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Scientology IS Nuts!

 And so are ALL scientologists - Blog Closed!

Uploaded by John Alex Wood on 9 Nov 2011.
9 Nov 2011: This must be the highest profile occasion ever to take place in the centre of East Grinstead! It was crazy!

Preparing for the Narconon Protest.

Dozens protest Narconon Arrowhead:

Article by Fox news plus video:

Investigation nearly over:

Media Frenzy by David Love:

Narconon Exposed:

Narconon CEO: Facility pays recruiters to find patients:

David Love explains how people are recruited into Narconon: Part of a knowledge report by Mark Bunker.

Knowledge Report: Colin Henderson on Narconon: 

Protest, Scietology Celebrity Center Gala, Hollywood

Part 1:

Part 2:

Complete with young Tommy Davis look alike, curtain hiding tech, why would you need to put tarpaulins round the entire perimeter of Celebrity Center to stop six people looking in? Because they might spot something that then ends up on youtube, that shows critics to be correct.

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Add Child Endangerment.

I do not ordinarily post a link to Marty Rathbun's blog and I do so only now because I could not believe the comment by Marty about Hana Eltringham and Nibs.Actually I can believe his comment only too well, If he was to say anything other than that he might loose his following of  Independents and his income from auditing, there is a lot of money to be had from donations in scientology for services rendered and he should know because he helped to Keep Scientology Working for so many years.

Whilst child endangerment is unacceptable from any human being, strangely enough that also includes L. Ron Hubbard. From my viewpoint it matters not that he is dead and long gone, Scientologists still to this day use methods of practise on young children that are tantamount to child abuse and they do so because they follow Hubbard's scriptures.

Many Thanks to AussieCase:

I’m an ex-Scientologist, I have been posting on Tony’s blog for about a month, and I have also posted here a couple of times.

I oppose the personal abuses on staff, children, public, ex-Scientologists, and Independent (Indie) Scientologists that I have seen and read about in corporate Scientology. Marty is the current target of this madness.

One issue in corporate Scientology is the neglect of children. In the late 1980s, I joined class IV org staff as a young man, and I went to Clearwater as an outer org trainee. There I audited several young CMO and sea org members. It was something I was called on to do fairly regularly. I suspect this was because we were fairly close in age [Indies may call this increased reality]. Frankly, I enjoyed meeting these young people.

The stories I heard from these children struck me as real and current problems in Scientology. As a middle class young man of university age, the neglect was very far from what I had previously experienced. These children saw a lot. Adults may have been be too busy to pay attention to them, but the children paid attention to what was going on. As I sat behind an e-meter, these young Scientologists gave me a tour of Clearwater that most miss.

It is the neglect of the young which strikes a chord with me today. There is post on this blog by Scientologist X, a privileged young Scientologist, who describes the neglect the writer’s young eyes have witnessed, again I point out that adults may miss what this young person does not. I highly recommend reading that post, even if you stop reading what I am writing.

Where we (I and the Indies) disagree is Ron. I do not see Ron in favourable light. From what I can tell, what you dislike in Scientology now existed before Miscavige grabbed the reigns.

Hana Whitfield, former D/Commodore (US), clear #60, and Avon River captain spoke in Hamburg a few years ago where she discussed Hubbard’s brutality, she also discusses the awe with which she saw Hubbard, and her voyage on the yacht Enchanter. I highly recommend it to Indies, there are multiple sides to Hubbard.

Sharone Stainforth was a 10-year-old messenger on board the Royal Scotsman and she told her story at a Dublin offlines conference this year. If you are interested you can find these stories on the Internet. Ron DeWolf, who has been Photoshoped out of recent clearing congress videos, even claimed he was beating people up for his father in the 1950s.

As a side topic, with regards to Miscavige, Hana gave an affidavit in 1994 where she discusses her conversations with Florence Barnett, Shelly Barnett’s mother, prior to Flo’s dramatic suicide. Hana mentions how Miscavige had to avoid being seen as PTS as he was involved in Scientology’s finances at the time. Tony Ortega recently interviewed the Los Angels Sheriff who investigated the death. The Sheriff discussed how he became convinced the death from multiple gunshots was in fact a suicide.

Marty's reply:

Dewolf and Hana made their claims in pursuit of fortunes – so ought to be read, if at all, with that FACT in mind.

ThetaPotato then says:

 I agree with you about Dewolf he comes across as someone who would sellout his grandmother if had the chance. But I have to disagree about Hana Whitfield. I met her in 1985 (during the earlier Independent movement) she had incredible stories from her experiences working with LRH and being the captain of the Avon River. She came across as sincere and having a lot of integrity. She seemed to honestly just be connected to LRH during a time when he was exploring his new powers as the Commodore of the newly founded S.O. and perhaps was in an experimental stage of using some fairly dark methods to get the job done. I looked on Amazon she hasn’t authored any books, she does seem to be connected to a video called “Scientology the Ex Files.” I doubt she’s made a fortune from that. If she really embellished something about LRH I’d be really interested in knowing what that was.

WindHorseGallery (whom I presume to be Mike Rinder's wife) say's:

Ex-scientologist: Hana was while IN the Sea Org a cold fish. Unkind. Self-serving and highly arrogant. I didn’t know her well but she never seemed to go out of her way to foster friendship. Her ex-husband Guy, on the other hand, was highly trained and very kind.

Ron Hubbard Jr., was rude, arrogant and disrespectful. The early tapes you can hear him disrupt the lectures, make snide remarks and his dad (Ron) would always just kindly say — oh, well, let’s just move on.

You are free to believe whatever you wish. I read Tony Ortega’s site daily mainly for his articles which are often quite good in content. The comments BY AND LARGE seem like the rantings of the uninformed OR highly self-serving ex-scientologists who like to make a name for themselves by name dropping a few celebs they once knew.

Seriously – you run the risk of finding yourself on the far right rather than just contemplating what *might* be workable and what is not workable for you.

For example: My beloved 12 year old dog now suffers from painful arthritis – she was limping this AM — I gave her a nerve assist — a few minutes later the limp was gone and we went for a nice walk. Is she CURED??? No but she feels better. Scientology is for use. You get to pick what you feel works for you …


And,so it goes on...

It's as if they couldn't give a damn about child abuse inside Scientology except when it suits them.

What I would say to YOU Marty, was were you there? NO you were not!

How about you talk about the times when you were there, like what happened to Lisa McPherson? And any stories of child neglect you do know about, I'm sure there are many.

"Supervised" Destruction of Records in Lisa McPherson Death.

Marty Rathbun: Scientology's Attorney "Supervised" Destruction of Records in Lisa McPherson Death.

Only Scientologists looked after Lisa.. Reitman was referring to the non-English speaking staff whose job was hotel upkeep & maintenance.. not the executive staff specifically assigned to Lisa's case like Janis Johnson-Fitzgerald, Brian Anderson, Alain Kartuzinski, Susanne Reid, Valerie Demange, David Houghton, Rita Boykin and the 3 Scientologists that were whisked out of the country when Clearwater Police detectives began investigating her death: Suzanne Schnuremberger, Ildiko Cannovas and Laura Arrunada.

