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What Is Wrong with Scientology?

What is wrong with Scientology? Healing through understanding by Marty Ratbun - Customer review
Quote from racecar:

Qualified exit councilors say that for every year you are in Scientology, you need a year out to fully recover. This is because the founder of Scientolgy, L. Ron Hubbard was a very proficient hypnotist.

Marty Rathburn never left. It is my opinion that never recovered. His book and his blog are testament to this opinion.

Scientology is harmful, whether you do it inside the criminal organization run by David Miscavige or not.

It is notable that Marty Rathbun was an active Scientologist in management when Lisa McPherson starved to death over a 17 day period under the 'care' of Scientologists at their Mecca in Clearwater and when many others died (refer Many of the people on died long before Miscavige took power. In fact, under Miscavige, the death toll has reduced.

For years, Marty was a senior officer in the Office of Special Affairs, Scientology's intelligence service. What is more interesting than what Marty says is what Marty doesn't say.

The title of this book is misleading. Marty was part of what was wrong with Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard was also part of what was wrong with Scientology. Hubbard was an unindited co-conspirator in 'Operation Snow White,' the largest infiltration of the US Govt in history.

Miscavige has simply continued in the tradition of abuse that is Scientology.

This review has been edited due to threats made by what appear to be a fan of Marty Rathbun which you can see below. The irony of Marty's fans using childish and hostile methods to attempt to reduce criticism of a book where Marty Rathburn criticizes Miscavige for the very same behaviour seeks only to underline my point.

racecar speaks my kind of language

Quote from Wayne Froemke :

"Has it occurred to you that perhaps you, and your fellow Scientologists, "take offense" too easily?"

Let's change just one word in your statement above, and see if reads more clearly as bigotrous intonations;

"Has it occurred to you that perhaps you, and your fellow Christians, "take offense" too easily?"

Does one Christian's behavior equal all other Christian's behavior?

Does the behavior of one person of any given ethnicity mean that all of the same race behave the very same way way, too?

Again, lets change one word in your statement.

"Has it occurred to you that perhaps you, and your fellow Afro-Americans, "take offense" too easily?"

Isn't this "group" think? Absolutely! You're associating all in one group as being the same way. This is called "collectivism". It's how Hitler thought.

Not only are church Scientologists caught in the trap of collectivism, it appears you are too, or else you wouldn't have asked such an offensive question.

All the independent Scientologists I know support "individualism", versus the ethics of "collectivists", which philosophy Corporate Scientology whole-heartedly supports and endorses.

You'd likely do yourself a big favor by jumping to page 9 of the following link, and get a clear understanding of the major difference in the ethics of individualists versus collectivists ...

The difference is night and day.

More clearly, "good versus evil".

When Scientology turned into collectivism, that's when it broke down.
"collectivism".It's also how Hubbard thought
See below link for how Independent Scientology keeps on working: 

I haven't read this book, yet, however I do intend to do so at some point when I can obtain a copy that doesn't keep Scientology working.

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