Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Snap Judgement!

One of the most moving accounts of life as a decendant of L. Ron Hubbard you will ever hear. Brought me to tears. Jamie De Wolf you are brilliant! I hope those tattoos are fake.(That's the Mother in me speaking).

Thanks to Synthia on ESMB for putting this up on the board and to Infinite for writing this;

. . . One day my grandfather led me to a bookshelf and showed me volumes of his father's works. He said, "your mom says you want to be a writer. Well, don't believe everything you read, but
believe everything you say."

I never met the man who gave me my red hair, the manic depression still twisted in the strands of my DNA and the first time I saw a psychiatrist when he asked me if mental illness runs in my family, all I could say was "yes, yes, yes it does." When I told him my great grandfather was a cult leader that enslaved the minds of millions, he accused me of having delusions of grandeur.
What can I say? It runs in my veins.

I've been in secret to L Ron Hubbard Hollywood life exhibits where his latest victim leads me on a tour of a life he never led; my family written out of existence and this disciple will never know
the legacy of lies that I still carry in my last name.

DeWolf. A cover story to protect us from my great grandfather's true children, the army of empty who greet me in train stations with an e-meter and a personality test and they ask me if I've ever heard of
L Ron Hubbard.

And I want to ask them: "which one"?

Jamie De Wolf I love you and I know Quentin would have loved you even more, I can't stop the tears, what an inspiration YOU are!

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