Non-Scientologists are not permitted into the Fort Harrison unless they are chaperoned, and none would have been permitted to be near a Scientologist undergoing a Rundown. The non-English speaking personnel were watched intensely while they were in Lisa's room & ordered to have no contact with her. ... /lisam.htm


After her daughter's death, Fannie McPherson came to Clearwater, where she learned of the traffic accident and the odd behavior.

She said her daughter's Scientology friends told her that, upon arrival at the Fort Harrison on Nov. 18, Lisa McPherson was put in ``baby watch,'' which an ex-church member says is Scientology terminology for solitary confinement.

Ex-church members say such confinement is used when a member has a ``psychotic break'' or is threatening to flee the church.

``They are put in a room with no one and nothing,'' said Dennis Erlich, a former Scientologist who now is an activist against the church.

Police say they cannot confirm or deny the ``baby watch'' allegations.

Anderson said there is no such thing as ``baby watch,'' and that McPherson was never held in such a fashion.

``That's completely false and there is liability if you print that,'' Anderson said. ``It's not true.''

Johnson and Anderson say Erlich is not reliable. Johnson said Erlich ``has a big ax to grind.'' Anderson said Erlich was thrown out of the church.

McPherson's body was returned to Dallas. At the visitation, Scientologists ``hovered'' around, said friend Kelly Davis.

``Ms. Mac couldn't breathe without them on top of her,'' Davis said. ``They came to the funeral home in Dallas and they were checking us out and hovering and listening.''

Davis said Scientologists asked to stay with Fannie McPherson at her home, but she refused. They also insisted that Lisa McPherson wished to be cremated.

``I never heard her say that's what she wanted, and I never would have done it, but they convinced me that's what she wanted,'' Fannie McPherson said.

Anderson said those claims are false.

``I was there,'' Anderson said. ``Church members were not hovering around. I was concerned about Lisa. She had a lot of friends and we wanted to go and pay our respects.''

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My story continued...

So, you abandon a child at sea at the age of 11 years old, you leave them there because your mind is in turmoil, you cannot fathom what you are doing, how it is going, where it will lead you.

You have been declared SP, because you cannot get case gain, if you can't get case gain you are either PTS or an SP. If you are PTS, you are connected to an SP. Who is the SP? It would appear it was my Grand Mother. MY Grand Mother hated Scientology for what it did to her children. She went to the News of the World with the disconnection letter from my Aunt. Bloody right too!

I so wish she was here right now!

But she isn't.

She was a feisty little woman and what ever it was she did in her life that is rumored, nothing beats her act of courage re Scientology. NOTHING! At a time when people did not speak out.

When I was 16 years old, on a brief afternoon with my Father for the first time in years, he was loathe to give me her address. I insisted! But we never ever once spoke about Scientology when I finally got back in contact with her. Not once. I regret that so much!


At the time, I had to make it disappear, my life depended upon it!

To be continued...

Radio Paul - Scientology's Narconon.

Lies, sexual abuse, practicing medicine without a license, suspicious deaths, dealing drugs, patient mistreatment, family disconnection, are just a few of the things covered in this episode about Scientology's Narconon. This episode also covers real life accounts of the abused and examines their courage to step forward and take action.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Scientology's Grip on the Mind

An Ex Sea Org member explains it for us...
The most vivid memory I have from that time is getting scared so badly by a Sea Org member threatening me with getting dropped off in the middle of East Grinstead by myself that I urinated on myself. I was that scared. I walked from Saint Hill back to Angela's in wet clothes. A two-hour walk.

I always tell my sister that I wish people who are not Scientologists could understand the severe mental, emotional, and psychological abuse that we were subjected to. Yes, the physical abuse was horrific but it didn't have the same impact on me. When I say that I walk alone, I mean that. I trust no one. I walk into a room and my first instinct is to look for every exit and plan my escape if I need it. I will never sit with my back to a room. I can't handle people in my personal space and I hate to be touched. These are just some of the things that I believe are left over from my cadet days.

IAS -I Am Scientologist

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Hubbard's Caveman.

Moving on into the text however, it turns out that true to its original title, the whole thing is mainly about reincarnation, memories of past lives, “auditing”, the “E-meter”, evil “theta beings” possessing people, and how to become “clear” from these malicious spirits. We’re not dealing with named palaeontological or archaeological finds or sites. Instead Hubbard envisions people carrying memories of being various pre-human animals along an imagined Chain of Being, then the Piltdown Man (debunked by radiocarbon in 1953) and the Caveman on the book’s cover. This is the “history of man”. But Hubbard never explains the basis for his assertions, never refers to other writers or excavations or labwork other than in general nameless terms. He’s delivering Revealed Truth. The voice in this confused tirade of a book is authoritarian yet clearly slightly mad. (Insiders have reported that some of the material was actually dictated by Hubbard’s 17-y-o son after the father dosed him liberally with amphetamines.)

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Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry.

Handling of Child Abuse by Religious Organizations

Not sure if this has been posted yet. The closing date for submissions is 31 August.

The Committee is seeking information relating to:
• The causes and effects of criminal abuse within religious and other non-government organisations.
• Whether victims were in any way discouraged from reporting such abuse, either within the relevant organisation or to the police.
• If such abuse was reported, how the reporting of their experience of abuse was handled.
• The consequences of abuse, including the effect on the victims and others, and the consequences for the perpetrator(s).
• The adequacy of the policies, procedures and practices within religious and other non-government organisations that relate to the prevention of, and response to, child abuse.
• Suggestions for reform, to help prevent abuse and ensure that allegations of abuse are properly dealt with. This includes both reforms to Victorian laws and reforms to the policies, procedures and practices within religious and other non-government organisations.

Here is the link:

  1. It would be useful to write a small submission to this inquiry regarding your own experiences or opinion. This is probably the best forum available to tell your story. You can be sure it will be read by officials, and read in a context of wanting to understand the issues. The inquiry is held by Victorian State Parliament, but I'm sure any submission from Australia would be received.

    With reference to children or families, 'abuse' might be..
    - Requirement of excessive ‘donations’
    - Restriction of educational freedom of choice
    - Punishment of dissent
    - Harassment or badgering
    - Restriction of access to information
    - Denial of appropriate time with family
    - Parent Alienation Syndrome
    - Restriction of access to appropriate medical care
    - Requirement of excessive work hours
    - A diagnosis of ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’
    - Harassment (of dissenters) through the court system
    - Coverup of adverse incidents
    - Corporal punishments especially of minors
    - Complaint of illegal activity without (convictable) evidence
    - Coercive mind control practices
    - Disconnection
    - Enforced work
    - Disruption of normal family life
    - Sexual abuse
    - Physical abuse
    - Etc.

