Thursday, 28 July 2011

Scientology Narconon - Cult Rehab Center.

Narconon is a drug rehabilitation center, these centers are operating as registered charities all over the world.

There is one near where I live,supposedly recently it was up for sale, I have written about on this blog, post Walkabout. I phoned this Narconon last week, they are still operating from 2 Albany Road, St. Leonards on sea.East. Sussex.

Whilst many of us know the destruction that a life time of drug abuse can cause and would be only too pleased to see the end of this destructive addiction, Scientology's Narconon uses this front group as a means to use and abuse already very vulnerable people. Scientology also uses this front to try to gain prestige and garners good faith with government officials, mayors,health programmes,and all manor of worming it's insidious Scientology agenda of creating a scientology world.

You wouldn't think this possible, would you? But it does, right under our very noses.

Where's the best place to hide something?

This video is of David Love, an ex Narconon victim who is doing a great job of exposing this insidious organization for what it really is. Thank you David.

Being a great David Bowie fan, I am so glad they never got to him.

However, they did get Woody Woodmansey, big time. So sad!His family, his children, his life.

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