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Add Child Endangerment.

I do not ordinarily post a link to Marty Rathbun's blog and I do so only now because I could not believe the comment by Marty about Hana Eltringham and Nibs.Actually I can believe his comment only too well, If he was to say anything other than that he might loose his following of  Independents and his income from auditing, there is a lot of money to be had from donations in scientology for services rendered and he should know because he helped to Keep Scientology Working for so many years.

Whilst child endangerment is unacceptable from any human being, strangely enough that also includes L. Ron Hubbard. From my viewpoint it matters not that he is dead and long gone, Scientologists still to this day use methods of practise on young children that are tantamount to child abuse and they do so because they follow Hubbard's scriptures.

Many Thanks to AussieCase:

I’m an ex-Scientologist, I have been posting on Tony’s blog for about a month, and I have also posted here a couple of times.

I oppose the personal abuses on staff, children, public, ex-Scientologists, and Independent (Indie) Scientologists that I have seen and read about in corporate Scientology. Marty is the current target of this madness.

One issue in corporate Scientology is the neglect of children. In the late 1980s, I joined class IV org staff as a young man, and I went to Clearwater as an outer org trainee. There I audited several young CMO and sea org members. It was something I was called on to do fairly regularly. I suspect this was because we were fairly close in age [Indies may call this increased reality]. Frankly, I enjoyed meeting these young people.

The stories I heard from these children struck me as real and current problems in Scientology. As a middle class young man of university age, the neglect was very far from what I had previously experienced. These children saw a lot. Adults may have been be too busy to pay attention to them, but the children paid attention to what was going on. As I sat behind an e-meter, these young Scientologists gave me a tour of Clearwater that most miss.

It is the neglect of the young which strikes a chord with me today. There is post on this blog by Scientologist X, a privileged young Scientologist, who describes the neglect the writer’s young eyes have witnessed, again I point out that adults may miss what this young person does not. I highly recommend reading that post, even if you stop reading what I am writing.

Where we (I and the Indies) disagree is Ron. I do not see Ron in favourable light. From what I can tell, what you dislike in Scientology now existed before Miscavige grabbed the reigns.

Hana Whitfield, former D/Commodore (US), clear #60, and Avon River captain spoke in Hamburg a few years ago where she discussed Hubbard’s brutality, she also discusses the awe with which she saw Hubbard, and her voyage on the yacht Enchanter. I highly recommend it to Indies, there are multiple sides to Hubbard.

Sharone Stainforth was a 10-year-old messenger on board the Royal Scotsman and she told her story at a Dublin offlines conference this year. If you are interested you can find these stories on the Internet. Ron DeWolf, who has been Photoshoped out of recent clearing congress videos, even claimed he was beating people up for his father in the 1950s.

As a side topic, with regards to Miscavige, Hana gave an affidavit in 1994 where she discusses her conversations with Florence Barnett, Shelly Barnett’s mother, prior to Flo’s dramatic suicide. Hana mentions how Miscavige had to avoid being seen as PTS as he was involved in Scientology’s finances at the time. Tony Ortega recently interviewed the Los Angels Sheriff who investigated the death. The Sheriff discussed how he became convinced the death from multiple gunshots was in fact a suicide.

Marty's reply:

Dewolf and Hana made their claims in pursuit of fortunes – so ought to be read, if at all, with that FACT in mind.

ThetaPotato then says:

 I agree with you about Dewolf he comes across as someone who would sellout his grandmother if had the chance. But I have to disagree about Hana Whitfield. I met her in 1985 (during the earlier Independent movement) she had incredible stories from her experiences working with LRH and being the captain of the Avon River. She came across as sincere and having a lot of integrity. She seemed to honestly just be connected to LRH during a time when he was exploring his new powers as the Commodore of the newly founded S.O. and perhaps was in an experimental stage of using some fairly dark methods to get the job done. I looked on Amazon she hasn’t authored any books, she does seem to be connected to a video called “Scientology the Ex Files.” I doubt she’s made a fortune from that. If she really embellished something about LRH I’d be really interested in knowing what that was.

WindHorseGallery (whom I presume to be Mike Rinder's wife) say's:

Ex-scientologist: Hana was while IN the Sea Org a cold fish. Unkind. Self-serving and highly arrogant. I didn’t know her well but she never seemed to go out of her way to foster friendship. Her ex-husband Guy, on the other hand, was highly trained and very kind.

Ron Hubbard Jr., was rude, arrogant and disrespectful. The early tapes you can hear him disrupt the lectures, make snide remarks and his dad (Ron) would always just kindly say — oh, well, let’s just move on.

You are free to believe whatever you wish. I read Tony Ortega’s site daily mainly for his articles which are often quite good in content. The comments BY AND LARGE seem like the rantings of the uninformed OR highly self-serving ex-scientologists who like to make a name for themselves by name dropping a few celebs they once knew.

Seriously – you run the risk of finding yourself on the far right rather than just contemplating what *might* be workable and what is not workable for you.

For example: My beloved 12 year old dog now suffers from painful arthritis – she was limping this AM — I gave her a nerve assist — a few minutes later the limp was gone and we went for a nice walk. Is she CURED??? No but she feels better. Scientology is for use. You get to pick what you feel works for you …


And,so it goes on...

It's as if they couldn't give a damn about child abuse inside Scientology except when it suits them.

What I would say to YOU Marty, was were you there? NO you were not!

How about you talk about the times when you were there, like what happened to Lisa McPherson? And any stories of child neglect you do know about, I'm sure there are many.

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