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aaron saxton | August 13, 2012 at 7:04 am | Reply

An increasing number of media outlets have been in touch with myself and others regarding the status of children in the Sea Organization and their treatment.

I think finally the right cord is being hit with the public, as it is hard to defend the idiocy of grown adults (at least physically anyways); however children are another matter.

One aspect that is hard to communicate and have understood by the media outlets is the amount of information and behavioral control is exerted on the children. In a modern age it is hard to stress the point that what is in the news, the papers and the internet does not exist if the person has no access to such information freely.

Essentially, one has to communicate a Jonestown sort of scenario to the media for them to start to comprehend the situation. In almost any society the treatment of children is considered paramount and transgressions against children are often the most severely punished acts. I believe Marty’s lack of stance or understanding of what we did as Sea Org members to destroy the children is very clear evidence that most who are still in the Scientology frame of mind really do not grasp the consequences of their actions.

Is there a single person who would allow Marty Rathbun to parent their children?

The locking up of children and the controlling of their thoughts and actions should be at the forefront of the attack against the Sea Organization and Scientology.

Any ex-sea Org member who can not understand the devastation we caused within the C of S need to sit down and really come to grips with what we exposed those children to, and how many of them could never recover from literally having their minds changed to a minority group that has little chance of real social integration – and the disability that we provided to them.

What we did was horrible. How we barred parents from seeing their kids must really be viewed for what it was – barring children from seeing their parents. How we shoved Scientology down their throat should not be seen as preparing them for the new world of scientology, but really as giving them no education and scaring them into believing any other choice than Scientology or the Sea Organization was a guaranteed way to lose their family.

When we dismissed SO members we often looked at it as a weapon to force the parents into line – what were the kids going through? Imagine being a child and seeing the consequence of your mother defying the great Ron Hubbard ideas? Imagine as a child knowing that by defying an idea, you could lose the only thing that meant much to you – your parents.

We as with facism transplanted the inherent truth that friends and family were paramount with the idea that total submission to an idea was senior, and in doing so created children who could only treat their parents as objects. A book or their parents; and we crushed them until the book won over.

It is no surprise ex-SO Members now feel the greatest pain of losing their children, but the real pain is when they realize that the training and brainwashing was successful on their children, and that to them, their ghost hero Ron and his teachings surpass their love for the parents – if they love them at all. Love means above anything else, and from such a young age we all taught them that this folly was for the weak.

All Scientologists and especially the celebrities have crimes against those children by inaction and through financial support of the creation of brainwashing centers for those kids. Those slaves at Int Base that serve Tom Cruise and John Travolta were mostly children a decade ago and all senior Scientologists and celebs jolly well knew what those children were being subjected to – to now look at a young man or woman in the Sea Org and say “they have a choice” is folly, as they never knew they had a choice and to offer them one now is to condemn them to punishment and self abasement in-line with their teachings.

Why are we not protesting outside of Tom Cruise and John Travolta’s house about the financial support they gave to an organization that knowingly destroyed the lives (and still does) of so many children? How can we not hold them as accountable as we could any group in the world that creates camps for children?

Tom and John have their fleet of slaves – and they should be targeted ruthlessly for clearly providing the majority of the financial and public support for a religion that hides child abuse right here in America.

It’s time to go after the real benefactors of the religion – those at the top with the greatest gain – slaves and money funneled off shore for them to collect in their private jets.

They sicken me.

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