Have Kids Audited As Young As Four, No Older Than Ten – Help LRH Clear This Planet

Susan Rodriguez has been on staff at Scientology’s Riverpark Mission in Sacramento, California for 40 years. “R” stands for “reality factor,” and Susan’s R is very “in” with youth.

How about come get some auditing from this SUPER STAR – another one of my VETERAN staff – logging in at 40 years this year! She is a newly minted GAT 2 CLASS 5!! We would love to see some of you who may not be moving on the Bridge right now come in and get spiffed up and rolled forward onto whatever is next for you! We would LOVE to audit your FRIENDS AND FAMILY! One thing I recently was thinking about is how GREAT it is to start your KIDS out YOUNG getting INTRO AUDITING. All of us staff here who had kids back in the day – began our children on courses and auditing as early as 4 years old – but for sure before 10 years old. And the result of that speaks for itself. Most of them are either staff at an Ideal Org or in the Sea Org or are flourishing and prospering otherwise and well up the Bridge and helping LRH Clear this Planet from their hats in life! So… it matters! Susan is a WIZARD with the young. She has 4 kids, 4 grandkids and 2 great grandkids of her own…so her R is very “in” with youth. She is great with ANY age, of course,…but thought I would point that out. Call me if you want your kid to get some auditing here.