Friday, 8 July 2011

Scientology - Flag - The Mecca of Technical Perfection.

I have been watching Darth Xander's videos taken in Clearwater, Florida. Having wanted to visit there myself for some time now, it is interesting to see it is much as I imagined it to be.Having escaped myself at a young age from the sea org while it was still at sea, I can't help but think, there, but for the grace of an unknown God go I.

I met a man earlier this year who has a sibling based in this god forsaken place and it is with great sorrrow that I watch these video's and know that it is difficult for him to break through 20+ years of mind control.

How does one break through that barrier?

I know it can be done, you just have to look at Tory Christman, aka Magoo who was in Scientology for 30 years and literally escaped out in the year 2000. Tory wasn't sea org though and she wasn't indoctrinated from a child, though still very young at age 19.

When I watch these video's I find it depressing to see so many young people, herds of automated youth following a supposed "bridge to freedom", do they look free to you?How many wear that fixed dedicated mask of a scientologist?If ever there was a place on earth in dire need of "the way to happiness" booklets, Clearwater, Florida, surely has to be it.

Thank you DarthXander for showing us what being at Flag is like.

Here you have 1984 in 2011.The orgs are empty I keep hearing, yes, they, the scientologists are all at the Mecca of technical perfection learning how to take over a town near you.


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