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This is a hard subject to cover and I bring it up only because once programmed into cult indoctrination it is very hard to un program oneself from a dedicated mindset that for some has gone on for decades.

I found this today and thought it was quite interesting especially as it had my name on it.

The SO and the RPF and, before it, the mud box brigade, were created during Hubbard's admin. Lots of problems there. Margery Wakefield describes busloads of SO women being taken to have abortions and I think some of that was before DM took over. Sharone Stainforth describes being a child put in a chain locker by LRH and that she was not the only one. Now, for my money, Sharone's too intolerant of Scn as ology/ism but then again, one can see why. I don't think she's lying about her experiences.

Sharone is extremely intolerant of Scientology as an ism or an ology or anything else in between and I am glad you can see why that would be.No, I am not lying about my experiences in the sea org, but you Claire have things muddled up. I never said I was put in the chain locker and I never was. I was put in the hold, it was still a dark cavity on the ship, but there was no chain, big difference. However, I did say I saw a young child in the chain locker, which I did.

Hubbard wrote the Fair Game policy. Hubbard wrote the reference- maybe a flag order- that opined ex SO members are "DBs". Hubbard wrote a reference saying "let's have no more of this nonsense of staff making a good wage"- or something along those lines. He also came up with Freeloader debts and the RPF's RPF. Those have not been good things for people. And, as I mentioned, the overboarding. Alan Walter personally saw Hubbard preside over overboarding and taking pictures of it and allegedly laughing.
That's abusive.

It certainly is abusive, Hubbard was.

I've talked to a lot of exes who experienced abuse in the 70s and early 80s. It sounded to me, though, like it was far less than what people experience under Miscavige. But there were some real problems and they weren't rare.

I really do think if it had been kept as a grass roots type of thing, it would have done much much better. Even before DM. Some of the cult's bad rep in the 60s and 70s was due to unfair pr by others and mendacious reports. But there were things that did happen. It seems to me that the later in Hubbard's admin you go, the more the stuff starts popping up. Unfortunately, a number of his policies set the stage for the later abuses.

From all accounts Claire you would have us believe you are truly out of Scientology now, I beg to differ.A problem is something you solve if you are having a little difficulty.The abusive acts committed by Hubbard and his followers on other human beings were far more than just problems.The cult's bad reputation in the 60s and 70s was well deserved, unfair PR did not pop up out of nowhere. If anything, bad publicity and acts of abuse were not publicised enough, which is why DM has been able to expand on what L. Ron Hubbard started.

As I said, deprogramming oneself from cult indoctrination is a hard thing to do, and from all I have read on the subject, which is a vast amount now, Scientology is one of the hardest ones to recover from.  

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