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Cult Children beaten and made to live like early christians

From the Times Newspaper Thurseday 17th June 2015...

By Adam Sage, Paris, France.

French police have seized the children of members of a fundamentalist cult in a hamlet in Southern France who were allegedly beaten, forced to pray each day from dawn.

The Twelve Tribes, a Christian sect based at a chateau at Sus in the Pyrenees Atlantiques, claims to emulate a first-century lifestyle.The children have never seen television or the internet. Members believe that youngsters must be caned to keep folly at bay, nd orce them to work, after a morning of prayer, to work for the rest of the day. They also preach that multiculturalism is satanic.

The Sus community produces and sells fruit, vegetables and shoes.

The group was raided on Tuesday. Police placed four children aged between eighteen months and fourteen years into care amid allegations of abuse.

The raid came after a criminal inquiry, which began after a former member of the cult told a prosecutor that beatings had been administered by the community.

The Twelve Tribes communities in France, Germany, and US and elsewhere have long faced accusations of racism and violence. Gene Spriggs, its founder, who came from Tennessee said that Martin Luthor King was evil.

The sect denies the claims, and says that it is misunderstood.

Jean-Christophe Muller, the state prosecutor in Pau, said that 200 police accompanied by doctors went to the groups French base. He said that officers had been tipped off by a former cult member, but were stunned to find a community of about a hundred people cut off from the modern world.

"The children have never seen television or the internet and do not know what football is," he said.

Mr. Muller said gendarmes had arrested the group's leaders, who are suspected of exploiting vulnerable people, child abuse and forcing children to work. Four children from one family have been taken into care by social services after doctors discovered "recent signs of corporal punishment".

The prosecuror added that beatings were part of the "educative methods" of the community, which adheres to the biblical proverb. "Folly is bound up in the heart of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it away."

The Twelve Tribes originated in the US and claims to have communities in nine countries, including Britain, where it's based in Devon.

Comparing the communities to beehives, the website says the children are a "vital part of our life. We not only educate them but we work with them."

The French Interministerial Mission for Vigilance About and the Fight Against Sects said in a report that children got out of bed at 6am and received religious teaching "all morning. In the afternoons, they work with their parents. They don't have the right to play, because toys are the  Devil's work." It added that "physical punishments were regulated and graduated".

Georges Fenech, a centre-right MP and former chairman of the anti sect mission, said: "This is a community which lives in autarky, which takes the children out of the school system. I believe that the children are deprived of fundamental rights."

A German television reporter who infiltrated a Twelve Tribes community in Bavaria filmed members beating children with a willow cane in a dark cellar. In six hours, six children received 83 strokes. One boy was hit ten times because he refused to admit to being tired. The documentary was broaadcast in 2013 after social services removed 40 children from the Bavarian community and put them in care.

Note: Whilst The Times newspaper reports about this,they also recently have almost 2 thirds of a page adverts on more than one occasion for celebrity scientologist John Travolta  saying "Welcome to my world" for Breitling watches. A picture of John Travolta, sitting in a Directors chair with a NASA aircraft in the background.

About John Travolta it says...

"In the lead role: John Travolta, movie legend and aviation aficionado. Guest star: The legendary North American X-15 that has smashed all speed and altitude  records and opened the gateway to space. Production: Breitling, the privileged partner of aviation thanks to its reliable, acurate and innovative instruments - such as the famous Chronomat, the ultimate chronograph. Welcome to a world of legends, feats and performance.

So, The Times newspaper writes about sects and cults in one breath and promotes them in another. say the least...

After Rathbun caught up to her at Logan Airport in Boston, Annie seemed resigned to her fate -- as Rathbun says, once she spotted him, her shoulders sagged, and any intention she had of continuing on just evaporated. Taking no chances that she might change her mind if she and Rathbun waited for a morning flight, Miscavige had her flown back that same night on John Travolta's private jet, Rathbun says.
Annie returned to Int Base, and never left again.

