Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Scientology and Senator Xenophon's Public Benefit Test.

Virginia Stewart is concerned no one is talking to all the scientologists that scientology has helped, maybe that is because there are far more ex scientologist's that the "church"of scientology has not helped and in fact caused hurt, harm and the willful disconnection of their families and loved ones.

I reccommend watching all these videos as they are very insightful into the fact that the "church" of scientology is taking the stance that there is a witchhunt out to get them. Strangely enough the founder L. Ron Hubbard thought that as far back as I can remember, which is the 60s.Just like their founder L. Ron Hubbard, scientologists are very good at lying.As can be seen here:


Notice how Virginia harps on about Anonymous being a cyber terrorist group, not the ones I have met and I have met far more than two.

I assume this little video is in protest at the fact that in Chicago recently, protesters were not allowed on the sidewalk. But they managed to overcome that. All Hail Anonymous.


"Fair Game".


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