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Re Scientology's Bournemouth Mission, Poole, Dorset continued...

Re: Scientology's Bournemouth Mission, Poole, Dorset. 


Other "perks" that the "executives commanded was "spending money" which they simply got from the Treasury Division. This would be used to buy food, fags and anything else they fancied. Basically anything they got in staff pay was simply "spare money", because all their essentials was already catered for.

For the ordinary staff members the story was completely different. They existed quite often below the poverty line because staff pay was so poor. Out of what they did get they had to pay their housing rent and feed and clothe themselves. At one time it was fairly common to have a "house moving party" at around midnight because a landlord had given the staff their marching orders due to non payment of rent.

I remember one staff member who had accumulated about £30,000 in credit card bills and/or loans. This person also had a mortgage to pay for on their property. At the time the staff pay was zero or £5 per week.......

Another person, who was a public member at the time, once came into the Mission to poitely enquire as to why his credit card was debited to the tune of £60,000 without his knowledge. This guy was in the army and quite well paid. The amounts debited on his card were not only done without his knowledge, but he wasn't even in the country at the time as he was away on army business!


Various people ended up receiving Auditor and Case Supervisor training at St. Hill on the TTC ( Tech Training Corps). The TTC'ers from various Missions would lodge at various houses around St. Hill. These were usually owned by public Scientologists who attended St. Hill.


Our rent was supposed to be paid by our respective Missions, but often wasn't or, it would be a "token Payment" and no where near enough. Bournemouth Mission wasn't the only culprit in this, none of the Missions seemed to havethe money to pay their staff's rent. The result was that some unfortunate trainee would be screamed at to find the rent!!

While I was at St. Hill I began to form a relationship with a female on the TTC, my existing relationship was begining to flounder by now as we never had time to see each other.

However, an "upstat"(ie; Big bank Account) member of St. Hill's public also fancied this female and my intervention was causing them a "problem". To cut a long story short I was ordered under threat of a declare to cut all relationships with this female by the "ethics personell" at St. Hill. Just so they could get more money out of their public member. Arseholes.......

One guy I knew from the TTC from my own Mission ws TB, he came to the Mission in '92 I believe. He, unfortunately for him, was fairly wealthy as he had been left an inheritance by his parents. I remember supervising him when he was doing Div Six courses. If there was ever a person who I didn't think was very keen on Scientology, then he was it.The problem is that as he had money the Mission were not going to let him go.

Some years later he told me that was very rarely "winning with Scientology, and only stayed in it because he was the proverbial donkey following the dangling carrot. In other words all his reservations were brushed aside and he'd be told that all his problems would be sorted out after paying for this, that and the other. The poor sod ended up paying in tens, if not over a hundred thousand pounds, if not more.

A couple of times he attempted to get out, but got buttered up by the Registrars and pulled in again. He ended up on staff shortly after joining the Mission, because he was told "it was his only hope" if he stayed in Scientology. Years later he told me he had never felt so low in his whole life than when he was in "that insane cult".

After being persuaded to join staff he rapidly found himself paying all the rent on the house that he'd moved to in Poole. The other staffers who lived there never had enough money to pay anything like their share.

Later on (a couple of years I think), he was persuaded to lend the HAS over £1,000 for rent on the house that she, and other staf member's, lived in. Then he loaned five or six hundred pounds to one of the registrars for outstanding rent on her house, that she, and other staff members, lived in. Needless to say he never got these loans back. I remember him saying in total he was owed around £3,000 by various staff members and never got the money back.

To cut a long story short, TB and anothe guy on staff at the Mission, were persuaded to remortgage their respective homes to raise money to use as a donation to the Mission because it was in financial dire straits. ( I'm talking £150,000 in debt.) God knows how the debt got this high. According to Scientology "policy" debts are impossible to accrue if the policy is followed.......

Anyway, these guys agreed to raising the money, but it was raised using highly irregular, If not downright illegal means. After all, how does someone repay a mortgage of many tens of thousands of pounds when their income is only a few pounds a week.......??!!! The Scenior Registrar was involved in this, so was Scientology's own Solicitor, himself a Scientologist.

Some years later I heard that none of this money ever went to paying any of the Mission debts. What actually happened is that the Mission Holder, RK, used it to further his OT7 level at Flag, Scientology's "mecca" in the USA. Yep, the money was used to pay for his OT7, accomodation, flights, spending money etc......Whether he did this of his own accord, or whether he was "persuaded" to by higher management, I really don't know.

You have to remember that when there's money floating around in the scientology world, all sorts of people representing all sorts of different areas of scientology, are around it like flies around shit. It's like watching a pack of vultures fighting each other over a fresh carcass.

A few years later TB said to me that "If I'd known back then what happened to that money, I'd have got out of that mind fuck right there and then!". Needless to say it was for this reason all this was hushed up........

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