    Submissions close Friday, 31 August 2012

    Submission Guide:

    "Your submission can contain factual information,
    opinion or both. You may want to draw the
    attention of the Committee to something relevant
    to the Inquiry. You may choose to emphasise
    solutions to the matter or issue before the
    committee. This is entirely your choice."

    Please submit all electronic responses to or via the eSubmissions page.

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Where is Tommy Davis?

Australian tv show "A Current Affair" asks "where's Tommy Davis" who appears to be MIA and whose absence was particularly noted during the TomKat separation. Includes interview with Tony Ortega of the Village Voice who mentions recent Scientology cult escapees - L Ron Hubbard's grand daughter Roanne Horwich and David Miscavige's father Ronnie Miscavige - and the up coming movie "The Master". Added to the recent fall out regarding Narconon, if Scientology thinks its had a rough year to date - the cult ain't seen nothing yet. 

Thousands of Primary School Kids taught by Secret Scientologists.

Victorian Parlimentary Inquiry.

Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry - Handling of Child Abuse by Religious Organisations

Not sure if this has been posted yet. The closing date for submissions is 31 August.

The Committee is seeking information relating to:
• The causes and effects of criminal abuse within religious and other non-government organisations.
• Whether victims were in any way discouraged from reporting such abuse, either within the relevant organisation or to the police.
• If such abuse was reported, how the reporting of their experience of abuse was handled.
• The consequences of abuse, including the effect on the victims and others, and the consequences for the perpetrator(s).
• The adequacy of the policies, procedures and practices within religious and other non-government organisations that relate to the prevention of, and response to, child abuse.
• Suggestions for reform, to help prevent abuse and ensure that allegations of abuse are properly dealt with. This includes both reforms to Victorian laws and reforms to the policies, procedures and practices within religious and other non-government organisations.

Here is the link:

Posted by the Wizardofoz on ESMB:

Dublin Offlines Conference - Suzi Nefertiti

She is better known by the pseudonym "Suzi Nefertiti" under which she has posted her testimony. While in the Sea Organisation she was sent to the 'Rehabilitation Project Force' -- a program reputed to redeem those who participate in it.

Many ex-members who were in the RPF tell a very different story about the RPF, involving severe abuse and gulag-like conditions. Nefertiti's testimony is no different, writing "The poor woman looked so wretched. She kept mechanically repeating those sentences. She was quite obviously disturbed. Her look was blood red out of fear and out of distress".

Pics of the Fence by angrygaypope

Story of an Escape or the Guru's Gulags by Nefertiti:

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Narconon Deaths - Scientology front Group.

Report on Narconon and deaths asscociated with their non-medicated, non-medical treatment of addicts. Based on the bullshit of L Ron Hubbard.

From One Dictatorship to Another.

Free Pussy Riot.

Any of you Russian readers care to translate the song by Pussy Riot into English?

Here's a Reverend from the Church of Scientology in New York:

Here is an article about David  Gaiman, though now dead, he was instrumental in getting Russian authorities to  let him play Doctor with seriously ill children from Chernobyl.

Moscow, article by METAPHRASIS of June 1996 [June 1996] 

The Gaimans own the 'G and G Vitamins' receiving handsome profit fro selling the huge vitamin doses for the 'purification rundowns'. Mrs.West experienced serious problems because of unlawful methods used to recruit members into the scientological organization. The Gaimans, David and Sheila, who also give sometimes their name as the Gaims, call themselves the managers of certain 'International Humanitarian Detoxication Services,' as well as of the 'International Service for Detoxication of Humans.' They were the ones who secured from deputy minister of health protection V.Agapov the unlawful approval of the 'purification rundowns.' Having the support of the deputy minister, David and Sheila Gaiman went to the country hospital of the RF president management department (directed by A.Romanov) and the nearby children's sanatorium 'Vasilyevskoye' (directed by N.Belova and her deput S.Kavun). They were heartily welcomed and opened in the hospital a commercial bureau named 'Prekom' 'to service' patients for cash. In this way the sect took hold of the 'new Russians' who went for treatment in the Kremlin hospitals. They were not p rticularly impressed by the sweet scientological phraseology but, trusting the hospital status, gave obediently to the 'Prekom' 1000 dollars per session. It remains unknown how many of them signed up to new scientological programs after being through the 'rundown...'According to some information, the scienological sauna was visited by such a giant of the Russian show business as Vladimir Presnyakov. The sect has prepared no less than ten doctors who became their 'fifth column' in the Kremlin hospitals. Using those doctors, the scientologists began to introduce their program into the 'Vasilyevskoye' sanatorium which treated Chernobyl children f r somatic ailments. The chief doctor directed for a group of 13- and 14-year-olds to be taken off any other treatment and given into the cares of the Gaiman couple and the freshly-baked scientologist N.Vorontsov who had become the general director of the Russia Hubbard program. The experiment of 'taking out the radiation' involved 27 children who went through the full cycle of the 'purification rundown'. The sect members were not discouraged either by the control testing which showed that radionuclides had not been taken out of the children's organisms, or by the giddiness, heightened heartbeat and the 'disorienting effect' experienced by the young p tients. Not by the complications such as profuse appearance of carbuncles which began with seven children after the 'marathon', not by the sanitarium personnel who pointed out to the dangers of the experiments. 

Quote from the Times newspaper today re the Pussy Riot, "this is about our children and freedom"

David Gaiman became the head of the Guardians Office replacing Jane Kember who was convicted along with Mary Sue Hubbard and 9 other members of Scientology for conspiracy against the American Government. See Operation Snow White:

Operation Cat - A plan, initiated on 16 September 1975, "to plant grossly false information in [the files of] government agencies". It was well-known that government agencies around the world held a lot of information which was uncomplimentary towards Scientology (and thus comprised "false reports" - anything uncomplimentary of Scientology is automatically regarded as false). By planting false information, it was hoped that the accuracy of government files in general would be "dead agented" (discredited); thereby the so-called "false reports" would lose their power to harm.

Snow White:

The Evil Cult of Scientology - Bust Them!

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Death of a Scientologist.

Biggi Reichert commits suicide a few days after leaving the "mecca of technical perfection" in Scientology's Clearwater, Florida?

I'm not convinced, there are too many "suicides" in Scientology, it can be shown that their are many reasons for wanting to end one's life after Scientology has finished with you by completely wrecking your life, however there are too many questionable ones and Biggi's is one of them..

It starts with Susan Meister on the Flagship Apollo, the previous "mecca of technical perfection" prior to it  setting the Commodore's fleet aside and taking over the town of Clearwater, Florida.Susan supposedly shot herself.

