Saturday, 13 June 2015

Scientology's Sea Org Decending on Glastonbury Festival

According to Sam Satchell of The East. Grinstead Courier, the sea org, in the form of the Jive Aces are decending upon the Glastonbury Festival.

REVEALED: East Grinstead band join The Foo Fighters, Kanye West and The Who on Glastonbury line-up

The yellow-suited Scientologists are the UK's number one jive and swing band, and are renowned for their high-energy music and live shows.

They have been added to the Avalon stage to appear on Saturday, June 27, between 5.15 and 6.15pm.

So if you are handed "Say No to Drugs" pamphlets or "The way to Happiness" booklets, you have NO excuse to not know you are being recruited for scientology. The fastest growing load of bollocks in the world today.

INFODUMP Jive Aces | Why We Protest | Anonymous Activism Fo

Jive Aces: A Scientology Promotion Group - Britain's Got Talen

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