Saturday, 25 August 2012

"Supervised" Destruction of Records in Lisa McPherson Death.

Marty Rathbun: Scientology's Attorney "Supervised" Destruction of Records in Lisa McPherson Death.

Only Scientologists looked after Lisa.. Reitman was referring to the non-English speaking staff whose job was hotel upkeep & maintenance.. not the executive staff specifically assigned to Lisa's case like Janis Johnson-Fitzgerald, Brian Anderson, Alain Kartuzinski, Susanne Reid, Valerie Demange, David Houghton, Rita Boykin and the 3 Scientologists that were whisked out of the country when Clearwater Police detectives began investigating her death: Suzanne Schnuremberger, Ildiko Cannovas and Laura Arrunada.

Non-Scientologists are not permitted into the Fort Harrison unless they are chaperoned, and none would have been permitted to be near a Scientologist undergoing a Rundown. The non-English speaking personnel were watched intensely while they were in Lisa's room & ordered to have no contact with her. ... /lisam.htm


After her daughter's death, Fannie McPherson came to Clearwater, where she learned of the traffic accident and the odd behavior.

She said her daughter's Scientology friends told her that, upon arrival at the Fort Harrison on Nov. 18, Lisa McPherson was put in ``baby watch,'' which an ex-church member says is Scientology terminology for solitary confinement.

Ex-church members say such confinement is used when a member has a ``psychotic break'' or is threatening to flee the church.

``They are put in a room with no one and nothing,'' said Dennis Erlich, a former Scientologist who now is an activist against the church.

Police say they cannot confirm or deny the ``baby watch'' allegations.

Anderson said there is no such thing as ``baby watch,'' and that McPherson was never held in such a fashion.

``That's completely false and there is liability if you print that,'' Anderson said. ``It's not true.''

Johnson and Anderson say Erlich is not reliable. Johnson said Erlich ``has a big ax to grind.'' Anderson said Erlich was thrown out of the church.

McPherson's body was returned to Dallas. At the visitation, Scientologists ``hovered'' around, said friend Kelly Davis.

``Ms. Mac couldn't breathe without them on top of her,'' Davis said. ``They came to the funeral home in Dallas and they were checking us out and hovering and listening.''

Davis said Scientologists asked to stay with Fannie McPherson at her home, but she refused. They also insisted that Lisa McPherson wished to be cremated.

``I never heard her say that's what she wanted, and I never would have done it, but they convinced me that's what she wanted,'' Fannie McPherson said.

Anderson said those claims are false.

``I was there,'' Anderson said. ``Church members were not hovering around. I was concerned about Lisa. She had a lot of friends and we wanted to go and pay our respects.''

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