Then there is Quentin Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard's own son:

Shawn Lonsdale, never was a scientologist, but he continually videoed in Clear Water, Florida showing what goes on in Scientology:

Shawn Lonsdale and Peter Mansell of Scientology

Flo Barnett:

Stacey Moxon (Meyer):

Greg Bashaw:

Based upon the story ""Death of a Scientologist," by Tori Marlan, Published in The Chicago Reader August 16, 2002

January 16, 2003
By Rick Ross
Scientologist Greg Bashaw reached far beyond the mythical plateau of achievement that Scientologists call "clear." Bashaw rose to Operating Thetan Level 7 or "OT7."

Putting this in pop perspective, movie stars John Travolta and Tom Cruise have not yet reached the level Bashaw achieved.

The highest level a Scientologist can hope for is OT8.

But after 20 years of Scientology courses, auditing and training Bashaw killed himself.

He was married and left behind a teenage son. Bashaw was once a successful advertising executive, but he died broke, deeply in debt and unemployed. And the church he had dedicated so much of his life to abandoned him through "excommunication."

Greg's father Bob struggles to understand what happened to his son. He says, "I knew him and this wasn't him -- What the hell happened here?"

However, Bob knew about his son's dedication to Scientology. Early on Greg borrowed thousands of dollars from his father for Scientology-related courses.

Bob says Greg used one of the loans to go with Laura to the church's Los Angeles complex for course work; he paid it back with interest, explaining that he'd felt pressured by the church to pay. He wrote his father, "Our financial officer for the Church informed us we would need another $1,700 to pay for the package we were securing. It was imperative to get it this past week; otherwise the annual price increase, which he had held off for us through administrative fancywork, would go into effect. Simply put, if we didn't send the money Wednesday, the prices would have gone up on us by $500."

Greg's parents were divorced. His mother quickly realized that her son was involved in something she felt was potentially dangerous. Bob received a letter from his ex-wife during 1981 citing an article about Scientology in Reader's Digest titled, "Scientology: Anatomy of a Frightening Cult."

Greg's mother said in her letter that when she'd questioned Greg about the article, he claimed it was part of a conspiracy contrived against Scientology by "psychiatrists."

Greg's mother passed away before her son's suicide, but it was clear that she was deeply concerned about his involvement with Scientology.

Bob instead essentially accepted his son's involvement and did nothing.

Bob knew about Scientology's bad press, but when Greg said the stories about were not true, Bob accepted it.

Greg unsuccessfully tried to recruit his father.

Bob continued to have nagging doubts, but says, "There wasn't any big red flag that went up. And that's really what I was looking for."

At times Bob defended Greg to other family members. He said that he would "do battle" with Greg's aunts. In a letter to one of them he wrote: "The horror stories of Scientology victims and my imagination, plus what I have read, certainly conjure up rage and anxiety." But he couldn't bring himself to take any action. He said, "Integrity does not permit me to have a loving relationship with him while covertly working against what he sincerely believes in."

Bob concluded that his son was "free to make his own choices in life."

Greg largely cut his mother off after she criticized Scientology. Bob was afraid the same thing would happen to him. A bitter divorce had isolated him from his other children, but Greg had been away at college during that period. Bob wondered, "Do I take this position to not alienate him because he is the one of three children of mine that I am in touch with? The only one I can share my feelings and he truly shares his feelings with me? The answer is no."

So Bob decided to remain silent about Scientology.

Greg went to Clearwater, Florida, a bastion of Scientology, to take courses, which strained his budget. His wife and son did not accompany him because it cost too much. Money became tight for the Bashaw family, despite the fact that Greg earned a large income.

However, like most Scientologists Greg thought it was all worth it. He wrote, "Scientology has saved my ass, that's for sure. Now I'm unstuck, in the know, and working towards completion. It will be a new life when I get back."

Greg even believed his training enabled him to talk to the dead. He wrote Bob, "It's easy, like talking on a telephone, when you have the hang of it." Greg didn't divulge details because his talks with the dead "happened in the context of formal auditing sessions and so are confidential."

Bob remembers thinking, "What is this crap?" He considered doing something and claims he knew it was "bullshit." But in the end he did nothing. He rationalized; that maybe it is possible to speak with the dead?

Greg seemed to have a "good life." Married with a son, living in a two-story house on 16 acres of land in Barrington Hills, Illinois. And he was a highly paid successful executive at a well-known advertising firm.

But Greg was spending large sums of money on Scientology. Greg not only paid for costly courses; he donated even more cash to the controversial church. So much that they made him a "patron" of the International Association of Scientologists.

And Greg Bashaw decided to take on Scientology's critics by harassing them at anti-cult conferences.

"None of my encounters with Greg were pleasant," says Reg Alev, a former executive director of the now defunct Cult Awareness Network (CAN), which was bankrupted by Scientology lawsuits. He says Greg even confronted him on the way to the bathroom, yelling about CAN being a terrorist organization. Alev adds, "He was extremely confrontational and loud."

Jim Beebe also once associated with CAN says Greg picketed outside the CAN office and even outside staff members' homes. In 1992 Greg and other Scientologists sued the group, claiming religious discrimination, when they were refused membership. And Greg filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Human Rights.

Cynthia Kisser, executive director of CAN after Alev, said Greg's actions were part of an organized effort to "harass and disrupt" the network. She says that during the early to mid 90s Scientologists like Greg filed 50 nearly identical lawsuits and human rights complaints against CAN. Eventually they were dismissed, but they took their toll on the organization financially. Scientology eventually sued CAN into bankruptcy.

Greg left one advertising firm for another in 1997, but it was demotion according to his father. Bob later found out Greg quit after his old firm took on Prozac as a client, a drug that Scientology's Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) claimed could lead to "homicidal rages," suicide and had tried to get the FDA to ban.

Scientology believes they have the answers for mental health and are totally opposed to psychiatry and psychiatric drugs such as Prozac.

Bob says he could tell Greg was changing. His conversation was stilted and often he just repeated what someone else said. He wasn't his usual self. A former professional associate characterized Greg as "a deep thinker," but observed that his old friend's "creativity was not at the same level of consistency." Greg admitted that this was "connected to the auditing." Auditing is the intensive question and answer sessions Scientologists undergo with their "auditors," in an effort to supposedly "clear" themselves.

In September of 2000 Greg Bashaw returned once again to Clearwater for more Scientology training. His father finally said, "Greg, you're spending a hell of a lot of time down there. I don't understand it. You're spending time away from your job, and you're spending time away from your family." But Greg only answered, "You're right, dad. You don't understand it."

Greg was now an OT7 and he didn't get back from this trip for a month. When he saw his father again he admitted that he'd been fired from his job.

When Bob met with Greg later after that trip he learned that his son planned to kill himself. Greg was going to drive to a forest preserve and drink a bottle of Drano. Bob said, "I'm holding him, and he's saying he failed everybody, he isn't worth anything, he's a total failure."

Greg's last trip to Clearwater was apparently a disaster. "They threw him out," Bob says. Greg told his father that his church said they couldn't help him and sent him away, telling him never to return.

At this point the reality of his son's situation hit Bob hard. He said, "This is when the whole thing hit the fan with me. I realized what the hell [Scientology] had done to him."

