the Mecca of technical perfection learning how to take over a town near you.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Walk About!

I am an avid fan of Crocodile Dundee and going walk about is something I love to do. I have always been a fan of Lou Reed and Walk on the Wild Side is one of my favorite songs.

Today, I went walk about and what did I discover?

Narconon St leonards- on- sea, closed down now as far as I can see.I meant to actually phone them, but my time today has been limited and that got forgotten.When I approached the area all was very quiet. The "for sale" signs had been removed but not out of sight, they have been abandoned just behind the fence.Which I found quite strange, because surely if the place has been sold then the signs would have been removed totally.It did not escape my eyes that some of the windows in the front of the house had been broken, but there was one car in the driveway in front of the house. 

Moving on to our local Dianetics Center, Charter House, Bexhill - on -sea. A ten minutes train ride away from St. leonards. The Dianetics office was closed to view, the blinds made it difficult to see through.However, since my last visit a couple of months ago a new office has emerged. Bishop and Light Soliciters. It is based one office away from the Dianetics office and they have sign posted on their windows. Bishop and Light Soliciters, Criminal Defence and get this, Mental Health Soliciters.They are based in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne and Bexhill.

Maybe I am totally ignorant of the world, but this is the first time ever, I have come across an advert in a window displaying 'Mental Health Solicitors'.

My immediate thoughts were, so you go and buy a book at the Dianetics Center, then maybe take a course, a few months down the line, you feel you have been ripped off, you are not sure what has happened to you, but you know something just isn't right, so you go to the 'Mental Health Solicitors', in the same building and no matter which way you look at it it is going to cost you money.

Mental Health Solicitors? Who's kidding who?

I could be wrong, but has anyone ever heard of 'Mental Health Soliciters', seriously? WTF? I really don't think I would have believed it If I had not seen It for myself. Especially in a little town like Bexhill.

The funny thing is I thought if you go into the Dianetics Center you are going to need a Mental Health Soliciter at the end of it.


Andrew Bishop comes up on Kristie Watchers website as having  done the basic study manual, cognition 370. This does not mean it is the same Andrew Bishop, as I am inclined to think this could be a common name.However, I do believe Charter House is a scientology stronghold.

Celebrities groomed by Tom Cruise.

Having made several attempts over the course of last year to send a message to Oprah, it would seem I am banned from her website.

Will Smith, famous for such films as I Robot, will slowly find himself turning into a robot if he follows the scientology indoctrination that Tom Cruise so avidly supports.
Smith, who is best buddies with Scientology booster Tom Cruise, has never confirmed that he joined the church. But he told "Access Hollywood" last month: "I was introduced to it by Tom, and I'm a student of world religion. I was raised in a Baptist household. I went to a Catholic school, but the ideas of the Bible are 98% the same ideas of Scientology, 98% the same ideas of Hinduism and Buddhism."

Presumably the other 2% is the part about the evil space emperor who put the hydrogen bombs in the volcano.

This is a wikipedia listing of Will Smith's school that studies using L. Ron Hubbard study technology.

With a name like New Village Leadership Academy, try telling someone like me this isn't a crafty way of "clearing the planet" of celebrity children and turning them all into little robots with LRH's command intention at the forefront of it all.

With Will's insistance that Scientology is 98% like Christianity, the term 'go forth and multiply' takes on a sinister new meaning.

What Goes on Inside Will Smith,Jada Pinkett-Smith's School?

Oprah. Scientology's Mission Impossible?
Daily Mail, UK,August 12,2005.

Oprah has now finished her career as the worldwide Mother and moved on to  Harpo productions which is going to produce none other than medical issues. Right on Oprah, Harpo spelled backwards.

I can't help but wonder with the top scientology celebrities all showing up to your fabulous performance on the end of your TV series that maybe you are going to start shilling for the CCHR.(Citizens Commission for Human Rights). I'm glib as you can see and so is Tom Cruise.

I actually do think Oprah has done a magnificent job of bringing to the world so many issues, but I find it difficult to understand why she has not brought up the issue of Scientology, too many scientologist friends, Tom Cruise has lost the lime light in this "clearing of the planet", so on to Oprah, the new L. Ron Hubbard. Make way for new planetary clearing as Oprah takes center stage on the global obliteration of medical issues as you know them.

I'm having problems with my computer tonight, and I think that is partially due to clicking on too many scientology links which is why I cannot give you the link I was hoping to. Just google or youtube Oprah's final speech.

This celebrity grooming didn't even need Tom Cruise, there are those who grew up in this rediculous charade and cannot see just what their heritage is.

Neil Gaiman, great author, son of David and Sheila Gaiman. Both David and Sheila, I knew as a little girl, they have gone onto selling vitamins around the globe and are for the most part responcible for supposedly clearing chernoble victims of radiation, based on the ground breaking research of Doctor Hubbard, yes, I'm still being glib.Neil, by all accounts was born in 1960, I was three years old, by the time he was three years old, I was starting to be indoctrinated into Hubbards world. The difference is, all these years later I am totally unindoctrinated and sadly Neil is still stuck in there, as are his siblings.

Just the same as Clearwater, Florida, East. Grinstead is a stronghold for the scientologists and they buy up pieces of it in order to gain rank above the "wogs", I'm being really glib now as I know the history of Wealden House, prove me wrong, but I believe it was owned by south easern electricity board, prior to becoming yet another Life Improvement Center for the all ever determined scientologists to take over towns.

Who's pushing your buttons now?

Now, how would I know this, that Wealdon House was once owned by the south eastern electricity board? That's because I am OT, an Operating Tamasin-SP.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Inside Scientology's Rehab Racket.

Mark Ebner, long time critic of Scientology is a writer and actually joined Scientology to get a story. Crazy man.Here is his excellent article about Narconon, co authored by Walter Armstrong.

Ebner Undercover:

And here is Patty Pieniadz on page 6 of the Boston Skeptics in the Pub. Well worth a look. She's a great speaker.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Dr. Wison, just like Dr.Hubbard, thinks Scientology should have Religious Status.

The Craziest Show on Earth.

This is Clearwater,Florida, home to the Sea Org, after they left the ships behind and became a land base under the auspicious name of 'United Churches of Florida'.