Yeah, "Welcome to your world" John Travolta.

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'The church has been so beautiful for me': John Travolta ...

This is from the Twelve Tribes website from a child that was put in custody because of is CULT propaganda...

An Frau Merkel

Posted 11 November, 2013
Send by emailMonday 23 09th 2013
Dear Madam Chancellor Angela Merkel,
I hope that this letter will be read and considered carefully.
I wanted to write you the day before yesterday. I was totally impressed with your strong statement on television, because you have so well stated that this country needs children's rights and religious freedom. I found you very honorable and admired you very much. I was very glad that you had been elected.
To start with, I want to introduce myself to you. My name is Eva Krumbacher. I am 17 years old and was forced to leave the so-called sect of the twelve tribes through a police raid. This intervention has separated me and the other 39 children and babies at once from our parents. All of us had been used to having a close, loving relationship with our parents. I found this to be a very brutal and aggressive intervention in our private lives. I think you must have heard about this matter.
I love my life there in the community and would never wish for something else, at least not now. I would say that all rights have been revoked, especially of the smaller children. Children have the right to live with their parents if they want it. My little sister, for example, is suffering mental harm through this separation from our parents. I call that child abuse, when children are removed forcibly from their parents. It goes against the will of the child.
Also, there is no freedom of religion, if parents are not allowed  to teach their children the way they want it. I was trained by my mom always at home and have not become stupid. The only reason, why I did not obtain a qualified degree is because we were at the time outside the country. I think it's wrong when our training is referred to as poor or bad. That is unfair. I want to get justice and speak for the rights of young children because their human rights (the right to be together with my father and my mother, the right to psychological integrity, right to express my religion) is being trampled upon and not being recognized.
I place great hope in you. I wish that Germany to be a strong country through you, and that through you, we will be granted religious freedom and the freedom to teach children at home, as is that possible in most European countries.
I really hope that this letter will be read seriously and will not inconsiderately be thrown in the trash. I need help and the children need help. I put my hope in you, so that we can return home. Please listen to me .
Greetings and thanks
Eva Krumbacher

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This is a must watch for anyone that thinks sects and cults can get away with systematic abuse of children. The video is on a loop with many adverts but shows just how cults operate on young defenceless children...

RTL – Wolfram Kuhnigk goes undercover in Germany ...



Cult propaganda comes in many forms and it is insidious because these kids have more than likely been threatened  in more than one shape or form to write this bullshit. I know, COS, I have been there. It happened to me...

When I was aboard the Apollo, and Janis Gillham and I were put into  a condition of 'Liability' we had to write a 'formula', that 'formula' was to explain why we were bad and in 'Liability'. Janis went through with flying colous, she grasped it. I, on the other hand did not. I really was a 'Liability' because I would not conform. I would not admit to being a 'Liability', because I was NOT! Corfu...

"My name is Sharone, what is your's?"

Δεν καταλαβαίνω

Pointing to myself and repeating 
"My name is Sharone, what is your's?"

This took about an hour...
Δεν καταλαβαίνω

Finally... His name was Casper...the Ethics cycle was to humiliate me, to establish that I was a "security leak" and I was punished accordingly. Such was the paranoia of L. Ron Hubbard. Unbeknownst to me  my Father was a 'security leak' also, because my Grand Mother had gone to The News of the World about 'Disconnection'. A Big NO,NO! ...if you happen to be in a cult, which I was but did not realise it at the time...I was a child.

To be upgraded from ' Liability', I had to write that " I was a security leak" in order to be upgraded out of 'Liability'. The 'FEAR' was that if I did not comply, I would find myself down in the hold on my own. Janis had gone. She was a good scientologist, I was not! My formula was ripped up three times before I saw sence. That in itself taught me a big lesson. These people are fucking NUTS!

Hence my exit out of Scientology at a very young age...

So, what makes children still stay in this abusive relationship...all their family are still there. Mine, what little I had, had gone!

I was on my own regardless...

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