Bob wanted his son to go to a psychiatric hospital and he says Greg's wife agreed. "That surprised me," Bob said, but it seems by this time Greg's wife had quit Scientology.

Greg checked into the psychiatric ward of a local hospital, such places are anathema to Scientologists who ardently oppose psychiatry.

The following morning in the psych unit, the first thing Bob told his son was that Scientology was evil and that it was his enemy. Greg seemed upset by this. "It was as if I'd slapped him in the face," says his father.

Greg tried to commit suicide twice in the next couple of months. His teenage son found him the first time on the floor, almost dead. The second time he emailed a suicide note to a friend who alerted the police. They arrived just in time to save his life again.

Then Greg promised his father he wouldn't try to kill himself again.

A Scientology spokesperson denied that the church excommunicated Greg. She said, "He seemed to be having some rather large troubles and he left the church to go sort out his life." But she added, "Frankly, no Scientologist would ever seek psychiatry as a solution to their problems."

When asked why so many former Scientologists so ardently oppose the church its spokesperson said, "There's only one reason and one reason only, they have lots of words they don't understand." A cryptic allusion that whatever failure there was it was a personal failure, rather than anything Scientology did.

In the Spring of 2001, things seemed hopeful. Greg was working again. An old friend found him a job. Bob visited with his son and he seemed to be getting better.

But Bob still wondered would he be alright? He wrote his son about a retreat for cult survivors in Ohio called Wellspring. Greg wasn't interested. He responded that "One of the things that happens when you have the bad experiences that I've had is that people assume your own beliefs are faulty." Greg rejected any possibility of professional help Wellspring might offer.

Greg then began to shut down. Phone messages from his father went unanswered and letters were returned. Greg finally wrote back and explained, "It's almost as if I had a stroke on a mental and spiritual level, and I have to start with learning how to use a fork again, metaphorically."

Greg Bashaw finally admitted, "For the last 10 years I was fooling myself regarding the services I was taking [with Scientology], and whether they were advancing me. I wanted them to be... In retrospect, I would have been better the last ten years to have focused on simply building a family life, and on work, as most people do... Being on the services the whole time was almost unbelievably demanding in terms of time, money and commitment. The fact that it did not 'pay off' has been an exceptionally bitter pill to swallow. The fact that at the end of the road I ended up in worse shape than I'd ever been in my entire life... well, that has been completely irreconcilable with any concept of reality."

But Greg seemed to be considering his future, He said, "I would like to get to a point where the focus of my life is not on my disability. It's been very difficult talking to people lately, because typically the whole conversation pivots around how well I'm doing or not doing."

But whatever optimism Greg expressed it dissipated by that summer. A former Scientologist he confided in said Greg told him that he "had broken something that the Church of Scientology could fix, [but] they weren't going to fix it."

During the last two months of his life Greg had no work. He stayed at home and deteriorated. He owed the bank $27,000 and $29,000 on credit cards. Bob says that early that year Greg's wife talked about suing Scientology to recover the money they'd paid in advance for auditing and course work. Bob says he was told they had "a balance of nearly $200,000 in credit."

However, Greg wouldn't sue. He wrote his father, "It would subject me and my family to a great deal of shame and embarrassment, and additionally such a stance does not reflect what I believe to be true."

His old friend got a call from Greg. "He asked me, 'What can I do?' He was in torment. He felt like he was losing control. I didn't have an answer. I asked him to come here right away." Greg drove for hours to his friend's home in another town. His friend recalled, "He arrived at my house, coherent but just barely hanging on. Greg was shaking and had all but lost the ability to function."

Greg agreed to check himself into a hospital. At first he refused medication and counseling. As a devoted Scientologist he had been drilled to resist the evils of psychiatry.

Bashaw had spent more than 20 years in Scientology. He gave the group everything he had spiritually, mentally, and financially. He wanted to lose his "reactive mind," but in the end he just lost his mind. His father says, "There were periods of time he was rational and he realized he was losing it and it was a terror, a horrible thing to him."

A former long-term member of Scientology explained that the church claims "it has the solution to all your problems. Then you realize most of the problems you had, Scientology created. That former member, who met Bashaw concluded, "Greg knew this but couldn't accept it. Greg Bashaw could not let go of the mental indoctrination he'd swallowed hook, line, and sinker -- he had a hard time struggling with the fact that he'd been living a lie. Everything he thought was real wasn't real anymore."

Greg wrote his father for the last time during the summer of 2002, "I wanted to call on Father's Day but was hospitalized and had no calling card. My condition worsened dramatically three weeks ago. I have been in the hospital the last two weeks and am now moving to an intensive outpatient status."

But despite his condition Greg still insisted that his wife not sue Scientology. He said, "They would put 50 lawyers on the case. They would employ private investigators, and the like, to help win their case. And the stress would be enormous... If you could get her to consider these points, as I have repeatedly over the last few months, it would be greatly appreciated."

Greg then said, "I told them this morning I still felt depressed and suicidal," and ended cryptically, "P.S. Thanks for being a great dad."

After leaving the hospital Greg drove to his friend's house and had dinner. It seemed like he was recovering and he talked about further treatment. But just three days later Greg Bashaw pulled onto the shoulder of a road, duct taped a hose from the exhaust pipe of his car into a window and sealed it tightly with a towel. He then sat in the passenger seat until he took his last breath of carbon monoxide.

Greg Bashaw ended his life just like Scientology's founder L Ron Hubbard's son had 25 years earlier.

The police found a suicide note in his hotel room. It said simply, "Goodbye [son], you were a good buddy. Love dad."

Note: Based upon "Death of a Scientologist," by Tori Marlan, Published in The Chicago Reader August 16, 2002

To be continued....

Missing Scientology Minders

A Current Affair -Missing Scientology Minders. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dublin Offlines Conference - Tory Christman.

Tory was a member of the Church of Scientology for 30 years. She joined in 1969 and escaped out in July of 2000 (This will be her 12th anniversary out). She is going to share some of the serious abuses committed by the Scientology organisation behind closed doors.

Tory is part Irish and greatly looking forward to visiting Ireland. She has spoken out in numerous media outlets and in the international media about her experiences. She has been working to help people within the organisation since she escaped.

Tory maintains a YouTube channel where she shares her story and regularly comments on the Scientology organisation: 

Narconon Not Scientology?

Rehab Facility blamed for Deaths of Three Patients.

Rehab facility linked to Scientology blamed for deaths of three patients who underwent 'five hours a day in sauna and mega doses of vitamins'

    Death of Stacy Murphy last month sparked off a police investigation looking into death of three other patients
    Rehabilitation program founded in 1966 and is based on the teachings of Scientology's founder L. Ron Hubbard.
    Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Kirstie Allie are advocates
    Stacy and Hillary Holton's autopsy and toxicology reports are pending
    Gabriel's autopsy report lists his cause and manner of death as 'undetermined' and 'unknown'

By Rachel Quigley

PUBLISHED: 22:51 GMT, 14 August 2012 | UPDATED: 00:45 GMT, 15 August 2012

    Comments (2)

Stacy Murphy was like any other young woman her age.

