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Re: Scientology's Mission In Poole, Dorset, Updated.

Re Scientology's Bournemouth Mission, Poole, Dorset continued...

Re: Scientology's Bournemouth Mission, Poole, Dorset. 

TB was one of these people that never liked to disappoint others. Hence he was used as a a major source of the mission's income, week after week. He'd try and put his foot down but in the end he was persuaded to part with more money and more money to "save the planet".

Anyway, he ended up agreeing to training at St. Hill. As the money that was used for this training was coming from his Mission account, he should have been public at St. Hill. However, when he arrived he found that he was on the TTC, which was a tougher schedule. Despite his protests at this he was simply told he was on the  TTC and that was that.......

Over 10 hours of "study" each day, doing endless hours of TR's and all the other mind numbing stuff involved in scientology "training" finally finished him off.

One day he simply didn't turn up for his course.......

A few years later he told me what had happened. Apparently he couldn't stand the mind fuck anymore, packed his bag at his accomodation, went to East. Grinstead train station, and caught the first available train. It didn't matter where it was going, he just had to get away. He ended up down at Brighton and spent a couple of weeks there in a cheap motel.

Finally the money was running out, so he hired a car, bought a garden hose pipe and some packing tape and drove westwards to the New Forest......

At this point the poor sod had no where to go, hardly any money and thought the only way out was suicide.

He bought some booze and spent a couple of hours in the car drinking, writing a suicide note and reflecting on why his life had screwed up...

Fortunately he finally decided late at night that it was not worth suicide and decided to drive back to Bournemouth. However, a passing police car had other ideas and he was he was arrested for drink driving.

The police found the note and were sympathetic. They even called in a doctor, who in turn called in a psychiatrist, who in turn was seriously considering getting TB sectioned under the mental health act........This completely freaked the guy out as he had spent the last few years learning how evil the "Psychs" were!

To cut a long story short the police contacted the Mission, and the ED and her other half came to the police station. After some time spent there it was decided not to section TB and the next day the Ed returned to bring him back to the Mission. After this he went through the usual ethics conditions, but spent the next few nights locked up in the ED's and her other half's flat! ( By this time the sea org management had not shared the same opinion that Bournemouth Mission "executives" were worthy of free houses etc,...... and so had ordered them to find their own places at their own cost.......)

All this happened in '95' if memory serves me right. TB routed off staff but stayed on as a member of public. By this time I was well and truly out of it all.

TB got himself a job in a nearby company. This was his first step out of scientology. He now had money coming in regularly and had put his foot down regarding the amount of requests he had to pay more money into the Mission.

He still went through a patch of virtually paying all the rent on a housethat he shared with staff members and had a psychotic ED of the Mission telling him that she would make life"difficult" if he didn't pay money in! Finally he moved to a shared house in Poole where a room was secured for him by one of his workmates at the company where he was employed.

Result! Now he was working outside of scientology, and was also living outside of their regime too. His visits to the Mission became less and less.

His final step out of scientology came about in a strange way......

TB had loaned the Deputy Executive Director  a few thousand pounds from the eventual sale of his house, which had to be sold because the mortgage was no longer sustainable.

The Deputy Executive Director of the Mission(AC) had married one of the guys who was initially a  public member. Herself and PC were due to travell to, I think, Corfu for their honeymoon.

The ED refused to let AC go on her honeymoon until AC had done some vital income stuff for the Mission ( ie; ripp people off). So PC went on his own to Corfu to await his wife. And he waited....... and waited.......and waited........We're talking about days in this instance!

PC must have been seriously doubting scientology himself, because he ended up buying one of the "anti" scientology books in the airport whilst on his travels.......and it made perfect sense........and PC could see the reality of scientology.........

So back in the UK the Mission was receiving phonecalls from an increasingly irate PC to find out what was happening with his wife! In the end he was threatening to do a refund request if she wasn't released. The Ed finally let AC leave for her honeymoon, but only so she could "handle" her husband!

What actually happened is her husband "handled" her, and persuaded her via the book scientology was a pile of shit!

At this point in the narrative, I am definitely a little bit hazy on the order of events.......

I know that at one time AC had to be removed from the Mission quickly, because the UK police were getting very interested in all the illegal goings on, a lot of which she had committed under orders from others. She and PC, accompanied by a sea org member, ended up driving through Europe and over to Denmark( if memory serves me right). This was all done at their own cost of course!

Danish prices are very high. Very high! After some time over there cooped up in a tiny flat, they could no longer afford the rent. The landlord was threatening to call the police (Danish ones this time) and AC and PC ended up coming back to the UK where, I assume, the UK police had lost AC's scent regarding Bournemouth Mission.

Very briefly AC and TB had an agreement about the money that TB had loaned her. Unfortunately at this time AC seemed to disappear off the face of the earth. TB feared the worst and thought his money had gone. Apparently AC was only contactable by the Director of Special Affairs within the Mission, a chap called BD.

As it transpired later on, AC and PC had blown, and PC was going legal to get back a huge amount of money that he had put into the Mission from an inheritance that he had.

OSA were trying to "help" TB get his money back from AC throgh BD at the Mission. On BD's advice, he contracted a solicitor to take legal action against AC. It was thought later on that OSA simply wanted to bankcrupt AC to comprimise her husband's legal action.

Some months went by and finally TB's solicitor received a legal statement from AC, a copy of which went to TB. After reading this statement TB could see that everything AC stated was true, and was wondering why he had taken legal action!

Cutting things short again. TB contacted AC and they met up. She told him all her part of the story since he last saw her. TB decided there and then to walk away from scientology and took up a legal case to retrieve his money through PC's solicitor......

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