Friday, 5 June 2015

Let's Clear the Planet!

That is a scary concept if you know what it means, so when I found this title "Clear Santo Domingo!' and this picture of happy smiling children, it sure as hell wasn't "the way to happiness" for these young children.

Nicole, or Cole as she likes to be known as, is barely an adult herself, and 'these green eyes' are obviously in need of an optician. THROUGH THESE GREEN EYES

Cole doesn't seem to have posted since 2008, which is when 'annonymous' hit the scientology scene worldwide. I can only hope she's left, but more likely she will be in the Sea Org as she's already in Clearwater, Florida. 
Photo's come from Darth Xander who has spent a lot of time filming scientology's buses in Clear Water.

It's a sad state of affairs when you see the picture in Cole's blog post about 'Clear Santa Domingo', bright happy smiling faces, yet the reality of scientology's children is more like this...

So what does 'Clear the Planet' mean? According to scientology's web pages and literature to unsuspecting non scientologists(wogs and 'raw meat'). It means that Scientologists want to rid the planet of insanity, war and crime, and in its place create a civilization in which sanity and peace exist.

Ah, but what does it mean really, if you are a scientologist...what it really means is you must go up the scientology bridge and become 'Clear', in other words everyone on earth should become a scientologist according to the scientology scriptures.

Jeff Jacobson sums it up quite well here...

Clear Planet - Operation Clambake

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