The pretty blonde, who was 'loved by everyone', was a cheerleader, went to church regularly and had dreams of being a vet.

But the 20-year-old died last month while she was a patient at Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma, the home of Scientology's drug treatment program.

She became the third person to die while under the care of the flagship facility in the last nine months. Seven have died since 2005 as exposed by NBC's The Rock Center with Brian Williams  in a segment to air on Thursday.

See video...  And photos

From Calliwog's Blog.

Originally posted by Paul Salerno on Facebook

From the Caliwog blog.

aaron saxton | August 13, 2012 at 7:04 am | Reply

An increasing number of media outlets have been in touch with myself and others regarding the status of children in the Sea Organization and their treatment.

I think finally the right cord is being hit with the public, as it is hard to defend the idiocy of grown adults (at least physically anyways); however children are another matter.

One aspect that is hard to communicate and have understood by the media outlets is the amount of information and behavioral control is exerted on the children. In a modern age it is hard to stress the point that what is in the news, the papers and the internet does not exist if the person has no access to such information freely.

Essentially, one has to communicate a Jonestown sort of scenario to the media for them to start to comprehend the situation. In almost any society the treatment of children is considered paramount and transgressions against children are often the most severely punished acts. I believe Marty’s lack of stance or understanding of what we did as Sea Org members to destroy the children is very clear evidence that most who are still in the Scientology frame of mind really do not grasp the consequences of their actions.

Is there a single person who would allow Marty Rathbun to parent their children?

The locking up of children and the controlling of their thoughts and actions should be at the forefront of the attack against the Sea Organization and Scientology.

Any ex-sea Org member who can not understand the devastation we caused within the C of S need to sit down and really come to grips with what we exposed those children to, and how many of them could never recover from literally having their minds changed to a minority group that has little chance of real social integration – and the disability that we provided to them.

What we did was horrible. How we barred parents from seeing their kids must really be viewed for what it was – barring children from seeing their parents. How we shoved Scientology down their throat should not be seen as preparing them for the new world of scientology, but really as giving them no education and scaring them into believing any other choice than Scientology or the Sea Organization was a guaranteed way to lose their family.

When we dismissed SO members we often looked at it as a weapon to force the parents into line – what were the kids going through? Imagine being a child and seeing the consequence of your mother defying the great Ron Hubbard ideas? Imagine as a child knowing that by defying an idea, you could lose the only thing that meant much to you – your parents.

We as with facism transplanted the inherent truth that friends and family were paramount with the idea that total submission to an idea was senior, and in doing so created children who could only treat their parents as objects. A book or their parents; and we crushed them until the book won over.

It is no surprise ex-SO Members now feel the greatest pain of losing their children, but the real pain is when they realize that the training and brainwashing was successful on their children, and that to them, their ghost hero Ron and his teachings surpass their love for the parents – if they love them at all. Love means above anything else, and from such a young age we all taught them that this folly was for the weak.

All Scientologists and especially the celebrities have crimes against those children by inaction and through financial support of the creation of brainwashing centers for those kids. Those slaves at Int Base that serve Tom Cruise and John Travolta were mostly children a decade ago and all senior Scientologists and celebs jolly well knew what those children were being subjected to – to now look at a young man or woman in the Sea Org and say “they have a choice” is folly, as they never knew they had a choice and to offer them one now is to condemn them to punishment and self abasement in-line with their teachings.

Why are we not protesting outside of Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s house about the financial support they gave to an organization that knowingly destroyed the lives (and still does) of so many children? How can we not hold them as accountable as we could any group in the world that creates camps for children?

Tom and John have their fleet of slaves – and they should be targeted ruthlessly for clearly providing the majority of the financial and public support for a religion that hides child abuse right here in America.

It’s time to go after the real benefactors of the religion – those at the top with the greatest gain – slaves and money funneled off shore for them to collect in their private jets.

They sicken me.

(I'll provide a link later)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Is There A Full Moon?

I do believe the nutters are out in full force tonight on the message boards,good job I rarely post any more.

Having fun OSA?

See you at the IAS!.

Contraversial Play takes Center Stage.

Dublin Offlines Conference - Samantha Domingo.

 Samantha spent 20 years within the Scientology
organisation, before finally quitting in 2009. When she
began to speak out against its abuses her ex-husband,
Placido Domingo Jr., was pressured to "disconnect"
from her. He was instructed to communicate with their
three daughters only via an attorney. He refused and
instead quit the organisation.

For more information on the Dublin Offlines event see

Tory Magoo talks about the Nation of Islam.

The Cult of Scientology with Nancy Many

Radio interview with Nancy Many,by Paranormal Review.

Thank You Paranormal Review for giving Nancy Many a fantastic interview, and Thank You for airing the audio clip of Wally Hanks paddling Marco. It is horrific, but it needs airing, people need to see how Scientology affects people and causes severe mental instability.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The original CMO.
On board the Apollo 1968/69 New Year's Eve, in Liability. Karioki L.Ron Hubbard style.

Some 45 years later and Scientology is still to this day doing this, the same to kids today, and the Commodore is DEAD, the Commodore stole ALL of our childhoods and yet the Commodore is still at it via David Miscavige. Have you ever thought about that?

Now, I could be wrong, seriously wrong, but I doubt it.

Blake Huffam is an old man, he served LRH and is now desperate, yeah well, so are a lot of people, donate something! Are you kidding me?

Donations are something the "church" of Scientology requires of all good standing scientologists, it's voluntary, well let me tell you something. I will not donate to people who deal in real estate, is that in the "Real Estate" of L. Ron Hubbard, or the real "state" of people who are struggling?

It strikes me, that the higher uppers in the grand scheme of things re Scientology do NOT suffer that badly after leaving scientology.Now, I wonder why that is? Do they all have this incredible massive inheritance?

yeah, I reckon they do, and it comes from that guy up on Target 2.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Russian Scientologists Dedicate Month to Human Rights.

I can't help but wonder why mainstream media hasn't got this plastered over all their front pages. Very dedicated, those Russian Scientologists. Could it be the worlds media is run by bankers and psychs?,c9289646

It began with a round table at the National Information Agency of Ukraine.  Attorneys and civil servants participated alongside librarians and human rights activists including volunteers and staff of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union and the Kiev Science and Education Administration, a former deputy (MP) of the Supreme Rada, the Ukraine Parliament, and members of the press. 

Next, a panel discussion with the interagency coordinating council responsible for law education in Kiev Oblast (province). Topics included standards in law education, creation of human rights educational TV and radio programs, and coordination of government and public human rights activities.

In city after city, including Perm, Ufa and Kharkov, volunteers erected a “Wall of Change” in the city center. Passersby symbolically wiped out human rights abuse, first by inscribing the wall with human rights violations and then erasing them, signifying individuals and groups working together to achieve human rights.

