Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Walk About!

I am an avid fan of Crocodile Dundee and going walk about is something I love to do. I have always been a fan of Lou Reed and Walk on the Wild Side is one of my favorite songs.

Today, I went walk about and what did I discover?

Narconon St leonards- on- sea, closed down now as far as I can see.I meant to actually phone them, but my time today has been limited and that got forgotten.When I approached the area all was very quiet. The "for sale" signs had been removed but not out of sight, they have been abandoned just behind the fence.Which I found quite strange, because surely if the place has been sold then the signs would have been removed totally.It did not escape my eyes that some of the windows in the front of the house had been broken, but there was one car in the driveway in front of the house. 

Moving on to our local Dianetics Center, Charter House, Bexhill - on -sea. A ten minutes train ride away from St. leonards. The Dianetics office was closed to view, the blinds made it difficult to see through.However, since my last visit a couple of months ago a new office has emerged. Bishop and Light Soliciters. It is based one office away from the Dianetics office and they have sign posted on their windows. Bishop and Light Soliciters, Criminal Defence and get this, Mental Health Soliciters.They are based in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne and Bexhill.

Maybe I am totally ignorant of the world, but this is the first time ever, I have come across an advert in a window displaying 'Mental Health Solicitors'.

My immediate thoughts were, so you go and buy a book at the Dianetics Center, then maybe take a course, a few months down the line, you feel you have been ripped off, you are not sure what has happened to you, but you know something just isn't right, so you go to the 'Mental Health Solicitors', in the same building and no matter which way you look at it it is going to cost you money.

Mental Health Solicitors? Who's kidding who?

I could be wrong, but has anyone ever heard of 'Mental Health Soliciters', seriously? WTF? I really don't think I would have believed it If I had not seen It for myself. Especially in a little town like Bexhill.

The funny thing is I thought if you go into the Dianetics Center you are going to need a Mental Health Soliciter at the end of it.


Andrew Bishop comes up on Kristie Watchers website as having  done the basic study manual, cognition 370. This does not mean it is the same Andrew Bishop, as I am inclined to think this could be a common name.However, I do believe Charter House is a scientology stronghold.

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