It would be useful to write a small submission to this inquiry regarding your own experiences or opinion. This is probably the best forum available to tell your story. You can be sure it will be read by officials, and read in a context of wanting to understand the issues. The inquiry is held by Victorian State Parliament, but I'm sure any submission from Australia would be received.

With reference to children or families, 'abuse' might be..
- Requirement of excessive ‘donations’
- Restriction of educational freedom of choice
- Punishment of dissent
- Harassment or badgering
- Restriction of access to information
- Denial of appropriate time with family
- Parent Alienation Syndrome
- Restriction of access to appropriate medical care
- Requirement of excessive work hours
- A diagnosis of ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’
- Harassment (of dissenters) through the court system
- Coverup of adverse incidents
- Corporal punishments especially of minors
- Complaint of illegal activity without (convictable) evidence
- Coercive mind control practices
- Disconnection
- Enforced work
- Disruption of normal family life
- Sexual abuse
- Physical abuse
- Etc.

Submissions close Friday, 31 August 2012

Submission Guide:

"Your submission can contain factual information,
opinion or both. You may want to draw the
attention of the Committee to something relevant
to the Inquiry. You may choose to emphasise
solutions to the matter or issue before the
committee. This is entirely your choice."

Please submit all electronic responses to or via the eSubmissions page.