From Ron's journal 1967:

“Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains and they are oddly enough directors in all the Mental Health groups in the world which have sprung up. Now these chaps are very interesting fellows. They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds, illegitimate children, government graft, a very unsavory lot. And they apparently some time in the rather distant past had determined upon a course of action. Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission. ...
Scientology's abuse of Human Rights:
38 examples of human rights abuses of being held against their will, I personally know of 9 and have read or heard about many others, not mentioned here:

Scientology gets governments to award them money on violation of religious discrimination:

Why won't Marty and Mike tell the truth?
Religious Cloaking:

Piercing the Corporate Veil:




Scientology's Recruitment Film

Scientology's Recruitment Film: The Version They Don't Want You to See:

Group with Scientology ties tutoring kids in Colorado public schools

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Scientology's OSA with Radio Paul

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Office of Special Affairs or OSA (formerly the Guardian's Office) is a department of the Church of Scientology. According to the Church, the OSA is responsible for directing legal affairs, public relations, pursuing investigations, publicizing the Church's "social betterment works," and "oversee[ing its] social reform programs". Some observers outside the Church have characterized the department as an intelligence agency, comparing it variously to the CIA, the Secret Service, and the KGB. The department has drawn criticism for its involvement in targeting critics of the Church for dead agent operations. OSA has mounted character assassination operations against many critics of the Church.

OSA is the successor to the now-defunct Guardian's Office, which was responsible for Operation Snow White; both are in Department 20 in the Scientology Org-Chart. The most recent head of OSA International was Mike Rinder, who has since departed from the organization.

Very Interesting radio interview with Darth Xander, who produces amazing footage of the Sea Org getting on and off buses in Clearwater Florida and who is responsible for the footage of the photos of young children in the Sea Org I have on this blog. Paulien Lombard, who like Tory Magoo was an OSA volunteer and tried to stop people from protesting against Scientology, Bert Leahy, who has never been connected to Scientology, but was hired to do a video film called the Squirrel Busters which turned out to be a concerted effort to harass Marty Rathbun, the Inspector General of Scientology until 2004 when he defected. Gary Scarff, who was an OSA official and pretended to be from another cult in order to help get the Cult Awareness Network shut down by bankrupting them, and was actually asked to snuff someone out.

Is Scientology really the religion that wants a world without  war,crime and insanity?Hard to believe, isn't it?

A world without Criminals.

Scientology's front group for rehabilitating criminals, Criminon has this delightful little video just for you, so you can see for yourself how helpful they are to the community.

Scientology TV commercial AD message: How we Help

Anonymous and How they Help

A world of Criminals:
Operation Snow White

Operation Freakout:

How to take over a town and get rid of your key opponant:

How to infiltrate governments including the IRS:

Scientology is fun?

International aspect of Operation Snow White:

This is a (very) quick summary of the countries targetted by $cientology during its "Operation Snow White" in the seventies.

FBI did stop it, but it gives a view of $cientology's scope. They pretend they're "protecting" THE WHOLE WORLD.
Anonymous fight is an international fight, even though the nest of the cult is located for now (july 2008) in the U.S...

The Absolute FBI files on LRH : the H-Files

Music is from Jerry Lewis movie "Who's Minding the Store?". I had to make the video very fast to stick to the time I had. You can view it twice if you missed something. Source for this video is:

Vimeo version

Guardians Office List of Operations, those that weren't shredded:

The Role of the GO (Guardians Office):

Operation Clambake presents Cheryl Sola's - A World Without:

A world without Scientology would certainly help to make the world a better place.

Stephen Jones - Dublin Offlines Conference

Stephen Jones (ex Sea Org Member and Uk Scientology Org Mangement)

For more information on the Dublin Offlines event see

Monday, 6 August 2012

Tom Cruise Scientology Rehab Collapse

Re Scientology's Corporate Sham.

I wish the US Dept of Justice would hold hearings on possible tax fraud by Scientology and subpoena the following individuals:

Joseph Alesi - GO Operative who gained access to IRS with forged ID card
Don Alverzo - former Deputy Director Information Br I USGO
Brian Anderson - current "spokesperson" in Clearwater
Michael Baum - GO "FSM" who worked with Alesi to gain access to IRS using forged ID card
Bradford N. Bernstein, CPA - worked on IRS Defensible Records Project
Peter Blecha - former Finance Audits Officer GLA
Annie Broeker - former Hubbard Aide and loyal officer
Pat Broeker - former Hubbard Aide and loyal officer
Helen Budlong - former USGO
Morris "Mo" Budlong - former Snow White conspirator
David Cusworth - former Audits Officer Finance WW
Richard Deere - former Director of Personnel Int USGO
Ken Delderfield - former LRH Comm WW
James "Jim" Douglass - former USGO staff
Nancy Douglass - aka Pitts - Guardian Office Covert Ops
[Judith] Jae Duckhorn - former Assistant Guardian Finance Bridge Publications
Irene Dunleavy/Howey/Dirmann - former LRH Comm Saint Hill, CO ASHO D, Office of Eval & Execution Flag, etc. (many posts)
Tony Dunleavy - former Exec Council WW
Robert Ealy - former GO Finance WW
Louise Ealy - former AGF ASHO and AGF Greater Los Angeles
Jonathan "Jonno" Epstein - FBO Network Sea Org Reserves Chief
[Gerald] Feffer - of Washington DC law firm Williams & Connolly - husband of Monique Yingling
Derek Field - former Chartered Accountant WW
Bill Franks - former Executive Director International
Fran Freedman - former CS-3
Molly Gilliam - former Hubbard Finance Aide
Martin "Marty" Greenberg - former CPA USGO
Fred Hare - former Exec Council WW
Hugh Harrison - former Sea Org Finance Aide (Deputy CS-3 Production)
Henning Heldt - former Snow White conspirator
Mary Heldt - former Deputy Guardian Finance USGO
Peter Hemery - former HCO Secretary WW
Mitchell Herman - With Meisner interviewed Scienos for Infiltration Op and bugged IRS Chief Counsel's Conference room in Nov 1974 - aka Mike Cooper
Diana Hubbard - former CS-6, etc.
Mary Sue Hubbard - former Controller
Alan Hubbert - former Guardian Office staff
April Huff - former USGO Finance
Steve Huff - former Assistant Guardian Greater Los Angeles
Midge Hunt - former DGF US
James J. "Jim" Jackson - CPA Betty James - former Chairman of the Advisory Council WW
Heber Jentzsch - "President" of CSI - former GO Public Relations monkey Jane Kember - former Guardian WW
Richard Kimmel - former Assistant Guardian Intelligence Wash DC
Brian Livingston - former Treasury Secretary SH
Vicki Polimeni Livingston - former CS-3
Ian Logan - former Finance Audits Unit I/C WW
Arthur "Arte" Maren - former USGO PR
Gerald Wayne McNeely - former AGF GLA, AGF ASHO, Fin. Audits Dir PAC, etc.
Joan McNocher - former Deputy Guardian WW, Exec Council Saint Hill
Warren McShane - President of RTC
Michael Meisner - GO Operative who got caught in IRS bldg, kidnapped and held by Scientology, escaped and turned witness for US Dept of Justice - aka John Foster
David Miscavige - Chairman of the Board RTC
Ray Mithoff - another loyal Sea Org officer - Senior C/S Int, etc.
Cat Morrow - former PAC/GLA GO staff
Jim Morrow - former PAC/GLA GO staff
Carla Moxon - former Assistant Guardian Communicator Wash DC
Kendrick Moxon - former Assistant Guardian Legal Wash DC
Becky Ohl - former Flag Banking Officer ASHO
Charles B. Parselle - former Deputy Guardian Legal WW
Herbie Parkhouse - former Deputy Guardian Finance WW
David Pearson - former FBO Bridge Publications US
Mickey Layne Pearson - former FBO Admin ASHO
Linda Polimeni - former Guardian Office FSM
Nick Polimeni - one of the first SO members when it was known as the Sea Project - was on "Mission Into Time" cruise
Philip Quirino - former LRH Comm WW
Marty Rathbun - another crony of Miscavige, Starkey, Yaeger, Spurlock, Greg Wilhere, Jonno Epstein, et al
Bruce Raymond - Ops Officer Intelligence USGO - aka Randy Windment
Cindy Raymond - former Collections Officer USGO Information Bureau
Mike Rees - former AGF ASHO
Wendell Reynolds - former International Finance Dictator
Mike Rigby - former Dir Accounts WW
Mike Rinder - OSA Int.
Mary Rezzonico - former Deputy Guardian Legal USGO (also Moxon's senior)
Otto Roos - old timer SO member (many posts) - now declared SP
Robin Roos - former CS-3 and CS-2
Marilyn Routsong - former Treasurer WW
Homer Schomer - Flag Finance and other finance posts
Louise Shekter - former CS-3
Mike Smith - former FBO US
Duke Snider - former President CoSoC and Snow White conspirator
Karen Spencer - former FBO ASHO
Larry Spencer - former FBO ASHO
Tom Spring - Tax Exempt Organization specialist
Lyman Spurlock - crony of Miscavige, Starkey, Spurlock, Wilhere
Norman Starkey - long-time loyal Sea Org officer
Leon Steinberg - former Exec Council WW
Bess Sullivan - former LRH Comm International
Laurel Watson Sullivan - former LRH Personal Public Relations Officer
Lucy Thiel - former FBO ASHO Fdn
Sharon Thomas - Snow White covert operative who obtained employment with the US Dept of Justice - aka Judy
Mike Totman - former Audits Branch Director WW
Charlie Updegrove - former FBO ASHO
Ken Urquhart - former CS-7, LRH Pers Comm
Monique Yingling - of Wash DC tax firm Zuckert, Scoutt & Rasenberger - is Feffer's wife
Richard "Dick" Weigand - former Snow White conspirator
Greg Willardson - GO Covert Operative who worked with Cindy Raymond
Greg Wilhere - another crony of Miscavige
Larry Willson - former AGF ASHO
Gerald Bennett Wolfe - aka Thomas Blake; Snow White Operative who infiltrated the IRS and stole documents from IRS Chief Counsel Lewis Hubbard in June 1975- chosen by Raymond
Shirley Young - former PAC/GLA GO - now in Freedom Mag office
Warren Young - former San Diego, Calif Police Officer and member of Scientology with access to the National Crime Information Center Computer (NCIC)

You can see how happy Norman, Heber, Marty and myself are. But who is that giving the thumbs up on the left? That's right - the IRS. Let me be clear. These people - once our enemy - now see us as friends. And for my part, the feeling is mutual. So, don't you hang onto the charge. It is now time to move into the future. The end of this war should not be considered as an end of cycle so much as a beginning of cycle. It should mark the beginning of our greatest expansion ever. It should mark the beginning of our biggest shoulder-to-shoulder push ever to clear this planet. But before we move on, some thanks are in order and I would like to give mine. I would first like to thank all Scientologists and particularly members of the International Association of Scientologists for all of their support over the last 9 years that made this victory possible. I would like to thank the staffs over the world. They have lived through one crisis after another and not ever under the best of conditions, but they hung in there and work to keep the show on the road. They should be acknowledged for their dedication. I would like to thank all members of the sea organization who are upholding the ethics standard across the planet so that tech can go in and people can truly go free. I'd like to thank all of the staff of the Office of Special Affairs who have lived with more entheta over the years than anybody ever deserved. But they hang in there and helped bring forth this win. Sea Org members aren't given awards at IAS events. We reserve them for our own internal ceremonies. But I would like to thank 3 individuals who were there on the front lines helping to fight this battle.

They are Marty Rathbun, Norman Starkey and Heber Jentzsch. But it is appropriate this evening to present some awards. This is a huge victory. 

Reviewing the Headley Ruling.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Running Program

This Photo of a Scientologist Allegedly being Punished in the Desert is Chilling.

Karen de La Carriere, a former Scientologist who is now a dealer in Thomas Kinkade paintings, claims she experienced the punishment in 1982, at Clearwater. "For four months of my life I had to run around a pole. it's supposed to be a spiritual enlightening tool, theoretically," she said. She claims she was punished after being falsely accused of funneling money out of the church.

"Your knees start buckling, your ankles swell but ... you're made to do this 12 hours a day. Even if you're in pain or stumbling."

"The punishment ended when I claimed I had good wins, good enlightenment ... you have to write a success story ... saying all these great things happened to you, you're very, very happy and you want others to get the gains you had."

"I would have written anything to get off the program. That was the only way out."

Here's the church's full statement on this issue, from spokesperson Karin Pouw:
As anyone can see, it is obviously not “a Scientologist being punished in the desert” and such a statement would be defamatory. The picture shows a person running on a well manicured running track in a lushly landscaped area. I even see a seating area with what looks like wooden benches. The person running is participating in a spiritual program which is part of the Scientology religion and covered in our Scripture. Many members of the Church choose to do this program voluntarily and for his or her spiritual fulfillment.  This particular picture has been floating around the internet for years and is not news.

Your question reflects a lack of religious tolerance that is, unfortunately, all too common in some media sources. Scientology is a relatively new religion and, while our religious practices are not as well known as other more established religions, we are seeking spiritual salvation. We work hard to answer common questions and put the information on our website at and also our media center at

But back to the picture: there is no story here and I suspect you are being told wild stories from a small group of apostates who only seek to infect media with false and sensational allegations in order to further their religious-hate agenda. If you were given a picture of someone taking Communion from a Catholic apostate would that be “a Catholic being punished through forced feeding?” And would that be something the Business Insider would publish?

Scientology Prison Camp for Executives.